3 tips to beat unforeseen circumstances in business

The world is a pretty complex place, and at any given moment in your life, some completely unforeseen circumstances in business might happen that will subsequently result in you being thrown off guard, and having to scramble to come up with a quick solution.

This kind of thing happens in business all the time, and it brings many entrepreneurs to ruin and drives many others to the brink of failure.

In fact, it’s specifically because the future is so consistently unpredictable in business, that Scott Adams, the famous cartoonist, and occasional success adviser, recommends cutting goals out of your professional success plan altogether, and focusing on daily systems.

The thing is, though, that uncertainty doesn’t only bring risks, but also potential rewards and opportunities. Goals don’t just offer fickle targets to aim for, they offer an effective way of helping us to focus our professional vision at any given moment.

There are, in fact, some things you can do to help stay in control of your business despite all the uncertainty. Here are some relevant suggestions.

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Have a contingency plan in place.

Many of the problems that might end up sinking your business, could be seen and prevented in advance if only you were willing to clearly assess the risks and take preventive measures.

Technology failures, for example, can lead to major data loss which can, in turn, drive your company under. This is not an uncommon issue, either.

But you don’t have to just hope that this won’t happen to you.

You could hire a company to provide you with a VMWare cloud failover system, and you could practice routinely backing up your core data offline, on a daily basis.

Always think, in advance, of what potential issues might arise — and then take steps to preempt them.

Ditch your excuses; it’s time for an “Extreme Ownership” mindset

In the last few years, the retired U.S. Navy SEALs Jocko Willink and Leif Babin have come to public prominence, in large part due to their joint book “Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win.”

The principle of Extreme Ownership, which gives the book its title, is something that’s mirrored by many successful figures in business.

At its heart, it’s about accepting responsibility for keeping everything on track, yourself, and refusing to pass the buck or make excuses.

Adopting an Extreme Ownership mentality ensures that you’re always working your hardest and that you don’t relinquish control by looking for the easy way out.

It also means that you are responsible for making sure that the situation that brought about that unforeseen circumastances in your business is put under control without looking for who to blame.

Some times we may tend to play the blame game hence putting us in a place where we are no able to find solution to the problems iur business is facing becuase we imagine its not our fault.

Keep it simple

One of the easiest ways to essentially lose control of your business, is to get yourself completely wound up and inundated with confusing, deeply complex, and overly ambitious projects and strategies.

Instead, simplify. At any given moment, you should understand the core features and components of your business absolutely, and be able to adjust course without having to spend weeks in deep reflection.

Relatively simple strategies usually work better than complex ones, and are more resilient too, even in complex industries.

By simplifying your strategies you make it easy to get out of that unforeseen circumstances in business without much issues.

If your business system is too complex for you, then imagine how complex it will be for your customers. Especially your first time customers who may be visiting your business for the first time.

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