How to start a Jewelry business online

How to start a Jewelry Business- With Small money

Jewelry has been with us for ages, it is a product that has subsisted for as long as man has lived. Very few people can boldly say they do not like any form of jewelry.

Therefore learning how to start a jewelry business is not out of order, it is intrinsically what will come to you naturally if you love jewelry and want to turn your passion into a business.

I am writing this post because I love to educate people on how to start businesses that are very easy to handle, and more I’importantly fun to run.

If you are passionate about jewelry, you will definitely want to have a business that is dedicated to selling one. Whether you are a jewelry maker or simply someone that collects one you will definitely find this post useful to you.

When I was little, I remember seeing mom’s jewelry box, it was where she stored all her gold jewelry, I always wondered why it was always kept very hidden and far away from us kids.

I did not know much until I learned the value of each item, of course, this happened when we mistakenly misplaced one of her earrings that she loaned to us, our ears were full that day.

Not to bore you with my stories, but it just goes to show that jewelry is a measure and a store of value. People often pawn or sell it when they are in need.

In this article, I will lay it out for you step by step way on how to start a jewelry business online. I will be showing you the least cost way to start your online business.

Steps on how to start a Jewelry business online

1. Choose a Niche

The first thing that should come to your mind when you want to start an online business is what niche will you play in? Jewelry comes in different shapes, sizes, and makes, for you to be able to target your customer with the right type of product that will attract your customers, you need to know what niche that you will be selling in.

There are two broad niches in the Jewelry business, they are

Costume Jewelry

This type of jewelry is made from different materials, it could be wood, stone, clothing, plastics, etc, they are usually worn as accessories to different fashion genres and are not really expensive.

Costume jewelry is very common and can be quite easy to start a business with. Some costume jewelry is hand-made, some are mass-produced. Handmade costume jewelry is often more valuable than mass-produced costume jewelry.

Fine Jewelry

Fine jewelry is a niche that is for anyone who wants to sell very expensive jewelry that is made from precious metals, stones, and diamonds.

Most fine jewelry is made by jewelers who know how to handle such precious ornaments without destroying them.

Having a handle on your niche will enable you to nail your target audience and create your bio persona, this will also enable you to create a marketing message that will speak to your bio persona.

2. Write a Business Plan

Once you have identified the niche you want to play in, it is time to craft a business plan for your jewelry business.

No matter what business model you want to deploy in running your business, you need a complete business plan that enables you to design your businesses on paper.

A well-created business plan will help you to decide before your spend a cent on how to run your business.

Your business plan should cover certain aspects like industry stats, your business idea, your business model, and also how to reach and attract your kind of customers.

A lot of people struggle with putting together a business plan for their home business, that is why I created a planner for you, the home business planner will help you to create a complete business plan for your business.

At the end of creating your business plan, you should have a fair idea of how your business will look like.

To get the home business planner, please click below.

Home business planner & Checklist

3. Source for Product Partners

In this section, you plan and reach out to your product creators, if you are the one making your products, you do not need to find partnerships.

If you love the handmade product but do not want to create them, you can reach out to creators on Etsy and ask if you can resell their products to others.

Some creators will agree while some will not. You can also design your products and then look for people that can create them for you.

If you want to sell jewelry products that are mass-produced, then you can check out mass retailers on Aliexpress, Walmart, or large online jewelry sellers and either buy from them or develop a dropshipping arrangement.

Sourcing for your product before you begin to create your business online is important because you don’t want to create an online business based on an uncertain product line. Solidifying your product source will help you move to the next step.

4. Build your Online Store

Once you have found your product source or perhaps you have produced it, It is time to build your online store.

Your online store is what showcases your products and enables customers to browse and make purchases.

An online store for the most part has replaced brick and mortar stores and has also cut down the cost of starting a business, this is because the amount usually used for paying store rents has been cut down significantly via the use of online stores.

To build an online store especially as a new person starting your first online business, you need a complete guide that will show you step by step how to build your first online store.

This is where the Shopify store platform comes, Shopify is an online store building platform that is designed to help you build your online store without stress.

When you are a newbie learning how to start a jewelry business and you are not techy, building an online store may seem daunting to you. I created a course the Shopify Unbundled Course to make it easy for you to build your online store in one week

My course was designed with the absolute newbie in mind, which means that even if you have never done any techy stuff, you can take my course and still have your store on and running.

Not only will you build your store, but you will also run the store because you understand how and where to adjust any settings from.

Ready to build your online store? Tap the button below to get your Shopify Unvundled course. The Shopify unbundled course contains 6 modules, you can check it out here.

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Shopify Unbundled Course

5 Upload Products

If you bought my course, uploading your products will be part of what you must do before you can have a full-standing online store.

In my course, I taught you how to find the best products online and sell them via dropshipping. If however, you have to make your own products, then you cannot upload products until you have created product pictures.

Product pictures are what makes a buyer decide if your product is worth their time or not.

So if you are selling handmade jewelry, creating a product picture is part of your job before you can begin to sell your products.

Here are tips to take when creating your product pictures

  • Use a Camera phone with at least 12 megapixels, a good iPhone 12 or Samsung Galaxy S8 will do
  • Get a lightbox, if you do not want to improvise one. A lightbox will give you both light and a white background for creating beautiful pictures
  • Use natural lighting as much as possible or buy a ring light to illuminate your space
  • Make use of tripods to snap your picture, this will prevent blurry pictures
  • Take pictures outside in natural surroundings if you want to get a natural background.
  • Avoid dark pictures that do not depict the beauty of your products
  • Snap pictures of your products from different anlges showing its best qualities( you need at least 5 pictures per product)
  • Engage models if you can afford it or get a friend to model your products for free.
  • Get quality picture editing software to claen out areas that you dont want on your pictures

6. Launch Your Store

Once you have finished uploading your products, your first work is done, the next work is to start a series of activities for launching your business online.

Online business like any other business needs traffic, traffic is the lifeblood of your business online. That is why you cannot afford to just open your online store quietly you must create a buzz that will generate your first customers and also let others know that you now have a business.

What are some of the activities you need to do to launch your jewelry business online? Here are some ideas

Build an email list

An email list is your first point of call when starting your online business, this is because it will help you to collect the emails of all those that are interested in your business, build a rapport with them and then sell to them.

Without a thriving email list, your cost of marketing your business will be high because you will keep having to acquire new customers without a real handle on how to reach them again.

To learn how to create an email marketing plan for your business, start with my product my email strategy building planner. You can also read my post on how to use email marketing to build your business

Social media

Social media is a very crucial tool for acquiring new customers, building a fan base for your business, and selling your products.

Your social media accounts should be connected to your online store so that people can save your store products and visit later, they can also follow you and get frequent updates on your business. The best social media platforms to use are Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok. You can also add Pinterest if you are going to use blogging as a marketing tool.


One of the most effective and versatile tools for marketing your business online is blogging, why is this so? blogging when done well will take your online shop from the backwaters of Google to the front page of Google.

If you understand SEO principles you will know how to take your blogposts to the first page of Google which will then attract your ideal customers all for free. learn more about how to blog for your small business.

If you are not so conversant on how to use both blogging and email marketing to grow your business, I offer small business consulting services that help small business owners like you accomplish this.

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So what is the least cost route to start your online Jewelry business?

The easiest and cheapest way to start your online jewelry business is to use dropshipping via Aliexpress to start your business.

With dropshipping, you don’t have to buy inventory or own the product. You just need to source for the products you like and import them to your store via a method I thought in my online course.

Once you sell your product, you can contact the product owner and ask him to ship it to your customers. With this method, you have no shipping issues, no product or inventory issues. Your real work is marketing.


When you want to start a jewelry business, you may feel a bit daunted because of the many parts that have to come into place before your business takes off.

However, it is important to note that the jewelry business just like any other business you may want to start online requires careful research and knowledge of how to go about it.

Creating a proper plan and following through with your business plan will help you achieve your dream of owning a jewelry business.

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