How to make your first 1000 dollars from blogging

How to start a blog and make your first $1k

Do you want to learn how to make money blogging for beginners? Read on

If there is anything that often worries someone who wants to start blogging, it is how to make money blogging.

You may be a newbie blogger or perhaps you have not even started but you are already thinking about how to make money blogging for beginners.

You are not alone, a lot of people have gone into blogging without knowing what it is all about.

They did not even bother to do the proper groundwork before they delved into blogging.

This meant that sometimes they have found themselves blogging for some years without making real money.

This has led to a lot of frustration from their end. Some are already talking about quitting

While some have quit the game already, they have thrown in the trowel.

Except your blogging is for fun, you really will want to make money from it.

Thinking about how to make money blogging as a beginner should be uppermost in your mind before you go into blogging because blogging is not a sprint, it is a marathon.

it is also not a hobby but a real business.

Some people now live off their blog so anyone telling you it is not really a job does not know what they are talking about.

For me, I delved into blogging without even having an idea of what a blog is and how to make money from it.

I just knew that I wanted to share my passion for training and teaching people how to start a home business and I wanted to do it online.

Soon, I learned the hard way, and that is why I do not want you to repeat my mistakes.

It took me one year of making silly mistakes to realize that I needed to have a strategy for my blog.

Starting a proper blogging venture will earn you money, but if you do not know how to start it with a defined strategy you will not make money and you will be frustrated.

So now that we are clear on that, let me ask you, do you want to start a blog that makes at least 1000 dollars a month?

If your answer is really yes, then read on because I am about to teach you what you will not find elsewhere.

You see when you start blogging, you have two things to prove, that you can make your first dollar online.

That you can sustain it and scale it to consistently grow your business to the point where you are making up to a thousand dollars.

So how do your move from making your first dollar to making your first 1000 dollars online?

Starting a successful blog that will bring you loads of money is of great importance. That’s why it is essential to choose the perfect website builder but also to learn all about web hosting business income

Follow me as I take you on the journey.

How To start a blog that makes $1k

1. Niche

The very first step to starting a blog is to know your niche. without a niche, you will not have a proper focus on what your blogging is about.

A blog is about creating and giving away information to people who are searching for it.

If you do not know who you should be talking to, how do you know what you should be saying to them?

A niche is a specific group of people that you want to reach online.

Your niche is what defines your strategy and tactics for reaching your target audience.

In business parlance, it is called your target audience.

So, understanding who you want to serve is the first assignment you need to do before you even start thinking of writing anything.

Nailing your niche is what will help you to learn how to make money blogging for beginners.

Let me tell you a secret, no one really has a complete idea of their specific niche until they start out.

So what exactly do you need to know? you need to know the general group of people you want to serve and begin to serve them.

As you do, you will discover which part of your service converts the most, then you can double down on that.

When I started my blog, I wanted to help stay-at-home moms start a home business, so I started writing about starting home businesses in general.

With time, I directed my content to specific businesses that I know moms can do from their homes.

I also noticed that my Printables post started converting so I doubled down on that and dominated that niche.

You will never find me writing about starting a business that is outside the home, that is not my niche.

But it took me a while before I figured this out, before then I was just writing blogs that were not converting.

So finding your niche is critical to your success, even when you find your niche, you will notice that not all parts of your niche convert.

Find out which posts convert best in your niche and stick to those types of posts.

Conversion means that people are reading the post and taking action on the post.

A rule of thumb, no matter how nicely written your blog post is, if it does not solve a problem for your blog visitors, you will not make money from it.

Types of Niches available in Blogging

  • Personal Finance
  • Mom and Baby
  • eCommerce
  • Digital marketing
  • WordPress
  • Food
  • Business
  • Photography
  • Blogging
  • Interior decor
  • Rving

And the list goes on, there are so many topics that you can blog about.

The key is finding a topic that you are passionate enough about to keep blogging about it for years to come.

For a niche to workout and make money for you, you must be

  • Knowledgeable about it
  • Passionate about it
  • Make money from it

There is so much more that you need to know about a niche but this cannot be covered in a blog post.

Now that we have your niche cleared out, let’s get to the next step which is to buy a domain name and hosting for your blog.

Want to know how to make money blogging for beginners, watch this next step closely.

2. Hosting and Domain name

This is the aspect that people make the most of their mistakes in, read on to find out how to choose a domain name and the best hosting for your blog.

Domain Name

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a name you give to your business online, it secures it and gives you the absolute right to use that name online without anyone else using it.

It is like your business name, that you register offline.

To secure a domain name, you must come up with a unique name that no one else is using.

This is important as your domain name is the name of your blog.

You cannot change it once you have started using it.

Except you want to buy another name and start redirecting all your blog posts to that name which is a headache you don’t want as a newbie blogger.

So what exactly is in a name? and why must you be careful in choosing your blog name?

Your domain name reflects your brand online, this means that people will associate your blogging business with that name.

If you are a well-niched business, it reflects what topic your blog is all about.

Sometimes people don’t want to use a very specific niche-based name because they are not so sure about their niche yet.

So they choose a generic name that can help them easily change a niche if they are not making headway in the one they started with.

So how do you choose the best name for your blog? here is what you need to consider

Is the name available on a .com?

Please note that if you choose a name that is not available on .com, you may find that your blog will keep competing with someone else who has theirs on .com

Sometimes people like a name but it is not available on .com, they find it on .net and decide to purchase it

Do not make the mistake of choosing such as the .com names are the easiest to remember.

Name should be easily spelled

When I started my blog, I did not have this knowledge, so I chose a rather long name.

I know that people sometimes misspell this name because it is long and tedious but I am stuck with it.

Choose a name that is memorable and easy to remember, you will thank your future self for doing so.

It is even more important when you are creating domain emails, you do not have to have a very long domain email like mine. hahahhaa

Who does that? learn from my mistakes.

Now that you are done with choosing your name, the next thing to do is to choose your hosting company.

Hosting Company

Who and what is a hosting company?

A hosting company is a company that helps you to keep your blog online, they are like your online landlord.

The only reason your blog is online is that someone somewhere has the ability to keep it online and accessible to anyone at all times.

A hosting company is critical to your business because they determine when your blog is online or not.

They even determine how fast your blog is able to be served to people who want it.

The best hosting companies have the following characteristics

High uptime- 99.9% uptime

Excellent customer service– To help you when you have blog issues, everyone does so don’t think you will escape it.

Ease of use- You don’t want to keep sweating over your blog when you want to install it.

Affordable- Blogging for starters should not be so expensive.

The company I will recommend for you to buy hosting from is Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the few hosting companies that meet the above standards, they provide excellent quality service and are quite popular.

They have the best when it comes to pricing and will not make your blogging venture unsustainable.

Bluehost has a price per month that starts at 2.99 and goes up depending on the number of years you are purchasing for your blog.

To get Bluehost, please click the button below

Bluehost pricing services

What are the benefits you get with this hosting package

Free domain name for one year

Free email domain regsitration

Now if you don’t like Bluehost because their start-up price is usually one-year lock-in but you want something cheaper to help you start.

You can start with Ipage

Ipage offers you a very low start-up cost for the first year but will increase its price when you enter the second year.

While it is great to enjoy their next-to-nothing price for the first year be prepared to pay the full price next year.

Ipage offers you hosting plus a free domain name for 37 dollars for the first year.

In the second year, the cost goes up to $119 dollars per year.

If you want to purchase Ipage hosting click the picture below.

How to make money blogging for beginners

Now that you are done with hosting and domain name in your quest to learn how to make money blogging for beginners.

Let us get to the next step which is choosing a blogging platform

3.Blogging platform

A blogging platform is different from hosting, a hosting company houses your blog but a platform is a template upon which you build your blog.

This template is what provides you with the pre-written software that you just use to build your website.

Before these platforms became available, if you wanted to blog, you have to first build the website code by code.

That was why website building was so expensive.

But with already precoded platforms available now, you just need to adjust the design and you are ready to go.

There are several platforms available they include

  • WordPress
  • Squarespace
  • Wix

The best of them is WordPress, I know because I have used the 3 of them and I know which one is best suited for blogging.

WordPress has a bit of a learning curve, yes but it is still the best.

If you want to use WordPress, you just need to get the right learning materials like this course

WordPress without Tears

WordPress Without Tears Course

With this course, you won’t even notice the learning curve associated with WordPress.

I built WordPress without tears because I wanted to take away the headaches that make people make the mistake of abandoning it to go use another platform

Why is WordPress the best?

  • Easily customizable, you can add a lot of functionalities like an eCommerce shop, membership forums, and a whole lot of other things you need in your website by using their plugins.
  • Has a lot of knowledge base so when you have an issue, you can get answers easily.
  • Best to use when it comes to ranking on Google’s first page, it has very useful additions that make SEO easy to apply.
  • It is very popular and integrates with many platforms.

If you want to learn how to install your WordPress site right from start to finish including designing it and adding an eCommerce shop, then purchase my course.

You will build your WordPress site in a week.

Now that you are done with installing and building your WordPress site, it is time to create your blog posts.

4. Create your blog posts

A blog exists, for one thing, to inform people and give information away

On the surface, a blog looks like it is just an information hub.

But in between all that is the money-making aspects which is what this post is all about.

As someone that wants to learn how to make money blogging as a new beginner, one of the first things you may be asking yourself is how do I know what topics to write about.

I will share with your the different types of posts that you can write about as a blogger.

How to post- This type of post helps you to share with your audience how something is done.

List-post: This type of post- shares a list of things or topics e.g 10 best tools for bloggers.

Opinion post This type of post shares your personal opinion about a matter. So for example you want to tell us why you chose a particular type of lifestyle or why you support something.

Products review- This type of post picks up a particular product and writes about what the product is used for, and the features of the product, both the pros and the cons.

Income report post This type of post shares an income report of how much you are making from your business.

Comparative analysis post This type of post compares different products and gives an unbiased review of each product before giving a final verdict on which is the best.

So all of these are types of posts that you can write about.

Before you choose the type of post that you want to write about you have to know what you want to write.

Your blog post topic stems from your niche and what your niche problems are.

So for example my niche is how to start a home business, so I create posts that teach people how to start various kinds of home businesses.

So what do you do as a new beginner blogger?

Research your niche problems?

Brainstorm topics from the problems and create solutions to them.

Break it down into quarterly posts and monthly posts and then create blog posts about these topics.

Your blog posts should have the following characteristics

  • Be useful to your audience- should solve their problem
  • Should be engaging enough to keep them coming back
  • should sell a particular product or achieve an aim.

Once you are done with creating your blog post topics, build up a calendar, and use it to write and post on specific days.

Now that we are done with creating your blog post, what is the next thing to do?

Learn how to make money blogging for new beginners.

5. Monetize your blog

This is the aspect most bloggers want to jump into as soon as they start blogging.

While I know what you want to do, you have to understand that as a blogger until all the aforementioned are completed you cannot begin to make money from your blog.

So what are the various ways that bloggers make money from their blogs?

I will list them below

1. Affiliate marketing

This means recommending products that you trust to your readers. Once they buy, you make money from it.

This was the first way I ever made my first 65 dollars online, see the picture below.

Affiliate marketing income

But I tell you, once you have made that first dollar online, the rest is easy

Affiliate marketing however depends on traffic to your blog.

If your blog is new and has little traffic, it is not a dependable source of income for your blog.

2.Digital Products

This means creating your own products and selling them to your audience.

Examples of digital products include courses, Printables products, Audio files, ebooks, and even video tutorials.

This is a type of monetization scheme that requires you to understand what your audience really wants.

If you understand what they want, you can create products that solve their problems.

For example, I create business-based printables products that I sell to my audience.

I make money from these products but I did not start creating these products until I understood what my audience needs are, tap the picture below to see it.

Work at home survival binder- For those who want to learn how to make money blogging for beginners

3. Google AdSense

This is another way to monetize your blog. Google requires that you meet some specific guidelines before you can apply for their Adsense advertising option.

4. Sponsored posts

This is an opportunity that most bloggers use to monetize their Blogs.

You approach companies that are in your niche and ask them to allow you to write posts about their products and services.

This post is hosted on your blog and the company pays you for that service. The company gains because they get traffic directed to their business from your website. I use this method also to monetize my website.

5. Freelance writing

This involves looking for companies that are in need of writing services to be their blogger or writer.

This type of monetization was what worked for me and helped me make my first 1000 dollars as a blogger.

Do you know why it is simple to use this method? because you do not need any threshold to reach before you can begin to use it.

A lot of people overlook this aspect and they suffer a lot before they begin to use it

I shared how this happened in this post

6. Small business services

I have always seen blogging as a platform business, this means that you can use it to do diverse things.

One of the things I use my blog to do is to offer small business services. These services could include website design, small business setup, small business strategy sessions, coaching, etc.

Depending on your niche, you can offer services from your blog that makes you money monthly.

You can provide newsletter writing services, blogging services, and coaching services. all these are what you can do with your blog.

There are many money ways to monetize your blog and make your first 1k from blogging.

If you want to make it quick, here is what you should hit first.

These are the areas that helped me make my first 1k in blogging

Freelance writing

Small business services

Printables products

If you want in-depth training on how to make money blogging for new beginners, you need to sign up for my new course.

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Once you sign, you will get a Blog audit template to help you asses the health of your Blog.

In this course, I will be sharing my strategies for making your first 1k.

I will also explore deep quick steps you can take to get you your first 1k in blogging.

First1k Blogging course.

How to make money blogging for beginners

First1k blogging course is designed to teach you how to start a blog that helps you to make your first 1000 dollars from blogging.

If you have never started a blog and you want to start one, this course will shorten your learning curve and get you to your first 1k.

In this course, I share with you strategies and tips that will help you make that goal a reality.

It is a simple course you can take over a weekend to get you moving fast.

No dilly-dallying but straight-to-the-point blogging tactics that will get you to your first 1k in blogging.

What will this course contain?

Modules to be covered

  1. Niche selection

2. Blogging SEO

3. Traffic Drivers

4. First 1K tactics

This course will have templates, strategy sheets, and a blog monetization plan attached.

If you want to get this course at the start-up price which is very small compared to the worth of this course.

Get resources that will help you become a successful blogger.

I have started working on this course, so if you make your payment now, you will get it for almost nothing

If you wait till launch day, you may have to pay a higher price.

Blogging to your first 1k is not difficult to do if you understand the strategies that you need to apply.

Join us if you want more posts on how to blog to your first 1k.

I will teach you how to make money blogging for new beginners.

Elizabeth is a passionate home business owner that helps others to achieve their life goals of running a successful home. business. I am particular about stay at home moms who wish to transition into a mompreneur.

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