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5 Steps to becoming a digital entrepreneur

A digital entrepreneur is someone that does an online business, this means that the sole entrepreneurship he practices is based off the internet.

Since the advent of the internet, a whole new world of business that did not exist before has opened.

If you are thinking of how to become a digital entrepreneur. you must know that your idea should be entirely executable online.

Before the pandemic hit, a lot of businesses could afford to be offline but with Covid19 restrictions, most offline businesses have moved online.

While we cannot categorically class them as digital entrepreneurs, they are using the methodology of a digital entrepreneur.

So who is really a digital entrepreneur, a digital entrepreneur is one that uses digital skills and technology to run an online business.

Their business exists because of the internet, without the internet their business will not exist.

The mere fact that you are here reading this post shows that you desire to become a digital entrepreneur.

I commend you for that, that is why I am willing to lead you on to help you know the steps you need to take to become one.

Digital entrepreneurship can be a rewarding venture if you are diligent to take the time to grow your business and reap the fruits.

So you want to learn how to become a digital entrepreneur? Follow me closely so that I can show you the steps to follow.

How to become a digital entrepreneur

A digital entrepreneur can take different paths to become a digital entrepreneur.

They can start as a home business

They can start with complete office infrastructure with operations domiciled online.

They can even start by bootstrapping the business until it grows to where they can raise funds for that business.

Whichever way you choose to start your journey to becoming a digital entrepreneur, their are certain necessary steps that you should take to get there.

1.Identify what to do

The first step to starting a digital entrepreneurial journey is to know what you want to do online.

A digital entrepreneur wants to make a living online or start an online business.

There are many businesses you can do online, I have written a post on home businesses you can start online you can check it out.

Identifying what you want to do means listing out skills that you have that can be converted into a business.

Or perhaps the idea that you have but need to acquire the skills that you need to run your digital enterprise.

Identifying what you want to do is like narrowing down your options to a particular idea you want to pursue.

For example, when I decided to become a digital entrepreneur, I had to do a brainstorm to arrive at what I want to do.

It took me time to decide to start a blog but even at that, it took time to decide what kind of blog I would start.

My journey to digital entrepreneurship started with brainstorming on a tool like my home business planner.

You will need a tool like that for you to identify what you want to do in order to become a digital entrepreneur.

Identifying what you want to do is the first step to starting your digital entrepreneurship journey.

When you know what to do, you can begin to navigate your way to fine-tuning your idea.

I had the idea to help stay-at-home moms start home businesses that sustain their lifestyles so they don’t have to go to corporate jobs and leave their homes.

I recognized that a lot women value their ability to earn a living but are constrained with having to stay home to care for their kids at least in the early years.

This inspired me to create a blog that will teach women how to start a home business that supports their lifestyle of staying home with the kids, while at the same time earning from their skills. Learning new skills and also keeping themselves relevant in their chosen fields.

I had to come to that place where I recognized what my business is all about before I started to craft my product offerings.

Being a digital entrepreneur means nailing down what you want to do online and identifying the particular group of people you are called to serve online.

Now that you have Identified who you are serving, it is time to find out what you want to offer.

2.What are you offering

Becoming a digital entrepreneur is not just about answering a name, it is about solving a particular problem for the people you want tom serve.

Everyone who became an entrepreneur got there because they provided a solution to a nagging a problem.

Businesses exist to solve a problem not for the sake of existence alone.

This is the place where a lot of digital entrepreneurs miss it, they see someone start a business so they join the band wagon but have no idea what problem their business is supposed to solve.

Before you spend a dollar on your business, you must decipher what problem your business is going to solve.

It does not have to be a new problem, it could be a new way of solving an old problem.

For example, every Microsoft word has a sentence and Typo correction software, yet people buy Grammarly subscription when they want to do serious writing because they realize that what is available with your Microsoft office is not enough.

Typo’s in writing is an old problem but Grammarly and Pro writing Aid found new ways of solving old problems and are making money out of it.

The reason you need to identify what problem you are solving is because it is through that problem you will now create a solution as your product offering.

Without a solution to the problem you have identified there will be no products to sell to your niche.

For me, I realized that most moms have a problem with starting a business they can run outside the home because it will defeat the purpose for which they chose to stay at home.

So what did I do?, I offer them courses that teach them how to start online business that they can do from their computer at home.

Some of my product offerings include

Newbie Printables Course: A course that teaches them how to create Printables products that they can sell online.

So basically they learn how to translate their skills into digital files that they can sell to people online.

This is arranged in such a way that they can sell while doing other things.

So this business makes them, less hands on but still making sales.

If you want to check out our Newbie Printables Business Course

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There are other courses that I have built to help stay at home moms start a home business that supports their lifestyle.

You can check out my course portal to find out more

So for you to learn how to become a digital entrepreneur, you need to know how to create products that you can sell to your audience.

This is the core of digital entrepreneurship, that you can create a solution that takes your customer from the point of dissatisfaction to satisfaction.

This requires a in-depth study of your customer, this is why you need to do a buyer persona before you even start creating your products.

If you require help in this area, then you should join my email list of my online coaching class that is coming up soon.

In my coaching class, I will be teaching you within 12 weeks how to start a digital enterprise from your home.

It is a class that is designed to help you start a digital home business within 12 weeks.

My class however is for those who are interested in

  • Blogging
  • Freelance writing
  • Course creation
  • Digital files creation( Printables)

This means that you have you have to love to write for you to qualify to take the coaching class.

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Now that you have identified the product offering now let us get down to the numbers.

3.Business Plan

In your quest to learn how to become a digital entrepreneur, you want to do a small business plan to decide what your numbers will look like.

Your business plan will cover the following parts.

Business Model– This shows you how your business will make money

Business strategy– How to play in you industry to gain customers

Business plan: The complete plan that shows how much you will invest and how much you will earn

Marketing strategy: This shows you how you will take your products to your audience.

Want a complete printable business planner for your digital entrepreneurship journey?

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4.Execution Plan

Want to learn how to become a digital entrepreneur? This is where the rubber meets the road.

Until now we have been planning and strategizing, the execution stage is when you take action based on all that you have planned and researched.

Without action attached to all your planning, you planning will be a wasted

There are many would be entrepreneurs that never arrived at their destination because they stopped at the planning stage and never took action.

When I finished doing the 3 steps for my blog, I knew that it was time to take action and the action I took was to buy a hosting plan for my blog.

This was the first action that communicated to me that I am serious about starting my digital enterprise.

Because I have spent money on my desired business, I was not about to forget it.

Alot of businesses never take off because people are not willing to commit money to where their thoughts are.

Someone will say, you should have started with a free hosting platform like

If I had stared with a free platform, I will not work hard to make sure my business succeeds because it cost me nothing.

What costs you nothing will never be taken serious by you, it is the price you pay for your business that makes you work to make it succeed.

I could possible have given up because the journey was tough, but I did not because I committed myself by making payment for my blog hosting and also buying other courses that helped me to move forward.

If you want to become a digital entrepreneur you have to be wiling to spend on your business idea.

In fact your putting down your money is what shows that you believe in your idea.

One of your first steps a a digital entrepreneur is the need to have a online platform for showcasing what tour business is all about.

That online platform means that you should have a website that represents your business.

Your website is what describes what you are about and what your product offering are.

Your website is your first online shop that showcases what you are selling, so if you have finished your number 3, this is is your next step.

Your website will translate your ideas in your mind into tangibles that people can relate to and buy.

If you want to build your first website, I have a course that teaches you how to build our website by yourself step by step.

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The best hosting planform for your website is iPage, a very cost effective hosting plan that costs about 37 dollars for your first one year.

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5. Launch your business

Now that you have finished creating your business, it is time to tell your friend and the world that a new solution just arrived. You don’t want to be quiet about it.

Take the time to plan how to let your customers, friends and the world in general know that you are open for business and nothing say’s you cannot plan to make your first sales the day that you launched your business.

It also depends on how you plan to launch your dream digital enterprise.

To become a digital entrepreneur requires having a slot of grit and determination to birth your dream business and begin to service others.

While people tend to see it as being difficult, it can become a worthwhile venture if you are passionate about what you are doing.

You also don’t want to do it all alone you want to find people who have been there to help you make your journey easier.

This is why I am offering your my digital entrepreneurship coaching classes that is designed to help you do the following.

  • Start a blog
  • Build a freelance writing business
  • Create a course
  • Design digital products

All this will be done via a coaching class that will make starting your business easier and help you to avoid the pitfalls that newbies have because their do not have the hand holding guide that they need.

Are you ready to sign up for my coaching class?

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Elizabeth is a passionate home business owner that helps others to achieve their life goals of running a successful home. business. I am particular about stay at home moms who wish to transition into a mompreneur.

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