TONOR USB Microphone review

TONOR USB Microphone(TM20) Review

Ever attended a program online that the speaker was not so clear, you practically have to strain your ears to hear what is being said. It is really frustrating,

Or perhaps you are the one who is having a zoom call but your participants keep complaining that they cannot hear you.

You keep increasing your voice decibel but the sound is still bad.

There are also cases where your sound detector or the speaker on your laptop picks up background noises that are unsavory while making a presentation.

Sometimes it even picks noises from your own computer– I know because it happened to me.

Such kinds of noises make your presentation look unprofessional and keep you apologizing always.

No matter what the scene must have been, you are experiencing all this because you have not used the TONOR USB Microphone TM20.

TONOR USB Microphone is a new technology microphone that increases your sound output with quality that is second to none.

It blocks out extraterrestrial noises and only outputs your own sound with a clean and clear sound.

Let us look at the features of the TONOR USB Microphone.

Features of TONOR USB Microphone

Superior Sound quality

The TONOR USB Microphone has superior sound quality that is designed to block out background noises.

It does this through the use of its noise reduction technology which filters out background noises and produces sound quality that is pleasant to the ears.

It also eliminates echoes that make online meetings a mess, especially if you are using an empty room that has less equipment.

It has a balanced sound that is omnidirectional and works well to produce a good sound.

TONOR USB Microphone TM20


Ever used a microphone that was not compatible with your online meeting software, it is usually a headache because if you were relying on it alone, you will be disappointed.

TONOR USB Microphone is compatible with most online meeting apps, this includes Zoom, Cisco WebEx, Gotomeeting, Skype, hangouts, etc.

Its compatiblilty is what endears it to our customers.

Not having to worry if your microphone will work because of the online platform that your client is using is really a plus.

Designed for online meetings

The TONOR USB MIcrofphone is designed to pick up subtle sounds in 360 degree, this means that it is omnidirectional.

It can pick the voices of your meeting participants and amplify them with a clear quality that is amazing.

This means that you get a clear recording in places where you are recording your meeting

Prevents ardous editing and makes your work easy.

The range of coverage for voices is 5m or 16.4ft. Even when you move around while using it, there is no change in timbre.

This makes for a comfortable usage that is good for your business.

Plug & Play

The TONOR USB conference microphone does not require any drivers when you want to use it with your laptop, just use your USB port to plug it and it begins working immediately.

You do not need to download any drivers to use it.

This is one of the things that makes it unique and quite different. Not having to download drivers means avoiding any form of virus attack on your computer.

The best part of this microphone is that it is compatible with both Windows OS and Mac.

This means that no matter what type of OS you are using, you are good to go.

Want to know another cool feature of the TONOR USB Microphone? let’s get to the next feature

One Button Mute Feature

The TONOR USB Microphone has only one button that you need to press to get it to be on or on mute.

The microphone is designed with a soft touch button that allows you to quickly mute your microphone when you need to keep it quiet while working online.

The mute button goes red when on mute and goes blue when on.

Now that you know all the features of the TONOR USB microphone, let us unpack it to see what inside it.

Contents of The TONOR USB Microphone

The TONOR USB Microphone comes in a simple package and contains the following components.

  • One Condenser Mic
  • One USB cable
  • One Manual

Specification of the TONOR USB Microphone

  • Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional
  • Input sample rate: 48KHZ
  • Bit rate:16bit
  • Frequency response: 20Hz- 20Khz
  • Sensitivity: 38dB+ or – 3dB( 0DB= 1V/Pa, 1KHZ)
  • Output Impedance: 2.2K
  • Max SPL: 105dB
  • Dimensions: 5.7″*5.7″* 1.3″

How to use the TONOR USB Microphone

Simply unpack from the container and plug it into your laptop or desktop USB port and it is ready to be used.

Use the button to either mute or unmute or put it off

This microphone is a great alternative to sophisticated microphones that are expensive.

This simple microphone replaces the stress of setting up a microphone and adjusting it.

Want to here what people are saying about this Microphone

Let us looks at some customer reviews


If you do a lot of online calls via zoom meetings and other types of meetings online, using a great microphone is the key to getting the best results both for your classes and your meetings.

TONOR USB Microphone is the best you can get out there.

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