Hobbies that make money

Top 7 hobbies that make money.

Find out top 7 hobbies that make money. You will learn how to convert your hobbies to a moneymaking venture

We all love our hobbies; It’s something to help us relax when we are feeling stressed.

But what if your hobbies are hobbies that make money? Wouldn’t that be cool?

Alot of people start their home businesses as a hobby.

It starts as a hobby, but then the hobby generates consumer interest; They find themselves making money from their hobby.

And bam!!! It becomes a home business.

I really love that one can turn a hobby into a business because it becomes a perfect combination of doing what you love to make money.

For example, if you love baking as a hobby and in your time of mixing and matching food stuff, you invent a recipe that wows your friends or visitors.

You can test that product with other people outside of your friend list, this helps you to know if you have a real product or your friends are just being nice.

If you got a good response, you have finally found that hobby that makes money for you.

In this post, I will share with you the top 7 hobbies that make money for you.

No matter who you are; Whether you are a stay at home mom looking for extra income, or you are a working mom looking for that side hustle to do.

You will find in my list something worth pursuing that you can make money from while you enjoy yourself.

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Top 7 Hobbies That Make Money


So you love writing, I love to write too; I mean common that’s why I am blogging right.

Some people find writing to be therapeutic; I agree with them.

Sometimes, writing helps me to put things into perspective.

I still have loads of notes where I wrote business ideas I wanted to pursue from like 10 years ago.

I love to write my thoughts, my inspirations and also what I would like to do within the year.

Long before Planners became a thing, I used my notes to do my planning. They were usually about two things: my business ideas and my spiritual life.

Is it a surprise that I started blogging? It took me a while but here I am.

So, if you are like me and you love to write, here is a way you can convert your hobby of writing into a business.

Start a freelance writing business- You want to know the first step to take?

Take Elna Cain’s course on write21k. You will not regret taking her course.

I started my blog two years ago, but I was not making much money from it.

Sometimes I made some money from affiliate marketing, but it was not consistent and dependable.

So I began to listen to various people who were already successful with what they were doing—Blogging.

One of them was Elna Cain.

She taught me the different ways you could make money from blogging.

It was while listening to her that my eyes opened to other ways of making money from my writing apart from affiliate sales.

She owned a blog and a freelance writing business— You would think why own both? they both seem the same.

It turns out she loved writing and started freelance writing as her first online business.

It was her freelance writing business that paved way for her blogging business.

She did what I am telling you to do right now, she turned her love for writing into a business.

If you want to take her course to start your freelance writing business

Click below.

Start a freelance writing business

2. Artwork

Do you love to paint, some people find that painting helps them to explore their artistic nature.

Do you know that painting could be one of those hobbies that make money for you? Ask me how?

License your design: When I think of painting, I don’t think of selling artwork in fairs or opening an art gallery, although that would be great too.

My idea of using your painting to make money is licensing your art designs to be used on Printables such as Cards, Mugs, Rugs, T-shirts.

The beautiful thing about this concept is that you can do it online.

You can set up an online store where you sell your real-life painting.

Or you can use your design on mugs, T-shirts, caps, bags and throw pillows.

This way you can use that design and make money repeatedly.

You want to know how to do this?

I created a course where I teach people how to start a Printables design business.

It is called the Newbie Printables Course

Newbie Printables course

My course will enable you to transform your artwork into a business that you can sell online.

I teach the different places where you can sell your designs and make money from it.

Artwork is not just a painting you hang on the wall.

You can take your design and transform it into a Printables product.

Places you can sell your art

Bigstock: You can sell your art on Bigstock, you make between 50cents to 3USD per download.

Envato: Envato is an online marketplace for digital arts, graphics, and pictures. You can sign up for free and you get paid up to 37.5% of your sale amount.

Zazzle: This is also an online platform where you can add your designs to T-shirts, Mugs, Cards, etc. You get a commission when someone purchases the product with your design.

3. Knitting and Sewing

So you love to crochet or knit and sew, you can turn your love for knitting and sewing into a home business.

A lot of people love hand made clothing and knitted sweaters because they have unique designs that are not so common.

Some places where you can sell your products online include:

Online shops



4. Social media

If you love to hang out on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram.

You can make a living out of that hobby just by growing followership and sharing the brands you love with your followers.

A lot of brands want access to people that use their products, they use what they call influencer marketing to reach their target audience.

Those who have cultivated a following on Instagram make so much money for just posting pictures of brands.

If you love social media life, consider reaching out and signing up companies that connect brands to influencers.

Such networks are IZEA, ACORN, etc.

5. Photography

Time was taking pictures was just for the pleasure of private viewing but not anymore.

Photography is now one of those hobbies that make you money without trying so much.

If you are good at taking pictures, you can make money by selling it as stock photography at places like creative market, Etsy or on your personal website.

The demand for photography has risen because of the constant need to put a picture in any online article.

90% of articles written online have one picture attached; This is a ready market for anyone who wants to turn their hobby into a moneymaking venture.

6. Buying and selling

Do you have a penchant for seeking bargains so you can flip it for a bigger price?

You may call yourself a bargain hunter but permit me to call you a potential ecommerce merchant.

Buying and selling is something I love to do. I have opened some online shops both on the online marketplace and on standalone shops.

I have had to close them though because I needed to concentrate on my blogging business.

If you want to know the difference between an online marketplace versus standalone online shops, read it here.

Buying and selling is a hobby that you can turn into an ecommerce business.

A lot of brick and mortar shops are closing down now because the industry is being disrupted by the online shops.

This is the best time to buy and sell because you don’t even need to own inventory to sell.

You can use dropshipping method to sell any goods you want to sell online.

If you want to know how to get the best products from a drop shipper, read this post.

7.Graphic design

Do you have some bit of graphic design skill, maybe designing stuff helps you to relax.

You can turn that hobby into a moneymaking venture in various ways.

Here are some ways you can use your graphic design hobby to make money.

Graphic design business: Open a graphic design online business and design logos, fonts, and branding packages for small businesses.

Start a Print to object business: Make Printable designs and put it on mugs and T-shirts and sell on your online shop.

Digital Printables Product: Create Printables digital products and sell.

To do all these, you need to learn how to turn your graphic design ability into a home business.

This is what I teach in my Newbie Printables Business Course.

Click below to learn more.

The Newbie Printables Course teaches you how to turn your simple design skills into a home business.

Now that you have the 7 hobbies that make money for you, it is time to take a seat and plan how you will transform your hobby into a business.

To do that, here is what you need to do.

Create a business plan

The home business owner planner will help you create a simple plan to start your new business from Idea generation to product sales.

No, it does not have to be a 10-page plan on how that business will make money for you.

You just need a simple tool that will guide you from your idea down to the last activity of marketing your products.

That is what I designed The Home Business Planner for.

I designed the Home Business Planner to help small business people who are just starting out in business to simplify the process of planning for their business.

Part of my planner pages include pages for income streams, marketing, products, product ideas, etc.

The home business planner helps you start from the idea stage down to the last stage of making sales and income for your business.

Turning your hobby into a business is one easy way to start a home business; You do not have to stress much because you already enjoy doing it.

Do you have any more ideas about hobbies that make money? Drop your comment below.

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