How my home business transformed my life.

The biggest leap you will ever take in your career life as a woman is to start your own business.

I know because I am about to share with you how my home business transformed my life.

For some its as simple as just going along with what they are doing before. But for some, it is a total change of direction.

That was what happened to me. I went from being an HR professional to become a Blogger.

Prior to that if you had asked me what blogging meant, I would not be able to explain it.

I did not even know how they made money.

In this post, I will share with you how my home business transformed my life.

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So why did I take the leap

It was the end of 2016, I had begun to have a restlessness in my spirit that told me I needed to do something different from what I was doing.

I was an HR professional and a training coordinator who also owned a training firm I was responsible for.

I was also billed to deliver my son in 2017.

You could say a lot was happening in my life already, but why take this jump now.

I can only say that there was a shift in my spirit that told me now was the time to make that decision.

I prayed about the decision and asked God for a revelation.

I remember having a dream and seeing some write-ups on what looked like business ideas, I wrote it down and moved on.

But It was a book I read, the Circle of Profit by Anik Singhal that took me to the edge and enabled me to take the plunge to become an online entrepreneur.

Prior to that all my career and business had been offline. Yes, I had a website but I needed a brick-and-mortar building to run it.

I could work from home yes but I still needed to meet my clients to book training and teach my courses.

It was quite stressful and with little kids on tow, it was never easy for me.

2 months after I gave birth, I took the chance and started this blog

It was started without knowing how Blogs made money the only thing I loved was that I could write what I want.

I had my own little space in the world.

Before I started thehomebusinessowner blog, I brainstormed and designed my blog business plan.

I used my one-page business planner to do all that

I still have those thoughts scattered here and there in my old notebooks.

That was why I created the home business planner

Because those thoughts scattered here and there did not always come together. I figured I needed something that could help all my plans come together in one place, hence thehomebusiness planner.

After my planning, I bought my hosting plan and I started. Here is how my home business transformed my life.

My Journey

Year 1

I created content, and read up all I could about how blogging works and what aspects made money.

But I was not making any money.

I got some visits here and there and that was it.

I figured I must be missing something, I joined FB groups.

That helped a lot now I could have people at least visit my blog.

I learned how to use affiliate links and added some.

Then it happened one day!!!!

I made my first affiliate sale

It was during the Black Friday sales rush.

I will never forget my excitement as I sent the screenshot to my hubby.

It meant to me that for once, I was onto something.

That sale was 65.19 dollars.

Year 1 ended with no other sales, whilst I was happy for that one sale I needed more traction.

Year 2

So I began my process of niching down. One of my blog posts started ranking on the first page of google. It was my Newyear gift.

A small post I wrote on 10 home business ideas for 2018 ranked on the first page of Google.

That was when I knew that I was on to something, my small SEO efforts were not in vain.

I was making progress albeit little.

In between these blogging efforts, I had done the following.

Opened a shop on zazzle- Shut it down.

Opened a shop on bonanza- Shut it down.

Opened an online coffee shop and shut it down.

What made me shut these stores? Each time I opened it, my spirit was not in tune with it.

I always felt drawn to my blog as my primary place of assignment.

For the bonanza store, I made a sale in it yet I had to delete it.

So what changed in my 2nd year of blogging

What did I do to get to the point where my home business transformed my life?

I had more wins as I wrote better posts.

I recognized the posts that were bringing me traffic and I created more posts around it.

I optimized my winning posts and it brought in more traffic.

I also discovered that it was better to clearly define what works for your blog and then nail down your income-making strategy.

For me, I discovered the following worked for my blog.

Courses- Launched a mini-course in 2018.

Services- Offered consulting services in 2019

Freelance writing– Offered freelance writing services 2019

Printables products– Opened my store in 2019

Printables Product Shop

All these came on because I paid attention to my blog’s statistics.

Did I mention that I knew nothing about my blog stats in the first year?

I had no clue about Google analytics and how it works and even when I installed it.

I was not checking to know how to use the statistics to improve my blog.

It was after my first post hit the first page of Google that I took Google analytics seriously.

I also realized that all the shops I opened and shut gave me insight into how to build online shops.

That is part of the services I offered on my service page.

Now in my second year of blogging, my post on making printables began to rank on number 1 on Google.

I was so thrilled because I was now able to create products that I could not only use for myself but sell to others.

I was able to now get to the point where I created my first course.

The Newbie Printables Course 1

I launched my Newbie Printables Course 2 on January 22nd.

Newbie printables business course


Because the people who took the first one loved it and wanted more.

They were happy with the course.

If you would like to learn more about the course, read about the digital printables products course

Why Printables?

The ease of the business amazes me.

Every time people create plans with their notebooks, they make planners without knowing it.

They know systems that work for them, all they need is to share this knowledge with others by creating printables around it

But you know what has stopped most people, they have been told it’s for the design gurus who know all types of difficult software.

My course proves that you only need your idea and how to use a mouse and you can start making printables.

Newbie Printables Business Course
Learn how to make and sell printables

Onward the second year of blogging gave me insights into what I needed to do in other to get my online business moving on.

I did that and what was the result.

I went from making random money that I could not depend on, to making money consistently.

Here is a snapshot of one of my payments.

How my home business transformed my life.

So how has this transformed my life

Let me share with you insights on how my home business transformed my life. I

Learned to set goals for myself and my business and surpass them.

Replaced my income when I was working outside my home.

Created a business out of no prior knowledge and started running it with hope and today it is paying me.

For the first time, I looked my fear in the face and despised it. I started with what I had and kept at it until it yielded money.

Was not afraid to learn new things and unlearn old ways and I am still learning.

Learned to coordinate my home better to be able to run my home business successfully.

That culminated in my making the stay-at-home mom planner.

Stay at home mom planner.
 For planning your home life so you have a defined action step to take each day.

I am responsible for 3 little kids but that did not stop me.

I found purpose and impact-making ability, this helped me to understand what God wanted me to do.

Because of finding purpose, I started teaching some indigent women in my community small business classes that will help them start a business.

Before I was always on the outskirts of his will for my life.

I learned to listen to God and follow his directions.

Key Takeaways.

1. Take the Risk

If you want to start a home business, be willing to take the risk of knowing you may not know the outcome but you are ready to go.


Be convinced about your business offering and stay with it

3. Learn

Learn new things and take steps as you learn.

4- Don’t overthink it

Don’t overthink it, the situation may not look right, I had a 2-month-old baby in hand, it was enough to stop me.

5. Start Small & Take action

Start with a small idea if your big idea scares you and put down your win or lose money.

For me it was the money to buy my hosting plan, I got the domain name for free.

I was willing to lose that money if I couldn’t get the blog off the ground. But guess what, I stuck to it until It went off the ground.

6. Give it time

Know that every business takes time to grow as you learn what works and what does not work for you.

7. Don’t give up

You will be discouraged sometimes but do not give up. There were times I will just ignore my blog for a month. But now I hardly have enough time to work on it.

8. Know What Makes Money- Stick to It

Know what makes money for your business and stick to it.

In my first year, I was only using affiliate sales as an income source.

I thought that if there was no affiliate sale I will not make money.

Turns out I just did not know other moneymakers in my business.

Not knowing means that I did not implement them and hence did not make money.

In my second year, I isolated what makes money and began to work on those income sources.

Those moneymakers became my income streams so I depended less on affiliate sales.

9.Traffic matters.

I started out with getting traffic for my blog through my Facebook groups where I reciprocated.

How does it work? I put my thread in a post and I reciprocated all the threads that I was part of.

It helped because it made my site have visitors.

But that traffic is not sustainable because if you do not do a thread today, it will immediately show because your traffic will plummet.

I decided to learn about Pinterest and automated my traffic so that I could free up my time for creating content.

Before, I spent hours reciprocating threads that I did not have time to create valuable content for my business.

When I learned about Pinterest, my traffic started growing.

I also engaged my SEO knowledge to get Google free traffic.

That traffic brought me sales and improved my business.

This is part of what I teach in my new course.

I teach you from the mistakes I made so you can have a faster way of making money in your business.

If you are just reading this and you want to start a business today.

Star with this simple business idea.

Learning how to make and sell Printables like these

  • Medical records binder
  • Work from home survival Planner

Even if you have never heard the word printables before, read my post on what printables are and it will educate you.

I am giving you the rare opportunity of starting this business and getting Version 1 of my course free.

I created this course for the person who wants to run a passive income business.

In this course, I will teach you how to set your business on autopilot and have it generate income while you do other things.

My course is so simple that even if you have never created a printable sheet before, it will take you by hand and walk you through it until your shop is set up.

I simplified the creation of printables and made it anyone’s affair, something you would not see anywhere else.

In my course, I take you through creating all types of printables from planners to stickers, labels, gift tags, etc.

The Printables business is so profitable that this online shop makes about 1 Million dollars a year making just planners.

Want to know how I knew? read their story here.

This is my story of how my home business transformed my life. Do you have any to share with me?

Drop your comments below.

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Elizabeth is a passionate home business owner that helps others to achieve their life goals of running a successful home. business. I am particular about stay at home moms who wish to transition into a mompreneur.

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