Skills2money Course

Skills2money course is designed to equip young people and anyone who desires to start an online business with the necessary skills required to start an online service-based business.

Skills2moneycourse is a course designed to empower you with digital skills that you can start an online business with.

The skills2moneycourse will take you from a place where you know nothing about website design and email marketing to starting your first online business.

The skills that will be taught in this course are skills that can be learned from your home and will enable you to work online.

If you do not wish to start a business you can use it to do freelancing or add it to your CV to enrich it and position you for better job prospects.

They are also skills that are crucial to thriving in the post-COVID-19 world.

Whether you are just a student who is at home right now because you are out of school due to COVID19.

Or perhaps you are a fresh graduate either serving or finished service but you have no job yet. 

No matter what category you belong to now, what you require is a skill, not just an education.

A skill that is billed to help you start an online business within one month of learning those skills

Even if you are already a small business owner, they are skills that you need to scale your business.

What you will learn

At the end of the Skills2money course, you should be able to do the following

✔Design a website using WordPress and Wix without coding, even if you have never designed one single website in your life before.

✔Use the Shopify platform to build an eCommerce shop that is ready to start selling goods

✔Master email marketing and learn how to create service packages that you can sell to your customers.

✔Set up your service-based business and attract your first clients.

What does the Skills2money course contain? 

In the Skills2money course, I will be teaching you 4 hot in-demand skills that you can package to start a business either as a freelancer or an independent business person.

I will not only teach you the technical aspect of learning the skills but I will teach you how to set up your first service-based business online and attract your customers.

Core Modules

1.Website design: You will learn how to build a website using simple web designing software that anyone with interest can learn. This includes installation, design, and addition of an online store to the website. Addition of payment buttons or platforms. The course module will cover the following

  • WordPress
  • Wix

You do not have to be techy to learn this, as long as you can click and drag a mouse, you will be able to learn it.

2. Email marketing: You will learn how to install email marketing software, create an email list, write converting emails, and how to sell your products using email marketing.

3. Shopify eCommerce store creation: You will learn how to build a Shopify store and set it up for selling goods online.

4. Online business set-up: In this module, you will learn how to set up your service business online and how to market it to attract customers. I will teach you how to get your first testimonials so that you can have social proof.

5. Graphic design(Bonus module)- This course will be available for those who sign up and make payment before the course is launched. It will not be for everyone. I will be teaching you how to create beautiful Printables designs using a simple graphic design tool.

The Skills2money course is set to launch in July, so if you want to be the first to be allowed into this course, sign up for the course by clicking this button.



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The door to this course for early adopters will be opened on July 10th.

If you sign up now and pay for it, you will get a lot of freebies that are not available to those who wait for the launch day to make payment.

You will also get access to bonuses that are reserved for early adopters including discounts.

Skills2moneycourse will not be an open course, meaning that we will have a launch date and closing date.

What differentiates this course from other courses out there?

👍You will be taking advantage of 4 years of my online business knowledge to not only learn a skill but to set up your first online business

👍You will have access to my private Facebook group where I offer help to get you unstuck when you are stuck

👍You will get encouragement from someone who has a passion to see you succeed.

👍You will learn how to properly set up your service business and market it to succeed

What do you stand to gain from this course?

👉Learn valuable skills that are in demand and will enable you to start a new business. Even if you want to get a job, learn skills that will give you leverage over other applicants.

👉Understand how to use online tools to create a website for people and make money from it

👉Learn how to apply to work on platforms where you can offer your services and earn in dollars

👉Start an online service business that will pay your bills and set you on the part of financial freedom.

👉Learn online marketing tools that you can use to help small businesses that do not have such skills and hence make money

👉Learn all these skills within a month and set up your own online service-based business from your home.

👉Learn skills that you will apply to your own business if you already have a business that you are doing.

👉Be part of a community of people who are taking the same journey as you are, get support from my Facebook group.

Who is this course for

👍Young persons who have a passion for starting an online service-based business.

👍Non-techy person that desires to learn digital skills

👍Fresh graduates who want to learn skills that can empower them to offer freelance service and make money.

👍Small business owners who desire to acquire skills that will help them better manage and scale their businesses

👍Anyone interested in starting an online service-based business.

👍People seeking a career change or to learn new skills

Who this course is not for

✔You have no absolute interest in learning any digital skill

✔You do not wish to start an online service-based business

✔You already have a business online and you know what you are doing.

Who am I and what I have done

My name is Elizabeth Uchealor, in 2012 I cofounded a telecoms training company which I used to train about 500+ fresh graduates who are currently working both in Nigeria and diaspora.

I am also a  director at a foremost telecoms service business in Nigeria- Laplace Technologies Limited.  I currently blog on thehomebusinessowner blog where I teach stay at home moms how to start a home business that supports their lifestyle

I have 13+ years of professional experience in Telecoms engineering, Human resources, training, and blogging.

I hold an MBA from the prestigious Lagos Business School and I am also alumni of the Langevin learning institute of Canada.

I created a  course that ranks on the first page of Google and I am considered an authority in printables creation.

I run a lot of services via my blog, I have written for international blog sites via my freelance writing services.

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