Small business strategy and digitalisation planner

Business digitalisation and Strategy planner

How to Transform Your Small Business Through Digitalisation

Small businesses digitalisation is the bringing together of customers, products, data, and business processes in a way that enhances small business delivery in the 21st century.

You may have been running a business for quite some time now without adding digitalisation to what you are doing.

Perhaps you have a little bit of digital components here and there but there is no coordinated strategy on how to fully digitalise your business and make money from it.

If you were a brick and mortar business with antiquated business processes, you may find yourself in a quagmire with the current realities on ground.

The COVID-19 crisis has aggravated matters as most businesses are now shutdown including yours and you wonder how to set up your business to sell online.

To help you navigate this new world of digitalisation, I have designed a planner that will help you to re-engineer your small business strategy.

The small business digitalisation planner will help you by making available to you a system for creating digital strategies, revamping your business processes and creating a brand new business strategy with digitalisation embedded in it

A recent study found out that businesses that inculcated digitalisation in their business processes saw a 26% change in their bottom line

To help you navigate your journey of digitalising your business, here is a step by step method all packed in this planner.

Benefits of digitalisation

👉Streamlined business processes that enhance customer satisfaction

👉Removal of antiquated business processes

👉Cut down in time to market as most manual processes are converted to digital processes.

👉Reduction in staff costs, digital processes helps to remove entire business processes and makes them run independent of staff handling.

👉Places your business in a competitive edge with bigger companies and offers you glocal advantage.

👉Increases your revenue as noted in the study.

Features of the small business digital transformation planner

Business Analysis– This aspect helps you to analyze your small business as it is and find out what activities are yielding fruit and what is not working in your business

Business Model analysis-This section helps you to delve into your current business model, you adjust it and create new ones

Business digitalisation plan- This is the main body of this planner, it helps you to create a complete digitalisation plan for your small business. You end this section with a one-page summary plan.

Financial forecast- This section helps you to forecast what you want to see at the end of designated periods after your plan is implemented

Execution plan-This section sets out milestones and timelines for achieving your digitalisation plan in your small business

What this planner will do for you

👉Help you analyze your current business in order to find out where the issues are.

👉Helps you to create a new business model that incorporates digital strategy.

👉Offers you a system of analysis, troubleshooting, and solution identification

👉Helps you to create a brand new business model and strategy that takes into consideration your desire for your business.

Provides options for automation of some business processes hence thereby cutting costs.

👉Helps you to create an execution plan that you will achieve within 10 days of starting your digitalisation drive

👉Opens’ opportunity for new income stream recognition refines business processes and increases revenue.

How to use this planner

The planner is created based on a well thought out system that guides the user with each section coming with explanatory notes and samples where needed.

You can also read my blogpost on taking your offline business online to help you understand more.

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  • Note* You can print in greyscale if you do not like all the colors included in the product.

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Paperweight- 130-250gsm.

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