To the mom who is struggling financially, I see you.

A post about getting out of debt
Moms struggling financially

Its almost Mothers day and I can’t believe that we just celebrated one not too long ago last year.

In my last mothers day post, I wrote about 6 things I have learned in my motherhood Journey.

This Mother’s day I want to write about the Mom who is struggling financially, to the mom who daily struggles to make ends meet, I see you, this one is for you.

It is for the mom who is struggling financially trying to balance both keeping the home and making a living.

You may work outside your home or perhaps you work within your home, It’s to you I dedicate this post too. I am writing here to say I see you and I got your back.

Here are 4 things that I feel will help you get your perspective in other to win in your race to become a great mom and to also build a legacy.


If you are in that place where you feel harassed, disorganized and you feel like things are spiraling out of control especially with your finances.

The first thing you need to do is to pray, this is because when you pray you are connecting to someone who is bigger than you who is our Lord Jesus, you are connecting to him because he has answers which you do not know.

Going to him in prayer about what you are going through is a good way to begin to source for the solutions to what you are going through.

It doesn’t matter that it may not have been what you planned for or that you made a mistake, what matters is that you are reaching out to him in prayers and seeking out answers to questions that are bordering you.

To know how to deal with difficult times, read my post on 3 things to do in difficult times.

2. Plan

If you have prayed well on your issues, you will get answers from the Lord, sometimes the answers may drop as thought into your mind, and from that thought, ideas begin to form.

Begin to plan with those ideas and thoughts that are coming into your mind.

Some of those thoughts may have to do with cutting down on expenses that are needless and are sucking finances or perhaps renegotiating a loan that you took that is choking your finances that won’t let you plan ahead.

It can even be a new way of making money that will increase your financial sources and hence enable you to get out of debt.

Whatever that thought is, write it down and begin to plan how you will implement it.

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3. Take action

All the plans in the whole world without any action to back it up will be useless, begin immediately to take action.

Plug that financial hole that is draining your finances, say no to that new shiny loan that will purportedly help you to get out of debt and plug you into a deeper one.

Use the Wealthbag Transformation Formula for building wealth to begin to take charge of your finances.

Cut down on what you do need and do away with what you do not need by selling off those excess properties and plugging the cash into your debt to reduce it.

Ensure that you are doing all in your power to stop the excesses that led to your indebtedness.

Begin to implement new ways of increasing your income, it could be via a second job or perhaps a home business or even simply adding money-making options to what you are already doing.

You will notice that as you take these actions, it will take you out of the rut of helplessness to a place of hope.

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Be thankful for the progress you have made.

The little differences that your actions make in your finances, no matter how little it is, celebrate them and repeat them again.

It is a baby step, yes but you will keep walking until you walk out of debt.

Be thankful for where you are in life and believe God that he is leading you out of financial struggles into financial abundance.

Do not fret about the things that may not be working now but work consistently to improve on it until you get better at it.

This post is not a typical mothers day post but I feel led in my Spirit that there is someone who needs what I have written today.

If that person is you, then Happy am I that I have touched your life today.

To your success and Happy Mothers day

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