Summer Holiday Activity Planner

Do you break out in cold sweat every time you think of planning for summer?

Is your summertime usually filled with unplanned activities that make you feel stressed.

Summer planning does not have to be this stressful becuase it should be something that will give you joy.

My summers used to be unplanned for, hence I spent so many of them not having a real objective.

I often saw summers as a time to laze around and do nothing until I started having kids.

That was when I realized that having kids at home on such a long stretch without any planned activity to keep them busy can be quite burdensome.

With the pandemic still on, it has even become much more difficult to keep your kids engaged.

Kids love to be engaged so when you do not plan their time, get ready for some real mishaps.

From messed up sleeping habits to broken toys, siblings fight to spending way too much time on the screen.

You also run the risk of them picking up habits that you did not plan for because they have way too much time on their hands.

A bored hand will become mischievous

When I saw how messed up our schedules were during summer times, and how much time it took to get them back to school mode after school resumed, I realized it was time to do something about it.

I knew that If I did not take control of their summer and plan it out properly we will miss so much of their growing up time.

When that time is up, we will not have memorable time to look back to.

I also understand that they grow up so fast and will soon be off to college.

I did not want to miss out on this part of their life without holding onto something.

I had to envision a new summer for my kids with a conscious intention to use that time to achieve something memorable.

🧡Think of a summer where you are throughly enggaged with the kids, not only are you having the time of your life but you are also leaning new skills

🧡Think of a summer that you can end with clear objectives achieved whether it was to do rock climbing, skydiving, or traveling out of state, whatever you set out to achieve you did it without much stress.

🧡Imagine a summer that is so well planned and executed that your kids thank you for being such amazing parents.

🧡Imagine a summer where you don’t have to deal with back-to-school mishaps because you guided them slowly back to school mode without melt-downs and cries on the first day of school.

🧡Think of summers that you can actually document for later memories and also keep for future reminiscing activity with the kids.

Does this type of summer appeal to you?

Do you want to look back at the summer period and be thankful not only because you took time to do every meaningful activity that you want to do but because you were consciously pursuing and achieving your goals?

If this is what you want for your family and yourself, then It is time to grab my summer holiday activity planner dubbed Summer Planning Binder

Why the Summer Planning Binder?

The summer planning binder was designed to help you achieve the following as a family.

🌞Creates clear objectives’ you want to achieve this summer.

🌞Identify what favorite activity that your kids love and help them to have fun

🌞Create a guide that will help you to spend your summer holiday intentionally and meaningfully.

🌞Create a guide that lads you and your family from the beginning of summer to the first week of school

🌞Budget your holiday activities to avoid over spending

🌞Create a reward system for getting your kids to participate in earning their spend money for the summer break.

If you really want to get the most out of your summer period then getting a summer holiday activity planner is the best investment you will make towards making your holiday really restful and not stressful.

My summer planning binder is carefully designed to help you plan out your entire summer holiday in full.

Whether you are going for a vacation or you are doing a staycation, I have designed a summer planning binder to help you create a plan that suits you and your family.

In planning your summer holiday activity, building and documenting memories are important.

The summer planning binder is designed to help you build memories by carefully writing and documenting the most memorable moments in the month.

You also have the option to create a picture story with your kids so that you tell what they enjoyed most in the month.

Why the summer planning binder? I can easily use a notebook to plan this? You may ask.

Yes definitely you can but here is the issue,

❌Your note book can get lost

❌You may not have all the clearly defined paths that my binder promises

❌Your notebook also can not become a booklet that allows you to store memories as my binder would.

With my summer planning binder you can

✔Create memories that last

✔Build a water tight plan that fits and suits your family

✔Document fun moments that you can look back to and be happy you made happen

✔Re-use each year( it is not dated) so it has a great longtime value

Sections of the Summer Holiday Activity Planner Binder

👨‍👩‍👦Family section– Helps you to identify your binder and put your family details

💭Bucket List: Helps you and your family members to create a bucket list of what they want to do this summer

🛐Weekly Planning: Helps you and your kids to plan your weekly objectives

🙌Monthly journal: Helps you to document what you loved most about the activities you did that month

📈Chore charts: Creates a reward system for your kids to earn summer spend money

Vacation Planning: Helps you create a fail proof vacation plan

💲Budgeting: Helps you to keep tabs of your holiday spending

🚀Spines; 1,1.5 and 2 Inch spines available.

🥱Bored list: What to do when you are bored ( Check inside for how to create a Bored list jar)

Stickers: To help you mark important activities

Our summer holiday activity planner makes planning for your summer a breeze and gives you the opportunity to create memories, plan your spending and also have a lot of fun enjoying your summer.

What does the Summer Planning Binder Contain

Product attributes

  • This product is a printable planner, nothing will be shipped.
  • The product is printed with A4 size paper
  • 59 planner pages.
  • 2 sticker pages
  • 2 Bored List stickers
  • Once you make a payment, you will gain access to the product which is in PDF format.
  • Note* You can print in greyscale if you do not like all the colors included in the product.

Paper type for best results in printing quality.

Paper type- Either Bond paper or Matt paper will be perfect.

Paperweight- 130-250gsm.

How To Purchase

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How to Resize and Print this Planner

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