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How To Start Kitchenware Business Online

If you love to cook at home, then you must know the importance of having the best kitchenware at home. Having a good array of kitchenware or cookware makes cooking much more fun and also makes food prepping easy.

If you are a food lover with a great knack for picking great kitchenware, you should consider starting a kitchenware business online.

Starting a kitchenware business online may not look like what you were planning to start just before Christmas, but when you consider the fact that the kitchenware business is worth about 2.1 billion dollars and is projected to reach 4.6 billion dollars in 2024 You will begin to sit up.

Since the pandemic started, a lot of people have taken to cooking at home due to the effect of the pandemic on the restaurant industry, so even those who never liked home cooking have started to cook at home.

I have always loved home-cooked food because I believe that cooking is a skill everyone should have, it enables you to be aware of what you put in your own mouth.

To cook effectively you will need cooking utensils. Cookware like other home essentials is a commodity that will continue to be relevant for as long as man will eat.

Starting a kitchenware business online, therefore, is a viable business that anyone who is ready can start to make money online.

So how do you start a kitchenware business online?

Follow me let’s see how this is done.

Steps to Starting a Kitchenware Business Online


A business niche is a specific group of people with the same interests that you can serve.

When it comes to selling kitchenware online you can choose to niche down if you have a specific love for a specific type of cookware. For example, if you love all things baking, you can choose to only sell bakeware.

To niche down or not to is actually your choice, if however, you do not need to niche down you can choose to sell the different aspects of cookware.

In the kitchenware business, there are various sub-niches, for example

  • Bakeware: This consists of cake mixers, kneading boards, icing equipment, etc
  • Tableware: This includes plates, eating utensils etc
  • Kitchen appliances: This includes mixers, grinders, gratters,juicers etch
  • Storage essentials: These are storage containers used for storing food and other kitchen needs
  • Kitchen tools: This includes tools like cutters, gratters, dicers etc
  • Cookware: These are pots, pans, pressure cookers etc.

If you choose to niche down, be sure you know the niche you want to get into, this is because while niching down is great, if you cannot find your kind of buyers you will find it hard to sell your products.

Some sellers in choosing a niche start with a niche they are familiar with, this is a good thing because when you are familiar with a niche you can better advertise the product because you can describe the product benefits.

There are various ways to play in a niche in the kitchenware business, for example, you can niche down by classification of product types as listed above.

You can also niche down based on product brands, for example, you can choose to sell only banded cookware for example Cookwarebrands is a company that sells only leading brand cookware online.

Another way that you can choose to niche down is by creating your own private label cookware brand. This means you get to build your own brand of products like Martha Stewarts did.

As in all businesses, if you want to start a kitchenware business online, you must understand your target market, this will help you know how to price your products.


Once you have decided to start your kitchenware business online, the next thing you need to do is to plan your business. A business plan will enable you to create your business on paper before you ever spend a dime.

Your business planning time is very important because this is the time you will use to determine, who you want to sell to, what you will be selling, and where you will sell.

You will also get to choose your business model. So for example kitchenware can be found in different places because it is a common product that everyone uses.

But for you as a seller, you need to determine what type of business model you want to deploy to start selling your kitchenware online.

For example, you can choose not to hold inventory, this will usually happen if you have very limited start-up capital.

In choosing not to hold inventory it means that you will be dropshipping your products, I have an extensive post on how you can start a dropshipping store from Aliexpress

Dropshipping business model works for most people due to the low cost of deploying it, however, most drop shippers offer generic products and do not offer luxury or branded products.

If you would love to sell luxury kitchenware or branded kitchenware, you may not be able to dropship them, you may need to hold inventory.

These are decisions you need to make before you start your business and they are all built into your business plan.

Because I know a lot of people worry about writing a business plan for their business and it tends to delay their business start-up

I took the time to craft a business planner that will enable you to write out your business plan in less than 2 hours

With my home business planner, you will get all aspects of your business plan laid out for you such that you don’t need to do much but just fill it out nicely, and before you are done, your business plan is ready and you are good to go.

The home business planner is a printable product that is delivered to you as a PDf file you can then print it at home and use it as you please

Want to grab my home business planner? tap the button below


3. Find Suppliers

Once you have finished creating your business plan for your kitchenware business online, it is time to find suppliers for the products that you want to sell.

Of course, if you want to dropship your kitchenware products, this means looking for good sellers with credible statistics that will supply your customers with the products that you sell to them.

For example, sells great products, you can get Commercial Restaurant Equipment & Supply| Kitchenall to supply you with products that you need.

While they are responsible for sending the products to your customers, you are responsible for ensuring that your customers get the right products.

This is why you must be sure to pick the right suppliers for your business to avoid refunds that will ruin your business

Again I recommend reading my post on how to dropship from Alixpress, you will find a step-by-step method on how to get the best suppliers.

I also explained the principles to use in my online course Shopify unbundled course.

If you want to hold inventory, you can check out this resource to get kitchenware suppliers from the US

Once you have identified your suppliers, you move to the next step which is picking out the products you want to sell

4. List Products

Your kitchenware products have been listed in your business plan, now you need careful study to know which of them you want to sell.

For example, there are many juicers in the marketplace but which one do you want to sell? At this stage of your kitchenware business, you need to take the time to study the products through customer reviews, and product user videos and also test the product physically if you have to.

It is easier to sell a product when you understand the product well., Your ability to understand the product will help you to advertise and convince your customers to buy from you.

Product study is a very important aspect of starting your kitchenware business online because you get to weed out nondurable products or products that have very low customer satisfaction.

You also get to learn what works for your business and what does not work. If you will be holding inventory, once you have chosen your products, it is time to buy your first set of inventory.

If you are holding inventory, you will need to take pictures of all your products These are the pictures that will be uploaded to your online store.

Some sellers may already have product pictures and videos of the product they are selling to you, you can also collect those from them as you order your inventory.

Your product picture must be sharp, bright, and nonblurry, it should showcase the different sides of the product and the most useful aspects that will convince your customer that this is a good buy. You can also do a video that shows how to use the product.

If you are not holding inventory and you want to dropship, you will find that in my online course on How to build a Shopify store, I showed you how to load pictures of products that you found on Aliexpress into your online store without copying and pasting the picture manually

let’s go to the next step to building your online store

5. Build your online store

Your online store is like your physical store where your products are displayed, it is important that you take careful thought when building one.

The look and feel of your online store will attract or repel your would-be customers. The difference between online customers and offline customers is that you may never know what made them walk away.

With offline customers, you may ask questions but with online customers, you are not there to ask questions as to what they are not happy with except they choose to tell you.

Therefore to build your online store for your business you need to ensure that you have the appropriate skills for building your online store

I have seen a lot of small business people fail to start their businesses because of the cost of hiring an expert to build an online store for them.

This was what prompted me to create a simple course that teaches a newbie step-by-step how to build your Shopify online store.

If you follow my course you will be able to finish building your online store in one week. This course will help you build your store regardless of if you are techy or not.

Want to get started with starting your kitchenware online business, lets start by signing you up with my course that will help you build your online store.

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Shopify Unbundled Course

Once you have built your online store, we get to the phase of launching your online store

6. Launch your online store

To launch your online store is the best way to tell a lot of people, especially friends and family that you are starting a new business

Online shop launch activities also help you to create buzz about your business and also snag your first customers

Your launch activities if well-coordinated will be the first test of your business concept and usually when you have made sales during your launch period it kind of validates your business and gives you the extra boost to keep doing what you want to do.

So what activities can you use to launch your business? launching your kitchenware business online involves creating a whole lot of marketing activities that will keep your customers sensitized about your new product and also prepare them to buy from you.

Some of the activities you can do include

How to launch your Kitchenware business online

Email list building

This involves creating a freebie product that you can give to your customer in exchange for their emails. This freebie is usually a lead magnet which may be an information product or a coupon.

I will advise you to give free information products packaged as an ebook or checklist or a planner. This will usually attract customers more than just a coupon. To learn more about building an email list for your new business please read my post on email marketing.

To help new business people like you, I created an email marketing planner that will help you to create an email marketing strategy for your new business.

My email marketing strategy planner is a timely resource that will remove the guesswork from your email marking efforts, it will equip you to create a 30day strategy for building your email list from scratch.

You also get a free product launch guide as part of the email marketing strategy planner pack.

Tap below if you need one.

Email marketing strategy planner pdf

Social media marketing

You cannot be an online business owner that is not present on social media, so marketing your business will include creating your social media pages and posting consistently on those pages to build followership and attract customers

My best bet for social media pages that will work for your kitchenware business will be Instagram, Tiktok, and Pinterest. Of course, you can add Facebook and others but these 3 will help you build followership faster and will give you results.


Collaborate with influencers that are in the cooking niche, for example having an influencer use any of your products in their kitchen will help to bring your store to the audience that really needs it. Influencers often charge fees for mentioning or even using your products so you must be aware of the cost before you make any commitment.

Frequently asked questions about starting a kitchenware business online

Is the kitchenware business profitable?

The kitchenware business is quite profitable and brings a great reward for those who consistently pursue it. For example, if you choose to use the dropship model to start your online store, you will practically have very little investment funds to start your business because you do not need to pay for inventory until you have sold it. For as little as $500 you can start your kitchenware business today.

How do I advertise my kitchen utensils business?

Some of the ways you can advertise your kitchenware business online are through adverts using Instagram, Tiktok, and Facebook. You can also use Influencer advertising and also Youtube.

The most important issue about advertising your business is reaching the right audience. That is why influencer advertising may be the most beneficial at the moment until you build your own followership

How do I start my Kitchen appliance business?

You can read up on all that I wrote above about starting a kitchenware business online, if you need more help you can consult me to help clarify your idea and give you useful tips.

Starting a kitchenware business online is a very lucrative business that will work well if you already have a passion for cookware, it involves a lot of research and proper planning but like all businesses, you will begin to reap the benefits when the business starts bringing in returns.

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