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Small business services pricing Sheet

Thank you for choosing to use our blog services.

Kindly see our pricing sheet below. All prices are set to address your business needs at the barest minimum.

If you want more than one service and would require a bundle, kindly write me, I will prepare a customized quote for you with a special discount if the order is reasonable.

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Pricing Sheet

1. Article Writing

This part is dedicated to helping you write blog posts that are SEO optimized and will rank your website on the first page of Google. All my blog posts are well researched and will include fact-based figures where required.

I price all articles on per word basis except for white papers and ebooks that require special prices to be agreed on.

All blog posts will be delivered within 1 day of order, I can deliver 5 blog posts within a week.

500 Words

1000 Words

1500 Words

3000 Words

2 Email Marketing services

My Email marketing services are targeted at helping your to build a thriving email list that you can sell your products to.

I am an email specialist and produce emails that will help you attract your required customer and sell to them. All email services will take 5 days to deliver.

Here are the services I provide.

5 days Automated lead nurturing emails

This service includes 5 days automated email series that can be used to nurture a new sign up to your email list.

Simple newsletter email writing

This a once a week email package to be written specifically for your niche, it is priced on a monthly basis- that is 4 emails per month. It can be written in advance for 3 months if you wish.

If you wish to get a package of more than one email a week, simply inform me, I will create a link that offers you a 20% discount on the whole package.

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Sales funnel build

This email service is a written email that is targeted at getting a customer to purchase a product. It consists of a lead magnet creation, landing page creation, and a 5 days email drip campaign.

Lead magnet creation

This is a package that is dedicated to creating a lead magnet for your business. The lead magnet is used to get your visitors to sign up to your email list, it can be any of these two: Mini planners, Checklist, Workbook, or Worksheet.

Sales page creation

This is targeted at creating a sales page for your product. I will write a copy for your product that will land your sales page on the first page of Google.

I did it with my own Printables product course- see picture below

Printables course sales page

Email software installation

This service involves the installation of email software on a blog or website, the pricing excludes the cost of subscription for the email service software.

3. Web Design Services

My web design services are for those who value simplicity and want to create a website to sell their products and goods online. The pricing below excludes the subscription costs of the hosting and domain name acquisition.

Ecommerce Build- Shopify or Wix

This service is for building an ecommerce shop or online shop with 30 products loaded in it. It comes complete with product descriptions and pictures. The services I use for an e-commerce shop is Wix and Shopify

Blog Set up

This product is for setting up a blog on an existing website. It could be a WordPress blog or on an eCommerce platform like Shopify or Wix. I only work on WordPress sites, Shopify, and Wix Platforms.

Website Build

This service is for a simple website build with all the aspects of the site set up. This includes the creation of different pages on the website.

For example, About us page, Services or Product page, eCommerce shop Blog, Contact pages, etc. I only work with WordPress.

All subscriptions will be born by the buyer.

4. Business Consultation Services

All consultation services are priced on per hour basis. If you need more than an hour, please purchase consultation multiple times.

If you need continuous consultation, just purchase an hour and we will discuss the other aspects during the consultation.

Small Business Digitization

Small business set up

Blog coaching

Business consulting

Social media consulting

5. Brand Collaboration

Sponsored posts are priced from 1000 words only. If you want more than 1000 words please buy it in multiples.

Banner Ads are priced on a monthly subscription basis and are placed on the best place for maximum click-through.

Sponsored post1000 words

Banner Ads

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