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5 Reasons Semaxe Cotton Towel Is The Best

Want to get the best towel there is in the market? here are 5 reasons Semaxe cotton towels are the best.

As a mom that cares for her home and kids, one of the things you will usually purchase is a towel. This is because towels are a basic part of our daily living, whether they be bath towels, hand towels, face towels, wash towels, or even counter towels.

Wash towels are usually part of daily self-care routine tools for most moms, so they come in handy for that time of the day when you want to relax and pamper yourself after a hard day’s work.

Whatever reason you need to purchase a towel, you want to purchase the best, the softest that you can find and you also want a towel that fits the perfect use you need it for.

So if you are thinking of purchasing a new set of towels, there are certain considerations you should take note of.

In this article, I will share with you the tips that you need to take note of, I will also show you why Semaxe cotton towels are the best when it comes to the qualities that make up a good towel.

Features of Semaxe Cotton Towel

1.Ultra Absorbency

When it comes to purchasing a towel, one of the first qualities you should look out for is its absorbency, a good towel should have great absorbent qualities and should easily absorb liquids on the first wipe.

When a towel is very thin, you may find that just on one wipe of your body, the towel becomes wet and uncomfortable to use.

A towel absorbency is actually measured by the weight of the fabric which is measured in GSM.

Semaxe cotton towel has a GSM count of 550, made with a spinning technology that leaves the towel lightweight yet luxurious, fluffy, and breathable.

Semaxe cotton towel

A good quality absorbent towel is often luxurious and soft to feel too. This is a quality that Semaxe cotton towel has, it is made from 100% cotton with soft and absorbent luxurious cotton materials that leave you feeling like you are wrapped in layers of cotton wool.


When purchasing towels for the home, we want to purchase towels that will be durable and withstand the use we subject it to for a long time, because to be honest, no one wants to go shopping for towels every few months.

A good towel should last from 2 to 5 years. the durability of a towel comes from how tightly woven the weft of a towel is.

Semaxe cotton towel has tightly woven cotton threads that give it a long-lasting use. The edges are also well sewn to avoid loose threads that make a towel unravel. See below.

3.Does not Shed Lint Continously

Lints are small fabric pieces that are part of new towels because of the manufacturing process, however, they should usually go away with the first wash. When you buy a towel and it continually sheds lint, it is a sign that it is a bad towel product.

I once bought a towel that always left a lot of messy lint on my body and hair and made me take my bath again. When a towel sheds lint continuously, you will find it hard to use because it will always leave lint debris on your body.

Semaxe towels are lint-free and wash well in your washing machine.

4.Natural Fiber

According to this article, the best fiber that makes for the most luxurious towels is cotton, Semaxe is made from 100% natural cotton fiber.

This means that you get a very plush and luxurious towel from Semaxe, another important quality that comes with this towel is that it does not contain artificial dyes that may cause skin irritation.

Because of the quality of the cotton used in production, the color does not run. So your towel color becomes richer in look after wash.


Semaxe cotton towel comes in a set of 8 that is carefully packaged in a gift box, according to one buyer, she says, she felt like she got a gift when the towels arrived. They are well packaged and arrive in good order for your use.

What is in the Semaxe Cotton towel package

A towel package from Semaxe comes in a set of 8 pieces containing the following

  • 2 bath towels measuring 27″ by 54″
  • 2 hand towels measuring 16″ by 27″
  • 4 Washcloths measuring 13″by 13″

Testimonials about Semaxe Cotton Towels

If you are still wondering if this is the right towel for you, take a look at what those that purchase it, have to say

A towel is a basic necessity in our homes, yet it is important to get the best for your home. When getting a towel, take into consideration the qualities as exhibited by Semaxe cotton towels.

Semaxe cotton towels are not only good quality but gives you a bang for your buck., For less than 36 dollars you can get one. tap the button below to purchase one.

This post is sponsored in collaboration with SEMAXE Ltd.

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