3 ways you can brand your home business easily

3 ways to brand your home business easily
How to Brand your Home Business

In today’s post, I will be talking about how you can brand your home business and why you should build a brand as opposed to just starting a business.

The business world is fast evolving and people are searching for the meaning behind a business, the social media era has put so many businesses on the front burner and empowered the consumer to make deliberate choices about why they should buy from a business.

As a home business owner even though you are starting out small, you should be thinking in the long term, what do I want to be known for? You cannot afford to be a jack of all trades but you can afford to be the best of what you are doing right now, that’s why the topic of building a brand as opposed to just starting a home business is something you should carefully consider as you start your business.

A home business is usually overlooked when it comes to branding because people erroneously believe that branding is expensive and it’s for big companies alone. In this post, I am going to show you 3 ways you can cheaply build a brand around your business without spending much.

I will also reveal some resourceful places you can get materials to build a brand of your home business. I had like you to know that brands are mostly visually based and in the online world, visuals play a large role in people actually purchasing from you. If you have a great product but have not taken time to package it properly you may be making less than you should be from your business

Reasons why you should Brand your home business

Branding increases the value of your product:  Its easy for people to go and just pick up a product from the market and tell you how much it costs especially if it’s a common product that the price is common knowledge, but for a branded product its hard to tell how much the price should be because people are buying  what that product represents for them and not necessarily how much it costs in the market. A brand is a promise that people buy because they believe in it.

For example, you can buy a wristwatch from the shop for a price of $100 d and just wear it without feeling a thing. But the same wristwatch when branded with a known name like Micheal Kors suddenly takes on a new meaning for you. In fact, you are willing to pay more for that same product even if it was made by the same manufacturer, that is the power of branding you. A branded product is perceived to have more value than a product that is not a brand.

Branding tells your story: People buy from brands for a reason, your why is what will draw people to your products or repel them from your products. Your brand is the vehicle to tell that story well. When you use your brand to tell people what you want to achieve, you stake your claim on mind territories and get a share of what people believe in, they begin to expect that which you have mentioned from you and hence become more loyal to you as you fulfill your brand promise.

Branding differentiates you: Raise your hand if you want to look like anybody else, I mean you don’t want someone to look at 3 different products and be able to pick out your product out, that’s the value of branding, you define how you want to look like. Through the characteristics of your product, your customers are able to recognize your product from a mile away. This is the value that is inherent when you brand your home business and people are often willing to pay for that unique difference that is from you.

Having dealt with the reasons why you should brand your home business, now let’s get to 3 ways you can do it.

3 ways to Brand your Home Business

Get a Logo: A logo is that unique icon that is personal and uniquely yours just like you have a domain name, you cannot afford to have a home business without having a Logo that depicts your business, remember the part about differentiating yourself? getting a professional logo is part of it. Your Logo is like your unique identity telling people who you are. Remember how you can tell that a McDonald’s store is in a place just by seeing their logo, that’s how people should be able to tell your products from your Logo.

To make a Logo design these days is cheap, you can do one yourself using Canva or you can pay and use online platforms like Taylor brands, 99designs or even hire a professional to do your designs, whatever route you choose to follow either way you are taking the first step to differentiate yourself.

Crafts a Mission statement: What is your reason for starting your business and what do you want to be known for, this is the difficult aspect of doing business or starting a home business. Some people just want to start a business, they do not want to think through on these two aspects, your purpose and your reason.

These two reasons will help you to differentiate your business from the crowd, people buy into why you are doing your business not necessarily because you offer a product or service, they want to know if your business affects lives positively or just for your own pecuniary needs. It’s from this why and purpose that you can craft out your mission statement.

Packaging is important:  Packaging is how you present your business to the consumers if you are selling a tangible product, its how that product is presented that matters, inappropriate packaging with labeling defaults or misspelled names shows someone who is untidy and lacks attention to details.

If you are online people will be impressed with the visual aspect of your product before they can buy, remember that they cannot touch your product physically so your chance of convincing them to buy from you lies in how well you present your product. Ranging from the pictures of your products to videos of product demonstration, it should beautiful, neat and appealing.

Also adding small accessories like tags, packaging boxes and labels for a small amount that can make all the difference in your product value.

Suppose you want to get tangible materials that are associated with your products at a very small price, you can head on to Aliexpress and get suppliers who will make custom products for you.

If your product is intangible, ease of access and clarity in communicating your values and services is key to branding your home business.

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Elizabeth is a passionate home business owner that helps others to achieve their life goals of running a successful home. business. I am particular about stay at home moms who wish to transition into a mompreneur.

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