101 business ideas for ladies sitting at home

101 business for Ladies sitting at home

Want to learn 101 business ideas for ladies sitting at home, this is it.

Are you one of those ladies sitting at home right now thinking of what home business you should do?

I thought of you today so I decided to spoil you with options by writing this post on 101 business for ladies sitting at home.

Also known as 101 business ideas for stay at home moms.

I started thehomebusinessowner blog because I believe that any mom who chooses to should be able to stay home and raise their kids without losing the lifestyle they had when they were working.

I know it seems like a tall order, but my passion to see stay at home moms become self-sufficient and build home businesses that will outlive them is what is driving me.

These are ideas for business for ladies sitting at home and you don’t have to break a bank to start them.

I just concluded a stay at home mom challenge where I taught about the different issues that will affect your home business as a stay at home mom.

You see, when you decide you will stay home to raise your kids, your home business will be peculiar, it comes with a lot of challenges.

So, if you are a stay at home mom, who wants to start a home business.

Sign up for this free training and learn how to manage the challenges that come with this terrain.

In this challenge, you will get worksheets, quizzes, and tips that will help you as stay at home mom to run a successful home business.

Topics covered include:

The stay at home mom’s money mindset

Time management Tips


Building business relationships

Managing your Kids.

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Now to our massive list

Disclosure: There are affiliate links in this post, it is only a way for me to keep this blog running so you can get valuable information for free.


101 business for Ladies Sitting at home.( Stay at home moms)

  • 1Pet care
  • 2 Babysitting
  • 3 Make and sell Printables online
  • 4 Blogging
  • 5Online shop
  • 6 Grow Produce to sell
  • 7 Virtual assistance
  • 8 Social media manager
  • 9 Flea market vendor
  • 10 Interior decorating
  • 11 Monthly Garage sale
  • 12 Sell on eBay
  • 13 Sell Confectionary
  • 14Tutoring online
  • 15 Affiliate marketing
  • 16 Network marketing
  • 17Bed and Breakfast
  • 18 Event planning
  • 19 Online surveys
  • 20 Jewelry and accessories selling
  • 21Laundry services
  • 22 personal shopping
  • 23 Package delivery
  • 24Public Speaking
  • 25 Music Tutoring
  • 26 Website design
  • 27 Skincare product make and sell
  • 28 Resume Writing and Interview coaching services
  • 29Business coach or Life coach
  • 30 Digital marketing
  • 31 Home staging
  • 32 Care package Business
  • 33 Sell coffee Online
  • 34 Toy clothing sewing
  • 35 Clothing maker
  • 36 Online course tutor
  • 37 In-home massage therapist
  • 38 Online trading-Forex, stocks
  • 39 Personal FitnessTrainer
  • 40 Pre Owned Clothing and accessories seller
  • 41 Dieting and Weightloss expert
  • 42 Wardrobe consultant
  • 43 Freelance writing
  • 44 Graphic designer
  • 45 Medical billing assistant
  • 46 Catering
  • 47 Eldercare staffing Agency
  • 48 Home Day Care
  • 49 Dog Trainer
  • 50 Meal Planning expert
  • 51 Personal Chef
  • 52 Landscape design and gardening services
  • 53 YouTube Star
  • 54 Amazon seller via dropshipping
  • 55 Wedding planner
  • 56 Knitting and Crotchet Making and selling
  • 57 Doula/ Birth attendant
  • 58 Scrapbooking
  • 59 House cleaning
  • 60 Personal finance expert consulting
  • 61 Business consultant
  • 62 E-book Writer
  • 63 Ghost Writing
  • 64 Christmas tree décor
  • 65 Home moving services
  • 66 Real Estate Investment advisor
  • 67 Customer service personnel
  • 68 Mystery shopping
  • 69 Personal Shopping
  • 70 Event DJ
  • 71Stand up Comedian
  • 72 Photography
  • 73 Online Travel Agency
  • 74 Hairstyling and Barbing
  • 75 Soap and Spa Products Maker
  • 76 Tax Preparation Specialist
  • 77 Antique refurbishment and sales
  • 78 Human resource expert
  • 79 Movie Scriptwriter
  • 80 Apps creator
  • 81 In-home Blog fixer
  • 82 Freelance Editor
  • 83 Online community Builder
  • 84-Kids Party Organizer
  • 85 Virtual Receptionist
  • 86 Transcriptionist
  • 87 Proofreader
  • 88 Online Book Keeper
  • 89 Social Media Influencer
  • 90 Podcaster
  • 91 Online researcher
  • 92 Event Promoter
  • 93 Voice over Artist
  • 94 Business Jingle Creator
  • 95 T-shirt Designer and seller
  • 96 Dance Teacher
  • 97 Creative skills Teacher
  • 98 Chatbot Creator
  • 99 Facebook Marketing Expert
  • 100 Home organization and Decluttering expert
  • 101 Children’s Book Author.

1-Pet care

The Petcare industry is sitting on about 72.85 Billion-dollar revenue.

Source- APPA(American Pet Products Association)

This is because a lot of people invest a lot of money in caring for their pets.

Pets can be used as comfort animals, they are also helping hands to the blind, the aged and the military.

So you can understand why if you have a passion for caring for pets you should never run out of business ideas.

If you are a stay at home mom reading my post on business for ladies sitting at home, this should be one business idea you would consider.

The only way a home business will be profitable and fulfilling for you is when you do what you love.

When you are passionate about what you do, you will do it until the payday comes.

If you have a passion for pet care, here are ways you can make money from home in this business.

Pet Grooming: This involves cleaning, bathing and checking the general wellbeing of a pet, It can be done from home or as a mobile service.

Pet sitting: helping to take care of a pet for someone who is away on travel or an errand.

Training: Helping to train pets for the services which they may be needed for or for home breaking if it is a new pet.

Online Pet product store: Sell pet supplies online, learn how to set up an online pet store

Food supplies.

If you have a passion for pet or perhaps you are reading this article and you want to start this business, you can check out my Pet planner in my online shop.

My pet planner is a workbook I put together to help both pet owners and pet sitters to properly document and care for their pet.

If your pet adds value to your life, you should care about how well taken care of they will be when you are here and when you are not.

My Pet Planner-12.99On sale

Click the picture to get my pet planner.

2 Baby Sitting

A lot of working women have babies and often need to go back to work, finding a good baby sitter who they can trust is an uphill task.

Some women need babysitting services just for a few hours when they need to go somewhere they cannot go with their babies.

Offering an in-home babysitting service can be a way to make money while staying home.

Think of the fact that some nannies may just disappoint the last minute.

Having a home where someone can do last-minute babysitting for you will make all the difference in the whole world.

Another way to make money from the babysitting industry is to build a platform for moms looking for last-minute babysitting services and connect them with someone who is available.

3 Make and Sell Printables Online.

Are you someone who loves to design stuff?

You have expert knowledge about your former work life or you even have systems you have created in your home that helps you run your home smoothly.

I will show you how to monetize that knowledge, It is called creating Printables.

Printables is any digital product that can be designed to help a person solve their problems.

A printable business, therefore, is a type of business that allows one to sell and monetize their digital products.

I wrote a post on how to start a printables business which is currently ranking on the first page of Google.

This business model is one that is so easy to do that any stay at home mom can start it easily.

My post was so useful that Google adopted my definition as the best definition of Printables business.

The good thing about starting a Printables business is that you just use the skills you have.

Which you can convert to a business printable that you then sell online from your home.

Because of my love for printables, I have an online shop where  I sell my printables.

I also created a course that teaches you how to start this business.

In my course, you learn the different types of printables you can make and how to market and sell them.

I take you through a step by step method on how to create these printables with free software, I even give you the total cost of starting this business.

Want to learn how to start a printables business? sign up for my course below.

Newbie printables business course

Click here to sign up for the Newbie Printables Course Bundle

4 Blogging

Blogging is a popular means of starting a home business.

If you are a stay at home mom who wants to share her knowledge with the world and teach others what you know, blogging is the best way to do it.

However there is a caveat, blogging is not a get quick rich scheme, it requires a lot of investment of time and money.

If you are here reading my post on business for ladies sitting at home, it means you are serious about starting a home business.

I will help you by directing you to a post I wrote about how to start a blog when you are not techy.

I was not techy when I started this blogging business.

In fact, I was the person who would call IT personnel if my email was not working.

But I moved from knowing nothing about blogging to becoming a blogger today, it is not without sweats but it was worth it.

I am doing what I love and I love that it is changing people’s lives.

If you want to know how to do it in easy no fluff steps. Read this post.

5 Open an Online Shop.

So you love to sell stuff, maybe you have even run a brick and mortar shop before, here is your opportunity to start your love for selling all over again.

You can open an online shop using either Shopify or Wix to sell your products.

You can also build a WordPress site and add a Woocommerce shop to enable you sell your products.

101 business  for ladies sitting at home

These online shop platforms provide you with the platform to load your goods, display them, accept payment and sell your goods.

It is so easy to set up and off you go.

If you need help setting up your online shop, I can help you do that.

I have set up a couple of online shops on both platforms and understand how they work. Book my services here.

If you will love to build these a shop yourself, you can consider WordPress Without Tears.

WordPress Without Tears teaches you how to build a WordPress site and add a shop to it.

To learn more about this course tap the button below

WordPress Without Tears is a course designed to teach an absolute newbie who has no experience how to build a WordPress site with an online store attached.

WordPress Without Tears Course

6: Grow Produce and Sell.

So you have a passion for home farming, I too do, I once planted some herbs and tomatoes in a little portion of my house just behind my kitchen.

That ground was so good that my herbs did well.

They did do well, I stopped purchasing those herbs from the market.

If you are someone that loves growing your own food, you may consider making it a full-time home business.

A lot of people are now mindful of what they put in their food, anything organically grown is now a specialty and sells at a premium price.

You can sell at the local farmers market, you can also collect emails and phone numbers so you can supply or deliver to people’s homes.

People who care about eating organic food will appreciate you and pay the required premium.

People are now realizing that pesticide and GMO enhanced foods are not healthy.

If you are also good at canning and preserving your food, you can sell at a higher price when they are out of season.

You can create more awareness by building a website for your business.

Your website presence will help people to contact you when the farmers market is not on.

Want to build a website for your home products, you can either do it yourself, learn how-to here

Or book my services here and I will get your site up and running in a week.

7 Virtual Assistant.

So you have great administrative skills and you have been letting it get to waste.

No more, it is time you used your skill for administration to help online businesses thrive.

A virtual assistant is a person that helps an online business do some administrative tasks, so they can concentrate on building their business.

It could be anything from writing emails to a campaign set up to scheduling social media posts.

Virtual assistants can charge per hour.

If you are able to secure long retainer clients, you will have a full-time home business.

Learn how to start a virtual assistant business

Still wondering what you can do as a business for ladies sitting at home? Let’s get to the next one.

8 Social Media Manager

A lot of business understand they need to be on social media platforms online, this includes Twitter, Facebook Instagram.

But they do not have the expertise to engage with social media neither do they know what to do.

Thanks to the constant changes on these platforms, hiring an in-house social media manager costs more than outsourcing it.

If you are a social media expert, you can step in and help manage their social media pages.

Social media managers charge per hour.

Clients you should be looking at are small to medium businesses who cannot afford to hire an in-house social media expert.

9 Flea Market Vendor

Anyone who doesn’t love flea markets?

Fleamarkets are places where you can go to buy very nice stuff at an affordable cost.

If you are someone who loves to sell stuff in a physical shop but you can’t anymore because you are now a stay at home mom.

You don’t want to pay for a brick and mortar store too with the hassles.

The best way to use that passion to make money is to become a Flea market vendor or organize one.

If you are organizing one, it is more stress, but if all you want to do is to sell in a flea market.

All you need to do is find out the nearest Flea market to you, find out the days they operate and then gather your goods to sell.

What I love about the Flea market business is that you can actually get the products for free and you sell them at a good margin.

I wrote about how to get good products to sell as part of my post on 7 ways you can make money from home.

Irresistible checklist for starting a home business

10 Swimming Instructor

If you know how to swim and you can teach others how to, there are parents who are willing to pay you to teach their little ones how to swim.

Take advantage of summer periods and you won’t go wrong.

11 Monthly Garage Sale.

So you don’t want to go anywhere to sell your stuff, you just want to sell in front of your home.

Perhaps every last Saturday of the month.

You can become a home Garage sales vendor.

This business is quite cool but needs a lot of marketing both online and offline.

You can invite others to come join you so it is like a mini flea market.

I love garage sales because you can get a treasure trove of goods at less than half the price.

One way you can make your garage sale pop is by choosing a particular niche where you get to specialize in.

Perhaps you can choose to sell Kitchen utensils or Home appliances.

Whatever niche you choose, make sure it is what is required in your neighborhood and you won’t go wrong.

If you are not sure what niche to sell in, start with general goods and go from there.

I have once bought a beautiful children’s bed from a Garage sale and it was worth it.

Be sure to check with your local laws to see what is allowed and what is not.

12 Sell On eBay

Since eBay debuted in the 90’s it has been a marketplace where people who desire to make a living from their home go to sell stuff.

Selling on eBay can be a full-time business if you understand the dynamics of how it operates.

The good thing about selling on eBay is that you can sell your own stuff or you can go around and get things from a cheaper source and sell it at a margin on eBay.

Most people who shop on eBay are not necessarily looking for new stuff or they would have gone to Amazon.

They are often looking for pre-owned, vintage and Antique.

If you are able to refinish a product you can increase the value and make a profit.    

Selling on eBay is different from selling in an online shop.

In my post, online shop versus online market place, I outline the pros and cons of each platform, go and read it to find out the difference.

13 Sell Confectionary

If you have good baking skills as a stay at home mom, it is a skill you can convert into a home business.

You don’t necessarily need a brick and mortar shop to sell baked goods.

One of your unique selling propositions could be that you will deliver freshly baked goods to someone.

Everyone loves to eat fresh baked goods, be it cookies, bread, cakes, etc.

I wrote a post on how to start a baked goods business. You can read it up to know how to start.

14 Teach English Online.

If you are a native speaker of English, you are in luck because you can make money out of that skill.

As the world is evolving, a lot of non-English speaking countries are realizing the need to teach their kids English, chief amongst the countries is China.

VIPKID and QKID are notable platforms that offer you the opportunity to teach English to Chinese Kids.

You can make close 3000 dollars a month from teaching them online.

You can actually make more if you have time.

15 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is promoting a product to your audience, you make a profit when your audience buys through your link.

Affiliate marketing works well when you have traffic either to your website or to your social media page.

Those customized links are given to you.

So, just by posting links to your audience or sending it to your contacts, you get to make a good amount of money as commission.

Affiliate marketing sites where you can sign up are Amazon, Click bank and you can also join Wealthy Affiliate.

My shop also has its own affiliate network, I will pay you 50% commission for every product that you sell.

To sign up for affiliate partnership please click the button below


16 Network Marketing

Since the days of Mary Kay cosmetics, people have been using direct selling also known as network marketing as a means of livelihood.

You get to put in a lot of work to make it work like any other business.

I am probably not a fan of network marketing but a lot of people I have known and met personally have gotten rich through it.

It is always wonderful when you are the first line of adoption for the product because then you can easily build up downlines.

Some network marketing companies are Rodan Fields, Forever Living Product, etc.

17 Bed and Breakfast

Airbnb Helloo, hahaha, since the debut of Airbnb, making money from your home has never been much easier.

In fact, it is so cool that it could be considered a passive income.

All you do is list your spare room on the site and you get to make income when people stay over at your place.

Some people have taken to buying properties and renting all the rooms on Airbnb.

It is a major source of income for them.

To learn more about how to make money from extra space in your home even if it is not a room, read this Post.

18 Event Planning

So you have a love for attending and planning events, you can turn this skill into a home business.

If perhaps my first 17 options have not made any impact on you perhaps this will.

I have a friend who actually does this as a part-time business even though she works full time and has kids.

She does her events only on Saturdays and Sundays.

She plans awesome birthday parties for kids, her specialty is themed birthday parties.

She tells me that she decided to give it a try after she got tired of trying different business ideas.

She started by offering a free trial for a friend who got her referrals and her business took off.

19 Online surveys.

Online surveys are also a great way to make money if you know how to subscribe to as many as possible.

Just doing surveys though will not make you a livable income so I might not consider it a full-time home business.

But if you can combine it with becoming a search engine evaluator and perhaps a task runner using apps such as TaskRabbit.

You may be on to something that provides you an income to depend on.

20 Sell Costume Jewelry

If you are artistic and creative you can make and sell costume jewelry to people.

I don’t know about you but there is a uniqueness about costume jewelry that makes it special.

The fact that it is not widely available, some designs once you buy them you never get to see them again because they are custom designed.

If you love accessorizing and making jewelry, you can turn this into a full-time online business.

You can set up an online shop by displaying the pictures of your products.  Once you make a sale you can then mail it to the buyer.

If you want to set up an online shop on either Wix or Woocommerce.

I can help you set up an online shop with products loaded and descriptions written in just a week. Contact me here.

Sign up with the button below to get a this Post in full with links to resources that will enable you to start your business immediately.

21-In-home Laundry Service

Do you know how to launder clothes and pack them in such a way that it looks like a professional dry cleaner did them?

You can start an in-home dry cleaning service for local neighbors or hotels.

I have used dry cleaning services before both in-home and the normal brick and mortar ones.

I know how well they serve me when I have so much to do.

22 Personal Shopper

If you have a love for shopping and you can get good bargains for yourself you can deploy that same skill to serve other people as a home business.

There are people who lack the energy and time to do their own shopping.

It may be due to the hassles of being a full-time worker or simply that they hate shopping.

You can market your services and even show how using your services can save them time and energy, especially during the holiday seasons.

Personal shopping services are usually for middle-class income earners who value their time.

23 Package Delivery.

When Uber driving came. it became a way to earn money with your car. Many people jumped into it and are still using it as a fulltime home business.

But you know what? as a stay at home mom, Uber driving may not work for you.

Why? because you have kids to take care of.

But there is an option that is will suit anyone who falls into the group of stay at home moms.

That option is package delivery.

Amazon has taken the high route of paying people like you and me to deliver packages for them.

The great thing about a package delivery is that you can go with your kids.

So, if you cannot do Uber, there are 3 options, Amazon, Door dash, and Postmates.

24 Public Speaking.

Public speaking is a very huge industry as we are in an age where people are encouraged to tell their stories.

If you have overcome a very tough issue in your life or career, you can use your story as a launchpad to public speaking.

Motivating other people is also a great way to make use of your speaking skills.

Motivational speakers earn a ton of money not just from speaking engagements but from endorsements, books, and audio CDs.

The good thing about this business is you just need your contacts and network to start.

An example of a motivational speaker that I know that earns in millions is Lisa Nichols of Motivating the Masses. She is a highly sought after speaker.

I love her because her story teaches me the importance of overcoming very terrible situations.

Some of her great books include Abundance Now and 9 steps to living the life you want.

You can get all of them from Amazon

25 Music Tutoring.

Do you have a gift of musical ability, whether it is in songwriting, instruments playing or even percussion instrument playing.

You can teach a music class to people who want to learn.

Parents always want their kids to have some form of musical ability whether it is singing, playing or performing.

If you live in a neighborhood with a lot of families, you can convert a room in your house into a music classroom and invite people to come and learn.

Top it off by organizing concerts and you have a home business in full swing.

Music lessons are not for summer only, it can be taught during the school periods too e.g Saturday mornings.

26 Website Design

Our times demand that most businesses have a website,this is a huge pool of business opportunity if you know how to build websites.

Website building is no longer difficult if you have WordPress skills.

You can launch your website building and maintenance business from your home.

The good thing is that you can build yours and show others what you are capable of.

Go round your neighborhood and look for businesses who do not have an online presence.

Build one for free and ask for referrals.

Being a website designer with maintenance can be a full-time home business for ladies sitting at home.

If you add the recurring income of monthly maintenance, you will always have an income.

If you do not know how to build websites but you are eager to learn, there are lots of free courses online that can teach you.

27 Make and Sell Organic Skincare Products

The Organic skincare industry is about 22 billion dollars.

You can take part in this industry if you have a passion for formulating your own natural skincare products using organic condiments.

To learn how to start an organic skincare business, please read this post.

You can also grab my planner on how to start an organic skinscare business

it is a planner that has a step by step prompts on how you can start your organic skincare business online.

It contains a curated list of best organic skincare formulator courses that will help you start your business right away.

Organic Skincare Planner

Organic skincare business planner is designed to help you create a workable plan that will help you to start your organic skincare business online within 12 days. It contains, business planning sheets, niche selection sheets, marketing plans, and even a product launch plan.

28 Resume Writing & Interview Coaching Business

Are you an HR professional and you have been wondering where to deploy your skills? consider opening a Resume writing service.

Most people do not secure the jobs they want because they lack properly written Resumes.

You can offer this as a service and charge people for it, you can also offer interview coaching services to make your business more interesting.

Resume writing services have helped a lot of people secure the job of their dreams, so also interview coaching.

I once coached my sister for a job interview she was to attend, she aced the interview and got the job.

Without my coaching, it will not have gone well, she would have made the type of mistakes that first-time job interviewers make.

I was able to do this because I understood as an HR professional what the interviewer will be looking for.

You too can apply this knowledge to start a business.

29 Business/Life Coach

Do you have coaching skills perhaps you can become a life coach or a business coach?

You can take some training to get certifications to help you start off.

30 Digital Marketing Expert

If you have a lot of digital marketing skills, it is a skill that is earning a lot of income for people in this age.

You can start your business based on this skill alone and make a living off it.

If you have been doing this in your former career and you have results to show, digital marketing can help small businesses grow tremendously.

Want to grab this 101 business for ladies sitting at home post and get all the required links and resources

Click the download button here.

31 Home staging Business

Do you have a love for interior decoration or perhaps you love to rearrange furniture when you walk into a room.

You have an eye for the best use of space and furnishings.

Starting a home staging business could be your dream home business.

One thing a lot of women have in common is their desire to have a nicely furnished and decorated home.

You can use that desire to help homeowners increase the value of their homes when they sell.

Home stagers have been known to make an amount as much as 3000 dollars per project.

If you are able to do 4 projects in a month, you may find yourself going home with 12000 dollars a month.

32 Care Package business

Some time ago I wrote about my experience of getting a care package when I was a high school student.

My post on starting a care package business has attracted a lot of people who will like to learn how to start this business.

If you want to learn how to make people loved ones feel great, then go here to learn how to start a care package business.

I am currently creating a course on how to start a care package business, this is a need for people who want to learn how to start this business.

Sign up here to get informed when the course launches.

Be the first to know when Care Package Business Course Launches.

33 Sell Coffee & Tea Online

You know there are two things which everyone almost all the world over have in common, it is coffee and tea.

Most people except for a few people drink either coffee or tea.

You can sell these products online if you have a passion for online shops but you do not know what to sell.

This is because it is a market that you are sure has patronage.

Your online shop can start by supplying your friends and family.

Having a good knowledge of these products will go a long way to make you a viable business person online.

I started a coffee and tea shop online, I could not continue because I did not have the time to invest in growing it.

But I tell you, the few times I took to work on it taught me valuable skills which I will be willing to pass on to you.

If you would want me to help you build an online coffee and tea store, send me an email. I will help you.

See what my online coffee and tea store looks like, I am no longer running it but I kept the site.

34-Sew Toy Clothing.

While the toy industry is booming, there is an aspect that is often overlooked, it is the fact that baby dolls need to change their clothing.

Are you as irritated as I am that Dora the Explorer and other cartoon characters never get to change their clothes? hahaha

Now Imagine how your kid feels when her doll that she gets to bathe and dress never changes her clothing.

This goes to show you that there is a need for the toy clothing industry.

If you have a knack for making small clothing, you can use your skills to make toy clothes.

Or if you do not like to make one you can import them and sell.

Many parents will be willing to patronize you.

35-Make Custom Clothing

Not everyone wants to wear already made clothes, there are people who would love to have custom made designs made just for them.

Having tailoring skills and an eye for good design could be all you need to start dewing custom made clothing.

What I love about custom made designs is that you are likely to be the only one dressed like that way in a party, so you get to stand out.

Of course, people who buy custom made clothing have extra cash to pay because it is more expensive.

That means you can charge better margins for your business.

What is more, you get to do it from the comfort of your home.

If you are a stay at home mom and you are wondering what business for ladies sitting at home that you can do, this is an aspect you can take advantage of.

With a lot of tutorial videos on Youtube, you can teach yourself sewing.

36-Online Course Tutor

Online courses are now the university and skill acquisition center for most people who want to beat the university tuition cost and start making a living from their skill.

With the crisis in the education loans industry, most people are now turning to courses to learn a life skill instead of going to college and racking up loans.

This means there is a huge demand for online courses.

So if you have a valuable skill which you can teach people, you just need to create a course and sell it and you are in business.

Online courses are great multipliers of income because you don’t need to be there to teach it.

You just create it once, load it online and provide support for your learners while you do other things.

37 In-home Massage Therapist

An in-home massage therapist is someone who performs massage for people either in her home or goes to the customers home.

This is a wonderful business opportunity for anyone who has worked in the massage industry before or even wants to learn how to work in this industry.

If you would love to know more about how this works visit AMTA( American massage therapist Association).

38 Online Trading- Forex

If you have a bit of online trading knowledge, you can make a great income trading stocks, bonds, and Forex.

You can also teach others how to trade such stuff and make an income from what you do.

A home business helps you to earn income for your self and also impact others.

39 Personal Fitness Tutor.

Do you have a passion for personal fitness, I know it is a good thing to be motivated enough to go out and do your exercises daily, to set a fitness goal and hit it.

I struggle with staying fit because frankly, I hate exercising.

I am not fat but I also want good health.

I have chosen to deal with any extra weight I put on through intermittent fasting.

It works well with my spiritual goals too because I am a Christian.

But there is a place for staying fit that is not just about weight loss.

If you are someone who has achieved tremendous success in keeping fit, then use that knowledge to start a home business.

Go out there and look for couch potatoes like me and help them design a program that will get them to keep fit.

40- Sell Pre-owned Clothing and Accessories.

The Pre-own market is a huge market because sincerely not everyone can afford new clothing items every season.

Some people also love vintage and expensive items even if they are pre-owned.

I have bought designer purses before that were pre-owned and they served me well.

So you have an eye for fashion and you know how to shop for pieces that look great together? you can start a pre-owned online fashion store.

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41- Dieting and Weightloss.

One of the issues that the American nation has to deal with now is obesity, about 93.3 million adults in America are obese- Source- CDC

This means there is a dire need for weight loss and dieting solution to this problem.

If you have been successful in losing weight and keeping it off, you can start a home business that teaches people about weight loss and dieting.

The weight loss industry is quite huge, with the onset of diet and nutritional supplements on the rise.

There are various ways of participating in this industry, it could be through the sale of supplements, coaching programs, courses or even developing an app to help people lose weight and keep it off.

Whichever of these routes you choose to take you will certainly not lack patronage from those who need it.

42 Wardrobe Consultant.

Time was when people did not think it was serious business to help people dress well.

In this day and age, we see where a subscription box company Stichfix took this simple business idea and turned it into a giant business that has been listed on Newyork stock exchange.

Helping people dress well does a lot for their confidence and how they perceive themselves.

Combining wardrobe consultation with personal shopping geared at clothing and accessories will make a winning business formula anytime.

Once you can find someone who can pay adequately for your services you can make a great business out of this idea.

43 Freelance Writing.

No matter what knowledge you have, it can be communicated via a written format.

That is why starting a freelance writing business is the cheapest way to start a home business for ladies sitting at home.

I wrote an extensive post on how you can start this business on a shoestring budget.

Freelance writing is an income source for my blogging business and it has helped to make my blogging worth it.

44 Graphic Designer.

Are you great with making graphics and designing stuff? there is a huge demand online for graphic designers.

People need someone who is great at designing Pins, graphics, book covers, logos, t-shirt prints and all sorts of designs that are put on various objects like bags, cups, mugs, etc.

A good graphic designer will earn her pay online.

45 Medical Billing Assistant.

The medical industry is quite huge, it has a lot of ancillary services and one of them is the medical billing.

A medical billing assistant can work from home to help them fulfill that need.

They usually work as freelancers so the hospital or medical facility does not hire anyone in-house.

I have dealt with medical billing assistants when I had my babies, so I know there job is as important as that nurse that helps you during birthing.

Medical facilities have to get their funds out, it is these professionals that make it possible.

You will require some training if you do not have the skills.

It is a great home business for ladies sitting at home.

46 Catering Business.

Do you love cooking and serving people food? starting a catering business could be a way to start a home business.

A lot of people do in-house parties but are not willing to be the one to do the cooking and cleaning associated with the parties.

Offering in-home catering services can be a way to provide food for such occasions.

There are many of them in a year, it could be weddings, graduations, anniversaries, birthdays, corporate events, etc.

All these events that require food to be served are good opportunities.

The good thing about this business for ladies sitting at home is that you can do it from your home.

You get clients booked and you cook the food and deliver it to them.

47- Nursing Home Staffing

A lot of nursing homes continually require staff for all the services that they offer, from nursing practitioners to drivers to caregivers.

Opening an online staffing agency that is dedicated to this niche is a great way to make money, especially if you have HR skills.

48 In-house daycare center.

For so long as parents have to work outside the home, there will always be a need for a daycare center that helps to care for kids while they are at work.

Some people prefer daycare centers because they are much more organized than babysitting services or nanny care.

If you love working with kids and you have some teaching skills you can open a daycare center at home.

Your daycare center will probably cater to your neighborhood, I believe that if you have good customer service, people will trust you more.

Because they don’t have to drive out to go pick their kids when they come back from work.

That nearness to home will be a deal clincher for me if I have to use one.

49 Dog Trainer.

Training dogs for dog owners could be a good home business idea if you have a passion for animals.

Dogs are used for a lot of things like comfort animals, help for the blind and even military help.

Training a dog to break in at home though is not easy.

If you can step in to make a new dog owner enjoy the relationship instead of stressing themselves to train the dog, then you have a winning business strategy.

Understanding the different types and what needs to be done is key to succeeding in this business.

Irresistible checklist for starting a home business

50 Meal Planning expert

Meal planning is a major headache for most moms, especially if you are trying so hard to make healthy meals for your family.

Sometimes, just plain old recipes do not cut it.

If you are a meal planning specialist or nutritionist you can build a home business out of it by offering meal planning and expert advice to families.

When you combine meal planning with meal prepping service, you have a good home business on your hands.

Meal planning is very important for people who suffer lifestyle diseases and are trying to eat right.

You can have meal plans for different dieting options too e.g vegetarians, plant-based eating, or even keto meals

This type of business requires that you have a passion for food and you are good at experimenting with different recipes and styles.

You may want to visit mealplanmaven a meal planning expert that runs it as a business to see what I mean.

Do you want to download this list and take it with you wherever you go?

We still have 51 more business for ladies sitting at home to write about, so I understand if you are tired here and will like yo take a break.

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51- Personal Chef

Cooking is an art which is not so easy for everyone to master.

Some families value well-prepared food but do not have the expertise to prepare such meals themselves.

If you know how to prepare meals that wow people, you can turn your love for food into a home business.

Personal chefs are quite expensive though so your services may be targeted to upper-middle-class families.

52- Landscape & Gardening Services

So you have a passion for landscaping and gardening, in fact, you have a way to grow a garden that makes a statement to your surroundings.

You can start a landscaping and gardening business from home.

Some of the services you can offer include consulting, landscaping, retainer contracts for maintenance, training, etc.

53- YouTube Star

If you have some knowledge you would like to share or teach people, you can start by uploading youtube videos online.

As you build a community from your videos you can then charge brands for representing them or using their products.

You can also make money from video ads.

54- Amazon seller.

Amazon is an online market place just like Etsy and bonanza, if you have a particular product that you understand the market, you can become an Amazon FBA seller.

Amazon has made it easy, you do not need to fulfill the products as you sell. You just sell and they send the products to your customers.

55- Wedding planner.

There is a lot that goes into weddings that usually leaves the brides and grooms hassled.

Becoming a wedding planner is one business that just requires your organization skills and a couple of great referrals and you are good to go.

A wedding planning business is what you can run from the comfort of your home.

You do not need any inventory so long as you are adequately trained you can easily start.

I will say that starting a wedding planning business will cost you a little less than 100 dollars.

As long as you are already trained for it, you can take it to a home business that pays you.

56-Sell Knitted Clothing.

I once saw a video of a young boy who had taken to knitting and crocheting after he was adopted by his foster mom.

It was a way for him to cope with changing his environs.

But you know what? that skill gained him international recognition.

This goes to show that no matter what you do if you will put your heart in it, many will come to pay you for it.

Knitting and crocheting wears can be a full-time income if you love to knit.

Handmade wears are always a premium buy so you can charge a premium for the work you do.

I love seeing babies dressed in those beautiful pink crochet caps and mittens to match, nothing you buy in the market beats it.

57- Doula/ Birth attendant

Doulas are in high demand these days because people want to avoid the often unnecessary interventions that medical doctors do when our bodies are built to bring forth a child.

If you are a trained birth attendant or doula, you can make a good living by helping moms who want to do a home birth.

58- Scrapbooking expert

The scrapbooking industry is quite large, there are online community groups just for scrapbookers.

You can make a living from scrapbooking if you have a passion for it

This could be through training, support and creating one for those who love to have it put together for them.

59- House Cleaning.

If you love to clean up a home and arrange it to look nice, you can create a home business that helps people clean up their homes.

A lot of people struggle with having a professional cleaning done to their homes, it is a necessary need which people are willing to pay for.

Houesekeeper.com is a platform that matches local housekeepers with housekeepers in their neighborhood.

60- Personal Finance Advisor

Do you have some expert financial knowledge that you acquired while working or schooling?

You can open a personal finance advisory service from home to help people who need financial advice or help with an investment.

While this may look like a brick and mortar job, there are easy ways to do it from your home.

Write about your personal finance expertise via blogging and then draw in your customers.

61 Small business Consulting.

If you are astute with business matters you can start a small business consulting outfit that you can run from your home.

Offer your consulting services to small online businesses that are just starting up, local businesses that you see that are struggling with their business model.

I went out not too long ago to make inquiries about a personal issue.

I noticed that even though the small business owner I was speaking to had an online presence, they were not able to convince people to buy from them.

This was because they had no full-proof strategy of getting their customers down the funnel to the point where they pay for their services.

I believe that as you visit small businesses you would notice places where you can make a tangible difference in their business.

Take advantage of such opportunities to market your services to them.

62-Ebook writer and Publisher.

Do you have a passion for telling stories, you could become a fiction book writer, you may choose to write non-fiction too.

The good thing about writing, publishing and selling books these days is that you don’t have to wait for publishing house to accept your book.

You can self publish and sell your ebooks on Amazon.

You can also promote your books and create tours for your books.

In fact, writing books that sell well can be a full-time business for ladies sitting at home.

Of course, it depends on if you have a passion for writing to start with.

63- Ghostwriting

So you love writing but you do not want to go through the hassles of publishing or selling your books.

You can become a ghostwriter for people who are looking for who will write books for them.

The good thing about ghostwriting is that you get paid once the book is completed and you can move on to the next project.

64-Christmas Tree Decor

We are getting to the fall season and before you know it, the Christmas season is here.

The best way to take advantage of this season is by starting a seasonal business.

Procuring a Christmas tree and decorating it can make a lot of difference in the lives of those who can’t do it by themselves.

It is a seasonal business, yes, but you can combine it with what I wrote in my 10 home business you can start in the fall season.

You will not go wrong.

65- Home Moving Services

You live in an area where there is a lot of moving going on, you can start a home moving service.

Although it’s an idea that will be hard to pull off as a stay at home mom, it is totally doable.

Think of partnering with major moving companies and sending the referrals and getting paid a commission for each customer you bring.

You can also employ someone who knows the job to do the hard part, while you do the marketing and customer service.

Just in case you are wondering as a mom how to organize your life to be able to run a successful home business.

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This planner has helped me to plan my quarterly goals, monthly goals, and also achieve it.

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66-Real Estate Investment Advisor

If you have some knowledge about Real estate or perhaps you have bought Real estate before you can act as an advisor to newbies who are looking at investing in real estate.

You can also certify yourself and become a real estate agent who works from home.

I know this because I do it, I only go out on the days that I have prospects that are serious and want to buy a property.

Otherwise, I concentrate on my blog.

67-Customer service personnel.

You can become a customer service personnel for companies that allow work from home options.

A lot of people make a living by dealing with customer issues of major companies without living home.

68- Mystery shopping.

So you love shopping, you can take this idea and turn it into a business for ladies sitting at home.

You can sign up with companies and do mystery shopping for their products and services while you get paid.

69-Personal Shopper

A personal shopper helps others to do all their shopping so they avoid going to the malls themselves.

You can become a personal shopper for folks who are so busy they don’t have time to go do the shopping themselves.

It is a great time saver for them and you get to earn your living from it.

70- Event DJ

So you love music and you know how to keep a party alive with your music selections.

You can turn this skill into a business that brings you income.

Parties cannot hold without music, your love music can become a good income earner while you stay home to care for your kids.

71- Standup Comedian

So you have a special gift of seeing the funny side of things, you are that person that will convert even a serious situation into something funny.

You can become a stand-up comedian who charges per event or per hour.

Making people laugh is serious business, when I watch comedians do their stuff, I doff my hat for them because I often wonder what if the people do not laugh.

How would they collect their money? hahaha.


There is a market for pictures right now if you know how to take wonderful pictures.

There is even greater demand for stock photos, there may be free photo sites but people want to look and feel different hence the demand.

If you are good with photography you can sell from your own online shop.

You can also sell on an online marketplace like creative market.

73-Online Travel Agency

You passionate about traveling? you can convert that passion into a home business by starting an online travel agency business.

I wrote an extensive guide on how to start one

Read it here

74-Hairstyling and Barbing

Want to convert your love for styling hair and barbing one, you can start an in-home hairstyling business.

You will have to check your local laws to see if this is allowed.

I know of a story of a woman who does mobile salon business, guess who her target market is?

Stay at home moms who cannot go out to take care of their hair and nails because of small kids

A very innovative idea if you ask me, think of the last time you went to the salon with akiddo how did that feel?

Being innovative and tapping into untapped markets is the key to succeeding in business.

75-Soap and Spa Products.

Making soap is as old as man, yet we have so many people who have no clue what ingredients are used in the soaps they buy daily.

If you have a passion for all things organic, you can start an organic soap business.

Throw in spa products for people who love products that are cruelty-free, organic and healthy and you are in business.

Irresistible checklist for starting a home business

76- Tax Preparation

Tax season is usually a very stressful season for most small business owners as they get to pay their tax.

Some small business owners are not adept at preparing their taxes hence they do no take advantage of the write-offs they are supposed to take.

If you know how to prepare taxes that will help their business, they are willing to hire you.

You may be a mom right now with these skills but you have been wondering what business for ladies sitting at home you can do, this is a great opportunity.

Every business pays tax so you have a lot of business opportunities.

77-Antique seller.

If you have a passion for hunting down and collecting antiques, this may be the time to start making money by selling antiques.

Some people prefer antique furniture to new ones, I must say I fall between the lines.

If I were to decorate my home, I will mix and match them,

Being able to sell antiques means you care about history and you are willing to preserve it.

78- HR Expert

Do you love human resource as a profession or perhaps you have practiced it before.

You can make a living from your profession by setting up a small business HR outfit.

You can be the one who recruits, outsource and prepare payroll for various small business.

If you just love the recruitment part and you don’t want to set up an HR firm, consider joining Relode as a recruitment agent.

You get paid a commission for every candidate you send to them that fits their requirement.

79- Movie scriptwriter.

Do you have some important stories you would like to tell the world? consider writing movie scripts.

80- Apps Creator

Are you a techy person who loves to experiment with apps, you could create apps for small businesses.

A lot of businesses are needing apps for their businesses especially if they can take orders online.

Still here with me, you have come very far in reading my post of 101 business for ladies sitting at home.

If you want the rest of the post, please click here to download it.

81-Blog fixer

Do you know you can make a living from fixing blogs?

There are more than 10million blogs out there on the internet and a big chunk of them has issues that need to be fixed.

How did I know? I had someone contact me who offers such services

So if you have an idea on how to fix issues with blogs be it soft issues like SEO, missing links or a high-end technical issue you will get paid for it.

82- Freelance Editor

We all talk about freelance writing most time but what about freelance editing? that is a cool way of making money too.

Editors are an integral part of a writing team.

Most freelance writing businesses always need an editor.

83-Online Community Builder.

If you love relating with people online, you can build a community around a particular cause and then think of ways to monetize it.

For example, you can build a community around birthing experiences then monetize it later by selling ebooks or suggesting what to put in your delivery bag.

Of course, building a community is not easy because it demands content.

But the good thing is that you have a willing and captive market to take advantage of later.

84-Kids Party Organizer

Anyone who is a mom can tell you that organizing parties for kids is one tough job.

I remember when I had my kids one-year birthday parties, it was not easy coordinating everything from the cooking to the photography to the decoration.

I had help from my sisters and yet it was crazy, what will I not give to have someone just take all that load off my shoulders.

Organizing kids parties is definitely one business idea for ladies sitting at home.

85-Virtual Receptionist.

This position has to do with being online to answer questions about the products and services of small businesses.

You can also receive and send emails to customers too.

86- Transcriptionist

If you love to transcribe documents you can start a transcription business for companies who consistently need to turn their audiobooks into written format.

Companies like Rev.com hire people who want to transcribe for them.


A proofreader is a lot like an editor, but their job is to catch spelling errors missed by apps like Grammarly.

They do not change the structure of the article like the editor will do.

88- Online Bookkeeper

Not everyone is apt at keeping their books, especially if you are a small business owner who wears a lot of hats.

Outsourcing your books to other small business who love this job is easier to do.

You can make a living by keeping books for other small businesses.

89-Social Media Influencer

If you have good followership on Instagram or Facebook you can monetize your followership by recommending company products or become a brand ambassador.


You can take your love for talking and sharing information to start a home business by podcasting.

I love podcasting because it’s like having your own personal radio.

You share whatever information you love and if you have tons of follwoers you can get advert commission from brands that want access to your audience.

Want to know how to start a home business for ladies sitting at home?

Sign up for this free 5 days home business start-up course.

In this course, I take you through the various steps you need to go through to crystallize your business idea and find your ideal customers in just 5 days.

91- Online Researcher

Some businesses look for people who will just do research and fact-finding for the topics that they want to write about.

You could even create the outline for the topics, but you stop at just that. These are then passed down to the freelance writer who writes the topics in their brand voice.

Researching for big businesses could be a fulltime freelance job, instead of hiring a research analyst in-house it can be outsourced to you at a cheaper rate.

If you are the nerdy type of mom, you may love this business type.

92- Event Promoter.

If you love promoting events to your social media contacts you can promote events and sell tickets for new movies for a commission.

I know of a facebook group for Disney movies alone, so any time there is a promo, someone gets to avail them of the tickets at a discounted price.

The Facebook group is a great place for getting free information to help you build your business.

Join my homebusinessowners group.

93- Voice Over Artist.

So you have a great voice which people gush over, you can become a voice-over artist for small business owners.

Some people who need voice-over artists include course creators, audiobook creators, short movie translators.

94-Radio Jingle Creator.

Now that we have more avenues for listening to jingles apart from radios, you have an open market in your hands.

You can create jingles that promote product and services for small businesses in your area.

95-T-shirt Designer.

Designing t-shirts have been made easy by the various online platforms where you can design or upload your design and sell them.

The good thing about selling a t-shirt online is that you don’t have to package and ship anything.

Just design and upload your design, and platforms like Teesprings will take care of packaging and shipping to the customer.

Want to know 22 places you can sell t-shirts online read this

I wrote an extensive post on how to start a print on demand business, read it.

Don’t you just love the online world? I sincerely do.

If you have followed my post on 101 business for ladies sitting home, you are really serious about starting your home business.

So here is what I will do, to aid you to start your business today, take this coupon HMBPL and purchase my home business planner.

This coupon offers you a 40% discount off my planner.

This is to encourage you to dive in and start your home business as a stay at home mom.

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96- Dance Teacher

Time was when dancing was just a hobby, now it is a serious business.

People are using their creative ability to make money.

If you love dancing you can teach others by opening a dance studio or a dance company.

One of my high school mates currently makes a living from dancing.

I would never have predicted he will be dancing as a profession, he was so shy in school then.

97-Creative Skills Teacher

If you love the creative arts, you can organize classes where you teach students how to pull out their creative talents.

I imagine it will be the younger generation you will be teaching.

But I do know that even old people like to rediscover a creative part pf them they suppressed because they had to put food on the table.

98-Chatbot Creator.

If you are tech-savvy you can become a chatbot creator for small business owners.

99- Facebook Marketer

A lot of small business know they should be advertising on Facebook but they lack the expertise to bring in the required sales through their Facebook accounts.

If you are an expert at marketing on Facebook you can become a Facebook marketer for small business owners.

Some Facebook marketers charge as much as 1000 dollars for creating ads that convert.

100-Home Organizer and Decluttering Expert

Kon Marie anyone? I love how she took her love for decluttering and turned it into a big business venture, you too can do it.

You may start by blogging about it but with time, you can expand it into book writing, and maybe one day we will see you on HGTV.

101- Children-Book Writer

Your love for writing and kids can be joined together to create a business that thrives on creativity and innovation.

Like we have with Akiddie, a company that seeks to drive social change through the stories it writes for the African community.

Akiddie is seeking to change the narrative that women and girls need someone to save them before they can make an impact….

Rapunzel and co.. Me thinks those narratives are no more relevant to your time.

The co-founder Kachi Nwani seeks to write stories that encourage the African girlchild to pursue own change and dreams impact her society.

The Akiddie app can be found on the Google play store, you can help your kids discover more about Africa through the stories on the app.

That is it, 101 business for ladies sitting at home aka stay at home moms

Done and dusted…. Glasses clinking….. This is the longest post I have on this blog and you get all the info for free.

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