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7 Reasons you Should Learn WordPress

If there was anything I wish I had when I started my blog, it was a WordPress tutorial that will take me by the hand and teach me step by step how to build my first WordPress site, but there was nothing like that.

Want to learn how to build WordPress site without stress? read here how a WordPress Tutorial will make all the difference.

Instead, all I got was a bunch of blog posts and videos that I watched until I had headaches.

You may be wondering why do I need to learn WordPress? Why do I need a WordPress tutorial, why is a WordPress skill so Important?

Let me help you out by telling you the 7 reasons why you need to learn WordPress.

When I wanted to start my blog, all I ever wanted to do was to start an online business that will enable me to work from anywhere in the world, impact people, and transform their lives.

I was a trainer in the telecoms sector that was used to training people in physical locations.

But I was also a mom that was also in between having babies and trying to hold down a career.

I soon discovered that these two aspects of my life were conflicting with each other and my kids were close in age and needed me to be with them’

The only way to solve this problem was to find something I could do from home and still earn like I was working in an office.

This was how my online business idea came to be. But you cannot not start an online business like a blog without building a website first.

Therein lies the dilemma, you had to either build the website or outsource it to someone to build.

The person who will build it will charge you some good money and still, you may not know how it works.

So I decided that it was better I built this website I was to use to build my blog.

That was when I then knew I needed to learn WordPress.

You see how having a website building skill is integral to your starting an online business.

You can not exlcude the two of them, they are intertwined.

So do you want to know why you should learn how to build a WordPress site? Here are 7 reasons.

7 Reasons you should learn how to build a WordPress via WordPress Tutorial

1.Most Popular Content Management System in the World

According to statistics, as of 2019, WordPress powers 35.8 percent of the world s websites and contributes about 60% of the world’s content management system.

A content management system is defined by Kinsta.com is a software that enables users to create, manage, and modify content on a website without any specialized technical knowledge.

This data means that a WordPress skill is a very valuable skill as the demand gives it wide acceptability that is unparalleled.

When you have a skill that powers 35.8% of the world’s websites that should tell you how valuable that skill is.

The world’s websites are over 1billion, WordPress powers about 455 million of those websites.

W3tech a major tech website shares with us the position of WordPress site among other content management systems, check below.

So if you are thinking that learning WordPress is a pure waste of time, think again because statistics don’t lie.

Having a skill that is this popular and with wide acceptability means you will continually have a job to do whether you are in business or a career professional.

To round up this point here are major corporations that have their websites built on WordPress

  • CNN Blog
  • Nextweb
  • Forbes
  • Mashable
  • Harvard Business Review
  • People’s Magazine

And many more too much to mention.

2. World’s Most Valuable Skill

If you are looking to learn a skill that is valuable and constantly in demand, then you need to look no further than to learn a WordPress tutorial that teaches you how to build a WordPress site.

Why is this important because most businesses have gone online especially due to the COVID 19 crisis? Today alone, we have more than 4 million people who have lost their jobs.

Major corporations are cutting jobs luke wildfire, this is because a lot of these jobs have gone extinct.

But you know one skill that is now on the rise, it is digital skills especially as it pertains to manipulating online sites, building websites, and also selling online.

These skills have become a hot potato that companies are scrambling for. having a skill that enables you to build a WordPress site will position you for the tidal wave of demand that is currently sweeping across the countries of the world.

Are you ready to learn how to build a WordPress site using my WordPress tutorial?

Let’s get to the 3rd reason why you need to learn WordPress skills.

3- The beginning of your online business

No matter what you want to do online as a business, it will only make sense and look genuine when you have a website to show people.

You may be very popular on social media networks and the likes but when people want to engage with you as a business, the first thing they do is to ask for your website.

Why is this important? because a website is what defines in entirety what you care about, what your business is about, and where you stand.

People also want to know they can have somewhere solid to get you should there be an issue with what you sold to them.

So learning how to design your own website is the first standard skill that gives wings to your dream of owning an online business.

This is important especially if you have a long term view in mind

Once you have a website, you can now have a domain email that people will associate your website and business with.

One great merit about having your website with your domain email is that people take you more seriously when discussing business.

You cannot discuss business that are worth millions of dollars and then present an email that is based on Gmail or Yahoo.

So having website skills is a valuable skill that gives wings to your online business dreams.

I know because it happened to me, creating my first blog helped me learn how to build my first website.

This encouraged me to begin to experiment with other website building apps which have culminated in creating a course to help others that may look like me at this moment.

Now that you may be wondering where do I learn how to build a WordPress site? how do I start this journey as I am interested but I do not how to start the WordPress tutorial?

Let me help you out by pointing you to a course I created to help newbies like you.

You see I was once a newbie too and I know how I craved that one course that will teach me all I needed to know to get my website up and running within weeks.

But I could find none, so I spent months learning in bits and pieces, which of course stunted my business growth.

Today I have taken all I have learned in 3 years and compressed it into a knowledge that you can get in 2 weeks.

You don’t need to go through what I went through to be able to learn WordPress anymore, it is all packaged for you in my course, WordPress Without Tears.

It was so aptly named because of the stress so many go through in trying to build a website.

The stress has driven many away from pursuing their dreams and left them bereft of what to do.

I created this course to take away the stress, I simplified it in such a way that a total newbie will take my WordPress tutorial and create a WordPress site that can be used for an online business.

Click the button below to get the course.

WordPress Without Tears

WordPress Without Tears is a WordPress Tutorial course designed to teach newbies how to build WordPress sites without stress.
Learn more by clicking the button below

WordPress Without Tears Course- A WordPress Tutorial course for newbies that wan to learn WordPress the easy way.

4- It Inspires your creativity and helps you make money

When you are a newbie, and you hear the word website building with WordPress. The first thing that comes to your mind is all the codes you have often heard tech gurus talk about.

So you ultimately shut down your mind, this stops you from exploring futher.

But guess what WordPress actually enables you to build a website without coding.

That is the secret, while you are learning how to build WordPress through my WordPress tutorial.

I help you to expand your creativity using the various plugins that allow functionalities that you may not have imagined you could use.

This means that learning WordPress building actually expands your creativity and enables you to make money from what you have created.

For example, I blog on my website but I also offer website building services and eCommerce shop building services.

For each client I have built for, I have to think about their needs and their brand and represent it on the website the best way possible.

This has pushed me to go beyond my boundaires and helped me to be more creative.

Of course my creativity pays off in monetary terms.

So learning how to build a WordPress site not only enhances your creativity but provides a means of making money online.

In my course the WordPress Without Tears course, I do not just teach you a smack bang website building in a cold way.

I infuse some graphic design skills, some SEO skills, some website layout skills, all these contribute to helping you to build a website that your customers will love.

5- It empowers you to overlay other business ideas

So let us say that like me, all you want to do is blogging, that is probably the reason you are reading this post.

You have heard that you need to build a website with WordPress for you to be able to Blog.

So you set out to build your website in other to start your blog.

Once your website is complete, it becomes a platform for you to pursue other ventures and business opportunities.

For example, I am a blogger. With my blogging, I now do the following

Freelance writing

Course creation

Website building

Printables products creation

Online business Coaching

All these would not be possible if I had not first started out by creating a platform for building my online business.

So really learning a WordPress skill is a versatile skill that will help you to overlay other business ideas on it and run multiple income streams on it.

So what are some to the businesses you can start with a WordPress site-building skill? Let me outline it for you

Businesses you can start with a WordPress Skill

  • Website Building Service business
  • Blogging
  • Ecommerce store
  • Community and membership site
  • Sell online courses
  • Build a New site
  • Start an online business

6- It is an Evergreen Skill

Do you know what it means to have an evergreen skill? It means that the skill will always be in demand at all seasons of the year.

As long as people want to go online to showcase their business you wil always have a job to do.

So for instance you charge people 500 dollars to build a website. All you need to make a 2000 dollars income a month is 4 Gigs snagged and closed.

There is no season in the year that people don’t need websites to be built, so it is not a seasonal skill.

7- It is not Techy- So Anybody can Learn it

One of the beauties of WordPress is the large amount of functioanlities that you use your wordpress site to build.

But the most important thing about WordPress that makes super-duper interesting is that you do not need to be techy to learn it.

You are not touching any codes and you don’t need to be a tech guru to be able to learn it.

It is also easy to learn when you have a guided learning path that takes you from the beginning to the end of the course.

This is why I built WordPress Without Tears Course.

It takes away the stress of trying to gather all the pieces of information scattered all over the internet.

My course gives you insight into different functionalities that you can use to build an amazing website and yet enjoy doing it.

This the reason WordPress skill is sought after and remains the most popular content management system in the world.

Do you want to learn how to build your first WordPress Site without all the stress of trying to figure it out all by yourself?

Take advantage of 3 years of learning and get their faster than I did.

Click below to start your journey to acquiring a skill that has both financial rewards and takes you further in your skillset.

Elizabeth is a passionate home business owner that helps others to achieve their life goals of running a successful home. business. I am particular about stay at home moms who wish to transition into a mompreneur.

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