How to raise a child

Who are your kids to you?

When I think of my kids I see them as the unformed clay that they are, every day they are molded and are consistently becoming who God has fashioned them to be.

After you first had your baby, I know you had that little panic moment when you wondered how to raise a child.

When you took your bundle of joy in your arms, you fell in love immediately, but you also wondered how to be the best mom ever to this wonderful gift.

This is a situation that moms find themselves in because despite all the parenting books you may read about how to raise a child.

Nothing prepares you for that moment when you realize that you are now a mom.

You may wonder how do I raise this child to become all that God has planned for him or her.

Steps On How To Raise A Child

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Today, I deal with how to raise a child.

This is becuase for me and I believe for most moms, they are the reason why you made the choice to become a stay at home mom.

You made that choice because you want to be there for them, to raise them to be available to meet their needs as much as you can.

More importantly to impart on them the values which they will live with.

Why raising a child is important?

It is becuase a nation is as good as the home where kids are raised in.

When we have Kids coming from malfunctioniing homes or destabilized homes,the nation suffers for it.

When kids are not properly raised, they do not imbibe the values, norms, attitudes that enable them to survive.

In this generation, raising kids has become more important as we see that there are constant challenges in our generation which makes a lot of people’s heart to quake.

We want to raise children who are not afraid to confront challenges and tackle them instead of taking the route of drugs, alcohol, crime, and suicide.

I believe that when you properly raise your kids, they give you the peace of mind to pursue your own goals as a mom.

If you are currently building your business from home, which you should be doing.

You would want to raise your kids in a way that allows you to not only build your business but to also pass on the skills you are acquiring to them.

You want to have kids who will help you tomorrow in the business you are building.

If you are at a loss at which business to start read my post on 4 typical businesses for moms.

So, How do you raise a child to be all these and more?

Let us get to the steps you will need to follow.

The first place I will like to start in teaching about raising a child is the Spiritual aspect.

Why? because your child did not just fall on you, he/ she came from somewhere and was made by someone.

That person is God, so first, you have to ask the maker what he had in mind when your kids were made.

So, my first admonition


You need to pray becuase you need to find out from the maker,what he had in mind when he or she was made.

The Bible says in Jeremiah 1:5 Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, before you were born I sanctified you, I ordained you to be a prophet to the nations.

So, before that kid arrived here, God knew that kid and already assigned him a destiny to fulfill.

Find out what that calling is and help that your kid fulfill that calling through guidance.

When you are done praying, it is time to begin to fashion what parenting skills will fit your kids.

Parenting Skills

What are parenting skills?

Parenting skills are the way that you as a parent raises a child.

There are 4 basic parenting styles.

The Authoritarian Parent

These are the strict parents who brook no nonsense from kids.

They are quick to punish and do not allow kids to make decisions or listen to them.

Their rules are the only ones in place, no one dares disobeys them.

The problem with raising a kid this way is that you raise children who are afraid and find it difficult to speak up even when they are hurting.

Kids like this when they are abused often keep quiet because they believe that parents will blame them.

They are astute at lying to cover faults and avoid punishment

They are only obedient in your presence, once you are not there, they do as they like.

The Permissive Parent

A permissive parent does not set boundaries for the child,

They often believe that kids will be kids and therefore allow vices they see in their kids to go unchecked.

Because kids will always yield to an influence of a higher authority, kids who are trained this way are often influenced by bad company.

Permissive parenting raises kids that do not respect other peoples space as they do not know boundaries.

They may set boundaries sometimes but they rarely enforce it.

Authoritative parent:

The authoritative parent is the one that raises a child to know the boundaries.

They explain rules to the kids and they enforce it.

An authoritative parent will permit a chilld to make decisions but hold them responsible for thier actions.

In authoritative parenting, kids are made to have expectations of themselves and hence hold themselves accountable.

I belive in authoritative parenting because it gives room for alot of talks and you get to know your child better.

They also understand their boundaries and know that when they cross it, there are consequences.

If you want to know how to raise a child that respects boundaries, imbibes values and at the end understand why you make decisions for them.

This is the parenting style to follow.

Uninvolved Parent

The uninvolved parent is basically the one that lets kids run free and raise themselves.

They are unperturbed and pretend not to know that their kids are not doing well.

In some rare occasions, kids from such homes may sometimes fare well if they learn that mom does not care so they look after themselves.

While for most, it is disastrous.

The kids perform poorly in school, join bad gangs and often run away from home.

Espacially if there is someone who pretends to care for them.

They are often looking for love and affirmation that they cannot get from home.

If you have figured out your parenting skills from all that I have written above.

You may want to change your style if you are not doing a good job of raising your kids.

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How parenting Affects Your Home Business

Why does your parenting skills affect you as a stay at home mom with a home business?

✔Because it determines how you will manage your business as a home business owner.

If your parenting skills are not right, you will struggle with managing both the home and the business.

✔The constant worries about your kids will make it impossible to manage your home business properly hence you make less money.

When you have less money, your finances begin to suffer and creates more stress for you as a mom.

If you started your stay at home mom journey with the dream of building a big business from home, your kid’s issues may truncate that dream.

So, the best time to raise your kids properly is when they are still small, and mouldable.

Ever heard the saying that you can not bend a dry shrimp, that’s exactly what it is like trying to retrain a grown child.

In my email list, I will outline what to do for you to move into the parenting mode that will give you the required results.

The next part I like to talk about when it comes to how to raise a child is teaching them about entrepreneurship.

Teach Your Kid About Entrepreneurship

I have listened to moms on Facebook complain about their inability to pay the bills despite having two degrees.

It was not really news to me because I already saw this pattern play out everywhere I have been.

People are told to go to college and get good grades so that they can get good jobs.

That way there is the security of moving up the career ladder and earning fat paychecks.

Unfortunately, the world we are in now does not give you that guarantee of a great job anymore.

Even with good grades and a college degree.

The people who are making it in life now are those who are not necessarily fixated on a college degree.

But on acquiring skills that are valuable and solve problems.

I love to go to college, I have two degrees and I still plan to go for more.

Because I love the school world, that is why I love blogging too.

It gives me the opportunity to teach,which I love to do.

But I am not acquiring degrees in just any course.

I acquire degrees in courses that are relevant to what is in demand and also lines up with my passion.

This is where people get it wrong, you acquire an expensive degree in a course that you cannot use to start your own business today if you had no job.

You are left with a lot of student loans which you are struggling to pay.

It is our generation who are suffering these issues, we must teach our kids to do better.

That means we must teach them to take responsibility for their own future earnings via entrepreneurship.

If you are an entrepreneur you will solve people’s problems and get paid for it.

Your future will not be dependent on what other people do.

Today Deustch bank cut out 18,000 jobs to restructure the bank.

That is 18,000 people who just lost their livelihods and are left hanging.

I want to to be able to teach my kids to learn that the best security you can provide for your self is the one that depends on you.

You as a mom will do well to teach your kids the same thing.

Join me in my email list as I discuss how to teach your kids about entrepreneurship.

In the email list, we will be looking at how to change your parenting style.

Wee will also look at how to teach your kids about entrepreneruship.

See you in there.

Elizabeth is a passionate home business owner that helps others to achieve their life goals of running a successful home. business. I am particular about stay at home moms who wish to transition into a mompreneur.

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