Small business outsourcing services

Small business outsourcing is one the best ways you can help to scale your small business. This is because it helps you to

✔Outsource non-strategic business activities so you can focus on what you are good at.

✔Leverage experienced skill set that may be too costly to keep in house

✔Reduce costs, streamline your business offering and maximize your output

✔Start a project immediately without having to train in house staff

✔Cuts down time-to-market as you take advantage of ready to go skills to better serve your customers.

Thehomebusinessowner small business outsourcing services offer some very great packages for your small business.

We offer outsourcing services that are built to fit your small business. Our pricing model is tailored to fit your business and adequately provide for your needs.

Our focus is on helping you to create the perfect content that will help you to

✔Build an email list for your business

✔Increase your sales through your email list

✔Market your business through blogging

✔Rank your website on Googles first page through SEO tactics embedded in our blogging services

✔Digitize your business if you do not have a digital strategy plan for your business

✔Build websites and e-commerce shops for you that will enable you to sell online.

Here are the business offerings

1.Website and e-commerce shop

Website building services

Because of the COVID19 crisis alot of small businesses are noe forced to go online.

We offer website building services that meets your needs and enables you to go on serving your customers


Simple website build- No selling on the website

This service is designed to help you build a website that just informs people about your business, it is not designed to sell anything.

E-commerce shop build

This service is designed to help you build an ecommerce shop that you can use to sell your products online. This service is devided into 3 caders

0- 20 products

20- 50 products

50- 200 products

More than 200 products will require special consultation- Write to

Membership websites

This website is designed to help the owners sell courses on the website and also curate memberships.

2.Email marketing 

Small business outsourcing services

Our email marketing package is designed to meet your email marketing needs. Email marketing is an essential part of a content marketing strategy that cannot be overlooked. This is because your email list is the only real-life connection that you have with your customers which is not hosted by someone else. 

Emails help to keep your customers in the know of what is happening in your business and also inform them about new products and services that you may have in the offing. 

As wonderful as email writing is, it can be a repetitive task that eats up your valuable time. Each time you write your email you either win a customer or lose one. It is important therefore that you hire a competent email writing specialist that can craft engaging emails that keep your customers ready to buy from you.

To take this aspect off you, we have the following services on offer for your business. Each of these services can be ordered independently or as a package.

Email software installation

This service includes installation of software and video training on how to use the software. It is a one off service and charges does not include support.

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Sales funnel build

The sales funnel build is a product designed to help you sell your product, it consists of a series of steps that the customer will take before making a purchase from you.

The sales funnel build consists of research, lead magnet creation, landing page creation, and 5 days email drip campaign.

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Sales email writing

This includes writing sales emails for your email list that are targeted at keeping your customers informed about your products and services. This package is a once a week email for one month(i.e 4 emails a month).

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If you want more than one email per week please order multiples and inform me.

Automated lead nurturing email creation-5 days

This email service is a sequential 5 days email series used for nurturing first time sign up to your email list. It consists of 5 emails all designed to lead into each until the end.

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Lead magnet creation

This is package will help you to create a niche-specific or product-specific lead magnet that you will give out for free to your audience in exchange for their emails.

The lead magnet could be any 2 of this, Checklist, mini eBook, printable planners, worksheets.

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Email course creation

This product is targeted at helping you to create an email course that will run for 5 days. The course can be sold to your audience or it can be used as a lead magnet to attract your customers.

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Campaign creation and management

This product is targeted at helping you to create a campaign for a product that you want to launch to your email list. It includes both the strategy aspect, the freebies and the actual running of the campaign.

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B2B corporate emails

This product is targeted at helping you to write B2B emails for your business. You can call it your virtual secretary package. Once you make an order, just send us an email with your talking points and we will create the email and send it to you via Google docs.

Email bundle offers

Some of the above mentioned packages have been bundled to meet your needs. The packages have automatic discounts already applied to them.

Basic Package

This package is targeted to newbies who have never done email marketing before. It is designed to help you to install your email software, create your first lead magnet, and write your first sales emails. To make an order please click below

Midi Email Bundle Package

This package is targeted at helping you to create an ongoing content for your email list at reduced price for 3 months running. It included one campaign creation, 3 months of sales email writing. Tap below to make an order

3 Blogging services

Blogging is a necessary part of growing your business online because people will only buy from whom they trust.

Trust is built by giving out free information through blog posts, articles, reviews, and ebook creation.

Blogging also boosts your site SEO as it attracts targeted customers who are searching for the information you wrote about.

With more people coming to your page, you get the opportunity to sell your products and thus make them loyal customers

Having a blog on your website is a major content marketing effort that you should use to drive traffic to your website.

This is because blogging brings inbound sales leads that convert, blogs provide information for people who are searching specifically for what you offer, hence they often convert to sales.

According to HubSpot, 51% of shoppers use Google to research a product they plan to buy before making a purchase.

So, if your small business does not have a functioning blog you are leaving money on the table.

Benefits of having an updated blog on your website

·        Drives targeted free traffic to your website that will convert to sales.

·        Reduces your cost of advertising as you get sales from free traffic.

·        Provides useful information for your clients.

·        Builds trust and authority for your product, hence bringing repeated sales.

·        Helps you to build a community of loyal readers for your market.

We offer the following article writing and blogging services.

  •  How-to posts
  •  Informatials
  • Tutorials
  • List posts
  • Product reviews and comparisons
  •  Product descriptions

Blogging services pricing

Our services are billed on per word basis, we charge 5 Naira per word.

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Starter pack

This bundle is for newbies to blogging who do not have a blog but have a website. It will include the creation of your blogging page and 5pieces of -1000 word blog post on your blog. It also includes posting the blogpost on your website if you desire.

Basic blogging bundle

This bundle contains 5- 1000 word blog post written with SEO principles in mind, it has an automatic 20% discount applied to it. To make an order please tap below.

Midi Blogging bundle

This package includes 5- 1500 word blog posts written with SEO principles in order to make it rank. Two of the blog posts will have a printable product attached to it. To make an order, tap below.

4 Digital strategy creation services

I offer small business digital strategy consulting services to help you to digitalize your business.

It could mean taking some aspects of your small business online or revamping all your business strategies to start selling your products online.

This service starts with a consultation call billed her hour.

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5- Social Media Page Creation Services

This service is for helping you to create social media pages for your small business

The social media platforms will be on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Freebie ebook& worksheet

To know about our outsourcing as a small business, grab our ebook and worksheet. This package will teach you why and how you should outsource as a small business owner.

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