Care package business course

Care Package Business Course

Want to know how to set up a care package business online? Here is a super packed care package business course that will teach how to start this business.

We start from selecting your niche to setting up your online store to marketing and bringing in your first sale.

The world needs care and you want to help provide that care, but yours is not in the hospital halls or hospices.

You want to provide care that is shown in gifts that are given to others during this season.

You love to show care and people have often mentioned that you put together the best of care packages.

You know how to source the best of products to add to your care packages.

You have even done it for others who find it hard to do this sort of thing and they have come back to thank you.

At these times when a lot has changed in the whole world, people are seeking help and comfort everywhere.

You know that people need that expertise that you have.

Your uncanny way of sensing what should be in a care package so you have set out to do something about it.

You really want to turn this skill into a business but you don’t know how to go about it.

You have probably thought about how you can have that one shop that provides great care packages or gift baskets at all seasons of the year but you have never really figured out how to do it.

Neither have you discovered how you will get it all set up.

Every time you think about setting up your care package business, you break out in a sweat because you have that nagging feeling that you may just be throwing your money away and not know how to truly set up your business and run it.

Or perhaps you know that you can actually learn about how to start a care package business quickly and do it as a side hustle but you don’t know how to go about it.

You wish that someone can hold you by the hand and show you how to go about it from the start till your store is set up online.

I want you to know that I am here for you.

I am a blogger whose biggest love is to encourage people like you to start an online business that you can run from home.

You see, I believe that having your own business is the biggest favor you can do for yourself.

Whether you are a full-time working mom or stay at home mom or even a working person.

Having your business will change your perspective empower you to say no to certain things because you can afford to.

Put you on the path of financial freedom and ultimately set you up for making continuous income without much stress because all your business will be online.

When I wrote about starting a care package business, there was not much demand for this type of business because the pandemic had not come.

My post started ranking on the Google first page because of the immense research I put into this post to make it valuable for you.

My post is ranking on the first page of Google because out of the 970 Million results, my post was the most valuable they could find to help people to start a care package business

See the picture below.

Care package business course

I wrote this post because I knew how I felt like a little girl in high school when I received her first care package from my Dad, being that I was schooling away from home.

I realized that for so many people creating that kind of feeling is what they should focus on

There are people who are willing to pay for such a service.

I also realized that since I wrote that post a lot of people have been bombarding that post looking for more information.

Now that the pandemic has hit the world, a lot of people have taken to sheltering in place, and families and loved ones have become separated.

That separation has brought a spike in the demand for care packages see what this picture from Google trends is showing.

 Because of this demand, I have a solution that will help you to tap into the care package niche.

That solution is Care Package Business Course

Care package business course is a course that is designed to take you by the hand and show you how to build a care package business online.

Our course will help you identify what niche you want to play, in, create a business online and ultimately build a brand around it.

You see, because the care package business has suddenly take a center stage, a lot of people are scrambling to learn how to start this business but they are doing it wrongly.

They want to start the care package business without having an idea of how to do it.

This has led to them falling on their faces and thinking that it does not work

If you have started a care package business and failed before, it is because you do not understand the principles I am going to be teaching in the Care package business course.

A lot of people who were doing this business started it as a physical business and just transited to online business so they are failing badly.

From someone that has been doing business online for 3 years long before the pandemic hit.

I can show you principles that you can apply to your care package business that will make it take off right from start off.

You don’t need to waste your time watching Youtube after Youtube trying to figure out this business.

I took all the hundred of hours you could have spent on Youtube videos and compressed it into a 6 module course that you can complete in 2 weeks.

Are you ready to know what you are going to learn in the care package business course?

Here is what you will learn in the care package business course

❤Learn how to select your care package business niche and do thorough research to ensure it is a profitable niche.

❤Understand how to write a business plan which includes vision, mission, and statement of value for your clients.

❤Learn how to reach out to your would-be customer and do beta testing that can convert them into your first-time buyers.

❤Create your online store and build business packages that you can sell on them

❤Create online branded items that you will sell as part of your care package business online;

❤Learn how to attract and market to your customers, while also retaining and setting up your business to grow on autopilot.

Care package business course modules

Module 1: How to select your care package niche, do your research and test it for profitability

In module one we take a deep dive into the types of care package niches that are available for you to play in. I teach you how to do quick market research  online to select the best care package niches to play in

I also go ahead to explain the concept of building your bio persona to identify your best and ideal customer, from there on we move on to doing proper online research that enables you to nail down the niche or a combination of niches that you will play in, I am also careful to help you define your niche by profitability not just by popularity or seasonality.

Module2: How to create your care package business model, choose the best type of model that suits your business

In module 2, we dig deeper into the business aspect of your care package business. I teach you how to create business models for your care package business. This is where you get to identify how your business will make money and the various income streams that are available to you in this business. We create a working document to itemize it.

Module 3: How to source for suppliers and also find delivery partners for your packages

In this module, we explore how to source for the products you will use in arranging your care package products, we look into different sourcing methods you can use including offline and online methods. We also explore different delivery partners you can use to send your care packages to your customers

Module4: How to write a full business plan for your business

In this module, we use our care package business planner to create a business plan for the care package business you want to run. The care package business planner breaks down all the necessary aspects of your business from operations to logistics to the marketing plan. I also teach you how to use my premade financial plan in excel. This will enable you to create a financial plan for your business with ease.

Module 5: How to build an online store where you sell your care packages

In this module, we begin the creation of your business online, we use Shopify as the online platform where you get to build your online store. In this model, I teach you how to create headers for your online shop, create product categories and also upload your picture samples to your online store. I also teach you how to carry out brand development for your new business, you learn how to design Logos, stickers, labels, etc so as to give your business a unique identity.

Module 6: How to market your care package online

In this module, you learn how to create a marketing strategy for your online business, you learn how to use the following content marketing models to market your business online. We start from Blogging to email marketing to Pinterest marketing to social media. You also learn other online marketing tactics that can help you bring in sales consistently. I also teach you how to create automated sales funnels that ensure that you are continuously making sales, not just one-off sales.

These 6 modules of the care package business course are super packed with actionable learning, we show you how to build the business not tell you about it.

We will take you by the hand in each module and guide you until you have your full business created.

In the care packages business course, we will be granting you access to bits of other courses we have built so you have the ability to learn all you need to fully run your business.

While you are taking the course if you have any place you are stuck we will help to get you unstuck.

Contents of the care package business course

  • 58 Videos
  • Resource lists
  • Templates
  • Swipe files
  • Planner 
  • List of 278 care package items

Bonuses for the course

👉Free care package business planner, a complete planner built to help you plan and start your care package business.

It has packed action steps that tell you step-by-step what you should be doing per day until you arrive on your final day.

👉Access to our signature course module on stickers design will enable you to learn how to make stickers you can use to customize your business merchandise.

👉One week of email support especially when you are building your online shop to make sure that you have all the helps you need to have a great shop set up.

What other bonuses can you get for taking this course now

👉Access to a bonus video on how to create an actionable care package business marketing plan and also how to launch your care package business online.

👉My small ebook on Pinterest pin strategy will help you to set your Pinterest master pinned strategy to help you sell effortlessly

So you may be asking how do I sign up now.

It is very easy, here are steps to follow

Simply sign up by hitting the buy button below and you will get immediate access to the course.

Who can take the care package business course

Now you may be wondering do I qualify to take this course, let me help you by answering your questions.

You qualify to take the care package business course if you are the following.

✔You have a great desire to start your online business and you love care packages.

✔You may know a bit about care packages or you absolutely are clueless about care packages, we will show you how to get the information you need to start out.

✔You have zero tech skills, don’t worry, our course is built to be so simple that anyone can take it and start a business.

✔You really want to tap into the pandemic-driven care package demand that is growing, see the picture below.

✔You are tired of not having enough income and you really want a side business you can start like yesterday

Now let’s get serious, who am I really and why do I qualify to teach you

I have run various online businesses in the past, that includes Blogging, dropshipping, eCommerce shop and so I can show you the ropes of starting an online business.

I have experience in creating posts that rank on the first page of Google, I will show you how to optimize your shop so you can have your business on the first page of Google and start getting a flow of customers.

I create products that rank on the first page of Google too, so your business will get the needed attention and attract the right type of customers.

I have built other courses and helped a lot of women start their first online business and so it is my passion to help you too.

I sell care packages through my blog too so I know what I am talking about when I talk about starting a care package business.

I will be showing you how to create this business live so you see how it works.

Frequently asked questions about this course

So you have heard so much about the care package business course and you still have some questions that are unanswered.

Today I want to allay your fears and put your mind to rest about this course

How much will the course cost me? 

Our price for this course is $69.99, we put it at this price because we have considered that not a lot of people will be able to afford to pay more than that. 

We are also conscious of the fact this price will be a sweet spot for you since you really want to start immediately.

What if I buy the course and I don’t like the course?

We understand that not everyone may like our course no matter how packed with knowledge it is. So if you don’t like this course we will give you your money back, our guarantee only runs for 7days and no more. You must however prove that you have gone through the course and can really say that you do not like it. Our 7days guarantee overrides any other one you see on the purchase platform.

How long do I have access to this course?

You will have premium access to this course for a full 2 years, after that we may take you out if you are not making considerable progress. We may also leave you on if you let us know that you have suffered some mishaps that did not let you continue the course. 

How long does it take to finish the course?

You can complete this course in less than 2 weeks if you work on it daily, our videos are bite-sized to enable you to absorb in little bits and implement as you go. It is also self-paced so you can take as long as you want.

Do you offer personal coaching along with this course?

I do not offer personal coaching along with this course but you can get one week of email support from me. You can also book a coaching session which you will pay separately for if you feel you need it for your business to take off. Our community will also be there to help you answer questions where you have any.

Can I purchase this course after the launch period?

Yes, you can but at a higher price.

Where do I sign up to start? Just hit the button below and you are ready to start

See you inside the course