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There is no assurance you’ll do as well. If you rely on our figures; you must accept the risk of not doing as well.

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Terms and Conditions of purchase

Digital files

Where you have purchased any of our digital files, this includes all our printables products, we will not offer you a refund because of its nature, digital files are already delivered to you. We can however offer you a store credit that you can use to purchase other products.


For our course creation services, our refund policy is 7 days, if you request a refund within 7days where the course has not been created we will take a 10% service charge off the project cost because we already researched the course.

Where you purchase our courses or products during a sales period(Black Friday, Christmas, Flash sale, any type of heavy discount sales) please note that because of heavy discounts that come with sales, we cannot offer a refund after purchase.

For all our courses, access to that course expires after 18 months. Once you have been on our course for 18 months and have not finished it, we will deem it fit that it is no longer useful to you. We will  go ahead to uneroll you. For some special cases we may grand extention of 3 months extra, after that no more.

Blog services and business consultation

For our coaching services, we will usually evaluate your business before commencement of our coaching service, if we find that for any reason we will not be offering the best of our coaching service to your business due to your buisness being outside the purview of our experience, we will refund your payment in full incluidng the transaction costs.

Our project consultation services are either billed monthly or hourly, if you change your mind after we have started teh consultation service, you will only be refunded what has not been spent in the course of the project. We will usually bill you according to the number of days or hours expended.

Please note that as with all our purchases, we use PayPal and according to their policy, you can only get your refund less their service charges.

You will get your money back with less 10% service charge.

This means that you cannot get your fully paid money back. You will get it back less 10% of the total amount.

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