5 Winter Deck Decor Ideas

It is that time of the year where a lot of us are holed up at home.

As we all huddle up, you are tempted to just shut out your outdoor areas especially your side deck and porch.

Even though it looks like that is what you should do, you can find ways to decorate and get the best of the season by sprucing up your porch and deck.

After all you want to relax and enjoy your space with your family when you can.

Making it comfy enough to be useable in all weathers is what this post is all about.

Especially as a home business owner that needs all the space, you can get both for family and business uses.

Typing away on your computer while the kids have fun on the porch is a way to relax this winter.

Using some of my winter deck décor ideas can also help to prepare you for Spring.

I have always had a passion for interior decor but have never pursued it fully because I have so many other things I am doing now.

However, when I see the opportunity of writing about it, I always take it up just to keep my passion alive.

That is why I have written a post on how to start an interior decor business before on this blog.

Who knows, I may finally take up the practical aspect of interior decor some fay again.

For today, I am collaborating with a client of mine Brazillian Wood Depot to help you understand how to take advantage of the winter period to decorate your side deck and porch.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Brazillian Wood Depot, all our Terms and conduitons apply

Now that we are done with that, let us get on to helping you learn how to decorate your deck and porch in winter so you can truly enjoy the outdoors despite the weather.

5 Winter Deck Decor Ideas

1.Deck Furniture

One of the ways to make your deck and porch inviting is to have beautiful furniture on it

A well-decorated deck that provides you the comfort you need to help you relax in the evening starts with a piece of good furniture that can withstand the outside elements.

The best type of furniture to use for your porch furniture are those made from either corrugated iron or very strong wood.

These materials are able to hold up to all kinds of weather and give your porch and deck that comfy look that enables you to relax in it.

Adding a few chairs and tables plus some pottered plants will enable you to create an ambiance that is worth relaxing in.


2.Refurbish or replace your deck

We all know that you are more able to relax in a place when it is neat, beautiful and well laid out.

If your deck is begining to sag and decay or show signs of wear and tear you may not be inclined to decorate it.

So one of the first thing you need to do is to refurbish your deck or replace it entirely.

If a replacement is your thing you may want to consider using the unique Brazillian hardwood.

Brazillian hardwoods are strong durable and can last for so many years. They can be made from Ipe, Tigerwood, Camaru, Purpleheart, and Massaranduba.

Their stability and strength are next to none.

Even if all you want to do is to refurbish your deck, you may want to contact Brazillain Wood Depot as they have excellent expert services that will provide you with what you need.

While your deck might be important now, it’s always good to think down the road about your Siding. Brazilian Wood Depot also offers Ipe Siding to add to your outdoor space. With varieties of hardwoods to choose from, they’ll be happy to help you select the perfect one to compliment your home. 

Ipe hardwood deck
Courtesy Brazilian Wood Depot

3.Use Lighting Lamps

Nothing speaks cozy like a deck that is lighted especially if the deck is part of a porch or even a patio.

The lighting helps to give you a warm and cozy feelingin even if it is the Winter period.

Having a lighted deck means that you can spend some cold evenings outside while perhaps doing a family activity.

A lighted deck makes for safety and coziness

If you want to light up your porch, consider using a lamp and also some candle lights, this will make it pop.

Winter deck decor ideas

4.Screened In- Porch

Want to avoid some very bad winds and weather elements that may disrupt your rest, why not add a screen to your porch. A screened porch and deck screams warmth and comfort.

Your screen will give you that inner home look while still giving you the opportunity to observe the scenery.

I love very light screens because they also emit the glow of the lighted lamps.

If your deck chairs are elevated enough, you may not even feel like you are in an enclosure.

Ensure that your deck is above normal ground level will give you further comfort that you don’t have a lot of crawling animals getting on your deck

5.Add a fireplace.

A fireplace on your deck during winter is simply amazing, it creates warmth that you need to enjoy outdoors.

If you are putting a fireplace, consider using the wood-fired ones that are easy to install and use while outside the home.

Ensure that it is installed in a place that enables circulation of heat and warmth on your porch

Your winter decor ideas are sincerely not complete without a fireplace.

It makes your outdoor activities enjoyable and also keeps your family warm while you enjoy dinner or some games in the evenings.

The Winter season should not be about staying indoors, it is about realisng that there are some winter deck decor ideas you can implement to make good use of your deck and porch while the season lasts.

Do you have some winter deck decor ideas to share with me? drop your comments below.

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