Best hnadmade products business ideas

Best 7 Handmade Products Business Ideas-That Makes Money

If you love to make things with your hands then you must love handmade products, the handmade product industry is forecasted to be worth about $400 billion by 2024 according to the

Handmade products often referred to as handicrafts is a huge industry that a lot of people will like to tap into

If you love handmade products and you have a flair for making them, you can turn your passion or hobby into a handmade business

This is part of the reason I am writing this post to enable you to explore the 7 handmade products business ideas that you can take advantage of to start a home business.

Starting a business home is something anyone can do if you are willing to put in the work, sometimes crafty people who love to make things feel that they cannot start or run a business because they are basically creative and often shy away from the business side of what they do.

If you are such a person, this blog post is for you, I will take you by the hand and show you 7 handmade products you can make and sell from home.

I will also show you, how you can start your handmade product business and make money selling what you create. The handmade industry market retail sales for the last year 2021 was about 1.17Bn USD in North America alone. This indicated the huge potential in this business

Lots of people have often started their handmade products business ideas from home and it grew to become a huge business.

For example, these teen sisters started a bath bomb business that grew to become a 20 million dollar business

Want to know the top 7 handmade products business ideas you can explore to start your own handmade business? follow me closely.

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When you fail to plan your business before you implement it, you run the risk of failing because you have no strategy or plan on how to accomplish your business idea.

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7 Handmade Products That Sell Best

1.Handmade Jewelry

Handmade Products Business Ideas
Courtesy Gigg_hos

Handmade or costume jewelry is one of the best handmade products you can sell from home to make money. This is because costume jewelry is accessories that enhance one clothing and forms part of a fashion statement.

Handmade jewelry does well as a proud you can make and sell from home because creativity differs and this usually makes them unique.

A lot of costume jewelry is made from naturally occurring objects like rare stones, feathers, clothing materials, and any other type of material that can be found around.

If you have a skill for designing and creating jewelry you can create and sell them from home.

Here is the thing about making your own jewelry, your design is unique and you can price it however you want to. You can create a brand out of your products.

The costume jewelry market is currently worth about 41.2 Billion dollars, this is definitely a market that is worth tapping into

I have a crafty daughter that loves making things, last Christmas she got a gift set that had lots of beads in it, guess what she did, she made he own bracelet and necklace from the bead set.

she even made a bracelet for me which I proudly wore during Christmas. Her creation was what she used to accessorize when we went out for a Christmas dinner. Talk about having a crafter daughter, She is totally lit.

2.Themed Soft Decor

Ever been in a home that was decorated with themed decore, it is usually so endearing to see the display for colors that add character to the home.

If you love making themed decor, you can consider selling soft furnishing from your home. I love African-themed decor, especially the soft finishing because it adds character and style to your home.

I always love anything interior decor, though I have never had the time to really explore it.

You can make soft furnishings such as throw pillows, wall arts, curtains, table linens, rugs, and armchair covers. you can sell these from your home and make money.

Soft furnishing actually enhances the beauty of a home and commands a market of its own especially when you know how to market your product and use them in such a way that attracts your buyers.

If you want to learn how you can actually start an interior decor business, please read my post on how to start an interior decor business in 8 steps.

3.Scented Candles

Scented candles anyone? I know if you love scented candles you must love the driven aroma and smell it being to your environs. A good well-scented candle can actually change the mood in a home.

Perhaps making candles is what you love. You can start a handmade business that sells scented candles to many people.

A lot of people buy scented candles because it helps them to create memories.

They also create a beautiful halo to your home when you want to create those intimate moments and candle-lit dinners for your loved ones. The scented candle market is worth about 546.3 Million Dollars at 2021

4.Bath Accessories

Ever used a bath bomb to bathe? I bet you are still reliving the memories, bath accessories are products that are used in the bathroom, they include bath bombs, bath scrubs, moisturizing liquid, liquid wash, and even soaps.

A lot of creativity goes into the creation of these bath accessories and they sell a lot especially for the self-care market. I wrote about how to start a self-care box business because I realized the huge potential there is in the business.

If you have a skill for making bath accessories, you can make a lot of money from selling bath accessories online.

Bath accessories actually make having baths quite refreshing and relaxing. A lot of women take this ritual seriously and you will always have a market for either product.

I chose this as one of my top handmade products business ideas because I am a mom ad I know that these are part of daily essentials for most women. I sell some as part of my care package business on this blog

5.Printable Digital Planners

Digital planners are digital files that are created to solve particular problems for the users, if you work online or run a business online or even if you are planning to start one, you will find planners a very essential tool for productivity and achieving results.

If you are creative like me you can create planners that you can sell to people online and make money from it. Planners are part of products we call printables.

Printables can be made with any skill you have, you just have to understand how to organize that skill and use them to make printables that people will buy.

Because of the demand for this skill set, I created a course called the Newbie printables business course to teach people who are interested in selling handmade products online how to create and sell printables online.

Printable products are quite lucrative since you can resell one single product for a long time.

Want to learn how to start a printables business? tap below to buy my course – Newbie Printables Business Course

It is a course I created to help newbies like you learn how to create, market, and sell your printables products online

My method of making printables is based on using skills your knowledge that you already have to create what your market needs.

6.Tie & Dye

Tie-dye is a type of material made from dipping plain materials into different dyes to create different designs that are very lovely to behold.

If you have skills for tie-dye you can sell your tie-dyed clothing materials online too to make money.

While this is a skill that is not so common, it is well appreciated because of the different blends it brings to fashion pieces.

I have a friend that can turn tie-dye materials into different fashion prices, from clothing to purses to bangles and earrings. it is really lovely to see her handiwork.

All she makes is made and sold from home. She is a very creative person and has deployed her creativity in vastly different fields. Her store Gigghos is where you will find her goods.

7.Personalized Gift Items

Want to know which handmade products business ideas are among the best, then try starting a personalized gift item business.

Nothing screams intentional like a gift that was personally curated for you.

Whether it is a gift basket or set of jewelry or even a personal hygiene product, the fact that it was created personally for you makes you feel good.

Starting a handmade product business that has to do with creating personalized gift items is a sure winner when it comes to starting a handmade business.

Your creativity will help you to create products that suit various occasions hence creating a wonderful income source for yourself at home.

Want to start a personalized gift item handmade product business? Start a care package business

care packages have suddenly become a hot potato when it comes to getting personalized gift items, this was of course fueled by the pandemic. A lot of loved ones cannot see each other hence they send a care package.

I noticed the demand on how to start this business had spiked since the pandemic hence I created a course to help you start one.

In my course, I teach you how to identify the niche you should start your care package business in.

I also teach you how to source the items that you put inside the care package, how to personalize to make it memorable, and most importantly how to market your business so you get customers.

If you want to try this as one of your handmade product business ideas, why not click the button below to start your care package business course. You will set up your business in just one week.

Care package business course

Now that you know the top trending handmade products business ideas, the next question will be how do I start my handmade business online?

Yes, I specifically put it online because I want to make it easy for you to start this business.

Of course, you can sell your handmade products offline anywhere but an online store will give you a central place. where anyone can access your products.

Steps to Starting Your Handmade Products Business Online

1. Plan

Planning your business is the first step to starting your handmade product business online, this is because without a plan you may start off but have no idea how to go about it.

I know you have heard stories about accidental entrepreneurs that succeeded, but not all businesses will succeed like that.

In fact, even the ones that succeeded had to eventually create a business plan and design a strategy to help them succeed.

Your first step to starting your business is to create your business plans and determine what your business is all about, what it will cost you, and what your business will be known for.

In your business plan, you will also identify your target market and how to market to them

Because I have been a home business owner and know how this aspect can delay any serious business person, I took the time to create a home business planner that will help you to complete this aspect in just 2 hours.

In two hours you would have created your handmade product business plan without stress. Our home business planner contains the following section

  • Idea Generation
  • Business goals
  • Revenue and expense
  • Business organization
  • Product creation and logistics
  • Marketing

All these sections have well-designed sections with prompts that help you to create a robust business plan for your handmade product

Want to grab my planner? here is a handmade product business planner that will give you the boost to finally start your business

Home Business Planner Pages

2. Gather your Materials & Make Samples

Once you have finished your planning, it is time to gather the materials you will need for your handmade products business ideas.

For example, if the themed decor is your go-to idea for starting your business then you need to purchase the fabrics and equipment you will need to make your products.

Your first set of products will usually be ample products that you will use to test your market.

Market testing involves showing your intended customers your products and getting them to give you feedback. Sometimes you may need to give t away for free or at a heavily discounted rate so they can buy from you and give you feedback on their experience

Their feedback is what enables you to create better products. Once you have finished gathering your materials, make sample products and do your market testing as described above.

3.Create Product Pictures & Videos.

Once you have finished your market testing the next step is to create the products you will use to launch your new business.

These are products you need to have in stock ready to sell when you launch your business. Use these products for product demos. You can take pictures and create videos while demonstrating.

For example, if you are selling themed soft furnishing like throw-pillows, you should demonstrate how your throw-pillows are to be used in a real home.

While demonstrating them, you can create both pictures and videos that you will upload to your online store.

Once you have gotten your product pictures and videos it is time to go to the next step.

4.Build Your Online Store

Your online store is the opportunity you have to display your handmade products and show the world what you want to sell.

It is much like the physical store where you display your goods except that it is now online.

An online store actually makes selling products easier because the cost of building an online store is small compared to what you have to pay for physical store rent.

To build an online store, you need an online store platform, the best there is in the online store industry is Shopify.

Shopify is an online store platform that enables you a store owner to create your store, upload your products, and collect payments for goods sold.

I love Shopify because it is one of the first online store-building platforms that non-techy people can use. I created a course to help you navigate how to build it.

A lot of people have issues when trying to build their online store because they often try to figure it all out at once.

I, therefore, took all that frustration away by creating a course that you can just watch and use follow to build your online store in just one week

With my Shopify Unbundled Course, you can start your handmade products business ideas in just a week

If you want to see how simple the course looks, here is a video to help you see how easy you can to follow my course and start your online store now.

For reading this post up to this point, you can get this course from this post at a discounted price click the button below. If you wish to go to my course portal, the price is a little bit different.

4.Launch and Market your business

Once your handmade products business is ready with all products uploaded to your store, it is time to launch your business.

You can launch your business online, physically, or both. If you are launching your business online, here are some activities that will help you to attract your first buyers

Create social media profiles: You can post about your upcoming launch on your business Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok accounts. Upload product pictures and also create an expectation frenzy by asking people to comment about your new products.

Do a giveaway: You can do a freebie giveaway of your sample products and use it as an activity that drives traffic to your online store.

For example, you can offer a free product to be won by draws when anyone completes an activity such as liking and commenting on your page, signing up to your email list, or even simply inviting a friend to like your page.

If you are not savvy with using social media, start by marketing offline and then invite them to follow you online.


Starting a handmade products business involves using your creativity and skills to produce products that you can sell from home.

The business can be lucrative when you know how to create and sell trending products and also when you are passionate about your business.

Starting a handmade business can also be daunting because of the different moving parts but if you take the time to follow the steps I have written above, you will be able to start a business that you enjoy.

You can also reach out to me for coaching if you need a hand-holding guide to setting up your business online.

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