Newbie printables business course


Are you ready to turn your experience into a digital printables product that you will sell to make money?

How to Make Money Selling Digital Printables Product

You’ve got tonnes of experience.

The ones you learned by paying for skills training.

The ones you learned by going through the hard knocks of life.

The ones you got by playing around, like seriously having fun so you wonder why don’t people know this.

But here you are still struggling with what Idea to use in making money.

Let me introduce you to an idea that crosses all niches and makes you money.

Digital Printables Product Business

Newbie printables business course

A digital printables business gives you the ability to convert experiences, skills, and solutions you have into a printables product that you can sell to people.

Do you struggle with monetizing your skills, experience, and abilities?

Are there days you wish you could sell your solution to someone who is struggling with something you already have the answer to?

Are you a blogger struggling to monetize your blog?

You see, you probably have a tonne of skills which you can convert into a product but it’s sitting with you and wasting away.

Yet you are strapped for cash, looking for ways to increase your income but failing every time.

You have heard of selling printables online but you do not know how to go about it.

What niches are selling? where to sell? or who do you even produce printables for?

Or maybe you are asking yourself right now, what are printables and how do I make money selling them?

You are in the right place.

The Newbie printables course is designed to help you to turn your experience, skills, and solutions into a digital printables product that you can sell to your customers.

How do I know?

Let me tell you a story.

In 2017, I was researching how to make money opportunities online when I stumbled upon this wonderful business idea.

I know, I have received digital printables as freebies before but I never thought about how to make digital printables to sell to anyone.

I wrote a post on how to start a printables business

This post is considered one of the most resourceful posts on how to make printables by Google.

It now has a special excerpt where Google adopted my definition as the preferred definition for printables business.

It now ranks on the first page of Google see below.

Newbie Printables business Course

It was conferred a rich snippet. If you have been writing on the Internet, you know that you don’t get here by writing any type of content.

Because of the constant barrage of people visiting that post for more information.

I decided to create the Newbie Printables Business Course Version 1.

Newbie Printables course

Newbie Printables Course Version 1

The Newbie Printables Business Course 1 is designed to teach you the introductory concepts of printables business.

I know there are many courses out there that may teach you how to create printables.

But I am yet to see anyone that teaches you an in-depth way to convert your skill, abilities, and experience into a digital printable product that you will sell.

You may find courses that will teach you how to create fanciful printables with a lot of expensive software.

Which you have to buy first and then you got to start learning how to use it.

Meanwhile, you have a ready market yearning for your products.

And all you want to do is create a simple digital Printables product for your audience.

I had to figure out by myself how to simplify the production of my digital printables without going through expensive software training.

Because I realized that a lot of people are looking for solutions on how to simplify their lives.

It was not the fancy designs that mattered to them but the solution that it brought to them.

That was why I created the Newbie Printables Business course. Version 1

I did a mini launch of this course in December 2018.

And the response was tremendous, people were barraging my inbox on Facebook asking to take this course.

I had to quickly close the door to the mini launch because I needed to retool it the more.

When I did a flash sale at the end of the year, I was messaged frantically asking to be let in at the last minute.

That’s when I realized I needed to make it available to everyone.

I went back to the drawing board to perfect a system I designed and created the Newbie Printables Course Version 2.

See below

Newbie Printables Business Course 2

Nwebie Printables Course Version 2

This course is designed to deepen the concepts taught in version one and to enable you to build an online business from your Printables products.

Why Version 2?

Because while Version 1 teaches you how to design your printables, Version 2 helps you create a system for designing your printables over and over again.

You will also learn how to set up your online store and market your printables.

You see a lot of people have been deceived into thinking that making printables is for a few good graphic designers.

I was once deceived too. I saw those beautiful printables, and I felt I could not even make one as well as what I saw.

I felt it was for the reserved few who were tech gurus and knew how to use the expensive software to design a printables product.

But then I started testing out, and before long I could design a printables product within a few hours using the system I designed.

My system enabled me to come up with a Printables product easily without stress.

That system is what I will be teaching you in Version 2.

I will also teach you how to automate your online shop so you can continuously attract your customers and make sales.

What is the response to the products I created for my shop?

When I listed my product on the blog shop

The response was awesome, people see my planner and they are like

Wow, they are so stylish.

See what someone who used my pet planner said about it

So, even if you don’t have any fancy design skills, don’t count yourself out of this wonderful opportunity.

My course will teach you how to convert your skills and solutions into a Printables product that you can sell to make money.

You do not need to be a graphic designer to take this course, you just need to click and drag a mouse and you are good to go.

I will teach you a simple technique for making your printables products that you will wonder why you never figured out.

My system for creating and designing digital printables will help you create your products so easily so you can churn out products as much as you want.

Take a look at the planners that I made using my technique for creating printables.

  • Stay at home mom planner
  • stay at home mom planner
  • Pet Planner
  • Medical records binder
  • Work from home survival Planner
  • Carepackage Business Planner

When people got this planner from my blog shop, the reviews were quite awesome.

Hear what one person who bought my planner said about it

It is this same technique that I will teach you so you will get the same results as I did.

One of my planners, the stay-at-home mom planner is currently number 1 on the first page of Google.

Stay at home mom planner, Housewife planner
Stay at home mom planner Review

In my course, I teach you not only how to make printables but how to write your sales page so it ranks on the first page of Google

This will bring you continuous sales without you advertising it

See what another Andia had to say after taking the bundle course

Amazing Course

I have had an amazing first few months of learning about selling printables online. I’m becoming more confident and finally looking forward to making passive income selling printables. I’ve been a student of the Newbies Printables course for some months now and it’s all been golden nuggets. I love how Elizabeth goes beyond just designing printables to identifying your target market so you can actually design printables that you can sell. She also teaches you the business side of things. Most courses out there will teach you how to design printables but not how to sell them, she goes beyond to teach you marketing strategies, SEO principles, sales channel building, etc.

I learned a lot watching you design your bundle of Thanksgiving printables, you gave me so many ideas and showed me that I don’t have to be an expert in graphic design—— Oma

It’s a one-stop course for anyone who seeks to turn their skill and experience into a digital printables product that they will sell to others.

The Newbie Printables Course( Version 1 and 2) helps you create a passive income online even if you do not want to make it a full-time business.

This is because once your digital printables product is set up and ready to sell, you do not need to do anything more except to market it.

One of my students Peg after taking my course had this to say

What can I do with this course

👉You will identify your niche and create a printables product that sells like fire

👉Understand how to do market research and understand your customer needs before product creation

👉Create a product sales funnel so you can set up your printables business to run on autopilot

👉Set up your first Etsy shop and sell your products on Etsy too in addition to selling in your online shop

👉Understand the color psychology that makes helps you to create Printables products that sell.

What you will learn in this course

Version 1

Module 1:How to discover your niche and assess it for profitability

Module 2: How to define and determine your buyer persona in other to be able to effectively design printables that suit their needs.

Module 3: The tools you will use for designing your Printables and a demo on how to use them.

Module 4: Where to sell your digital printables

Module 5: How much it will cost you to set up a Printables business

What this course contains

  • 72 minutes of video
  • Resource sheets
  • Templates
  • Worksheets
  • Complete guides on what to do each day of the course.

Here is what a Course taker said about Version 1

Bonus for Version 1

No Bonuses

Newbie Printables Business Course 2

Version 2

Module 1: Product development—Develop your printables product by going through my 5 step system for printables product development.

Module 2: Printables marketing strategies—Learn Secret business marketing strategies that will help you automate your online sales. Set your shop on autopilot and make sales easily.

Module 3: Online shop set up—Learn to choose the best sales channel for your business

Module 4: SEO principles your online shop–Getting your online shop to rank on the sales channel you are using.

Module 5: Basic email marketing strategies for your Business– Get your customers and keep them buying, repeat sales.

Module 6: Bonus module: Use of colors—The principles of using color in your design and how to pick colors that bring out the best in your designs.

Module 7: How to launch your online shop. Strategies for launching your shop online.

What Version 2 Contains

  • 61 on-demand Videos
  • Resource sheets
  • Templates
  • Worksheets
  • Activity list at the end of each module.

Bonuses Attached to Version 2

  • List of free printable product ideas- $150
  • Printables business Kit- $300
  • My keyword researched hot selling niches- $350
  • My printable goal setting worksheet for your business: $5.99
  • Step by step WordPress setup Kit- $20
  • My Home business Planner-$17.99
  • Master Pinning Strategy – $250
  • Journey to Top Blogger ebook- $25

Total Bonuses worth: $1,118.97

Course price + Bonus = $1,218.96

Get all these bonuses for Version 2

@ $1,218.96 $99.99

Which Version do you want?

Newbie Printables Business Course 2

Version 2

👍Bonus offers attached

👍90% off real course worth

👍 One-time payment

Newbie Printables course

Version 1

👍Basic Printables training

👍No bonus attaches

👍 One-time payment

Bundle Course

Newbie Printables Business Course2- in-1 Bundle

If you want both courses at a bundle price, then you have to click on the button above

The Bundle price will go away at the end of 24 hours.

So if you want the bundle price, ensure you enroll before the timer gets to zero.

The bundle course will give you a continuous learning experience and enable you to build your Printables seamlessly without interruptions


Still doubt it’s for you, hear what Ruth said about this course.

Someone who thoroughly enjoyed this course took her time to tell me which part was the best for her

Is this course for me

This course is for you if 

✔ You are seeking a way to turn your experience and skills into a digital printables product business.

✔ You are a stay-at-home mom who seeks to earn from home.

✔ You love all things Printables and would want to make a living doing what you love.

✔ You are a blogger and want to add making and selling digital printables to what you are already doing.

✔ You are a working mom looking for a side hustle to augment what you already make from your job.

✔ You are already making digital printables but you are struggling to make money from it.

Why you must not miss taking this course

  • Easy to start with a minimal investment
  • Requires very little skills in designing which can be learned with free software.
  • Brings in passive income.
  • Has a current upward trend
  • Easily scalable
  • Does not require shipping or handling
  • Return on investment is great.

What is the market trend for printables?

Frequently Asked Questions About Newbie Printables Business Course

Why do I need this course?

It is a course that enables you to monetize your skills and knowledge by creating Printables products that you can sell to your audience.

You can create it as a full-time business or set it up as an alternate source of income if you already have a home business.

What is my end result from this course?

At the end of this course, you will be able to make Printables products even if you have never made one before. You will also be able to set up your printables product business online and automate it to run.

Do I need to have design skills to be able to take this course?

No, you do not need to have any design skills or know how to use any software. This course is designed for Newbies who know nothing about designing but seek to sell their knowledge in the form of printables.

My course will teach you step-by-step how to transform your idea into a printable product that you can sell. As long as you can click and drag a mouse you are good to go.

How long will it take to finish this course?

The time it will take you to finish this course depends on how fast you assimilate the modules and work to get results. It is self-paced and you have lifetime access to the course including any future updates.

How long will it take to begin seeing results if I take this course?

This depends solely on you. If you take adequate steps as you work through the modules you should begin seeing results before you are through.

Why do you have Version 1 and 2?

The versions give you the opportunity to first lay a foundation and then build on it to create a business out of it.

Version 1 is for those who desire to learn the basics of making Printables products.

Version 2 gives you full business principles that will turn your new skill into a business that makes income for you.

What is the guarantee for this course?

You have 7 days to prove that you do not like the course before you can ask for a refund. Our refund is based on the fact that you have gone through the entire course and you do not like it.

Why is there a bundle course?

The bundle gives you the opportunity to save cost and guarantees continued learning and implementation.

Can I purchase the versions independently, I don’t want the bundle course?

Yes, you may purchase the versions independently but each version is a continuation of the other. Buying just one version will not give you the complete resources you will need to start your printables business.

Do you take payment plans for this course?

As of now, I do not take payment plans for this course, payment plans will be implemented in the future.

How is this course delivered?

This course is delivered as a video lesson with a lot of demos to ensure that you can follow what is being taught. There are text-based resources that are also attached, this includes resource sheets, templates, and guidelines.

Do I need to purchase extra resources to implement this course?

You will need to purchase additional resources but they are optional. This course is built in a way to help you start the business with minimal cost. You have a choice to take the least cost route.

What niche do I need to be in for this course to be useful?

This course will work for all niches, you are taught from the beginning to identify a niche you will want to work in.

Need more clarification about this course: Contact me

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