Covid Care Package ideas DIY

5 Quick & Easy COVID Care Package Ideas (DIY)

wan to send a Covid care package to your loved ones, here are some Covid care package ideas you can use.

Care packages have become popular with the continual pandemic that is currently ravaging the world.

If you love to send care packages to your loved ones, you must be wondering what Covid care package ideas you can send especially if you want to do it yourself.

I love care packages a lot and I was one of the very few people that started writing about starting a care package business online, long before the pandemic hit.

When the pandemic hit, the word care package took a new meaning as people scrambled to find Covid care package ideas that could be put together to send to their loved ones.

The simple post that I wrote became a go-to place for such ideas, I soon realised that people needed more on how to make and sell care packages.

A lot of people also discovered they could make a living selling care packages online. This is what prompted me to create a care package course

Care package business course

The course was designed to teach you how to set up a care package business online, in that course I dive into how to select the best and most profitable care package niches.

How to find good suppliers for your care package products and also how to market your business online

So if you are some that love sending care packages, this is your opportunity to turn your passion into a full-time business.

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So you want some Covid care package ideas( DIY)? Let me help you out by showing you the steps to follow.

Steps to creating a COVID CARE PACKAGE IDEA (DIY)

1.Who are you creating it for?

The first step to putting together a COVID care package idea is to know who you are putting it together for. Even though the symptoms of COVID are the same for most, people, their needs will defer.

This is because we all react to medications in different ways. So If you want to DIY a Covid care package, here is what you need to consider

Age: For example are they young or old

Circumstances: Where is the person at this moment, in the hospital or quarantining at home

Stage: What stage of the sickness are they in? For example, are they recovering, just tested positive or are they seriously ill?

Once you know all this information, you can then begin to think of how to create a covid care package idea that will suit each situation that they are in.

2.Make a list

The second step to creating a DIY Covid care package is to list what you will ut inside the covid care package.

There are many items that can go in a care package for a sick person but you must use information you have about that person to create a covid care package that they will appreciate.

One of the tricks I share in my Care package business course is to learn how to personalize your care packages. When a care package is well personalized, satisfaction is definitely certain.

You can research what items to put in your COVid care package, but here are some that make a lot of sense

  • Sanitisers
  • Vapour rub
  • Facemasks
  • Books
  • Healthy snacks
  • Hobby kit
  • Pressure Socks
  • Herbal Teas.
  • Lip balm
  • Ubereats giftcard
  • Gift card
  • Puzzles
  • personal hygeine items
  • selfcare items
  • Get well soon card
  • Subscriptions to courses, execercise or fitness, netflix or hulu subscriptions

Once you have listed all you can put in your DIY Covid care package, it is time to get your packing.

If you do not want to create your DIY Covid care package by listing, you can choose a covid care package idea by niche. Here are some niches that you can use to create a covid care package

Food: Here most of the items in this care package will be food items or drinkable liquids for a sick person

Comfort items: This contains personal comfort items that are specifically targeted at helping the person be comfortable e.g socks, pyjamas, hand cream, wipes. etc

Selfcare box: This covid care package will be targeted at self-care items that will enable a recovering person to care for themselves e.g is bathing salts, candles, massagers, stress balls etc. Read more about how to start a self-care box business


Depending on where you are sending the covid care package to, you should choose a packaging that will allow your care package to reach your intended recipient in one piece.

The first type of packaging you may want to use is the inner packaging, this is the actual packaging box where you put all that you have packed together to send to the sick person.

It is usually lined with lagging material such as paper fillers or styrofoam lagging, this is used to prevent breakage or friction-based scuffles.

Some people use packing baskets or boxes that can contain all they want to send, others use packaging bags to ensure that they can fit in all that they need to put into the covid care package.

Here are pictures of the kind of packaging you can use for your COVId care packages

Once you have got your inner packaging box, please insert a filing to help cushion your items to avoid breakage due to friction.

Pack the items inside the inner packaging and tape them up with tape or tie them with a string to keep them intact.

You can also use bubble-wrap after packaging the products to avoid breakage due to movement during transportation

The outer packaging is the next step for you to complete your care package packaging stage.

The outer package is usually a mailing box which is often gotten from the logistic company, it could also be a branded box if you are sending this care package as a care package business owner.

This outer box is usually used to seal the inner items to ensure that the receiver gets them in good condition. it has a mailing printout attached to it to indicate where the goods are to be mailed to.

Once this is through it is time to mail your Covid care package

Still interested in the Covid care package ideas let’s get to the next step.


Contact your logistic company, if you are in the US, you will usually use USPS to get your package mailed to the recipient.

There are a variety of ways that you can use to ensure that you get the best logistic company at the best rates for shipping your Covid care package, I shared all that in my course.

Your logistic company will usually give you a tracking code to track your care package to ensure you know when it will be delivered.

5. Sell to others

If you love putting together care packages, it is time you learned how to turn this skill into a real-time business that can bring you daily income.

Since you are reading this, chances are that you have sent one or two care packages or you are planning to send one. Covid care package demand is on the rise right now, selling Covid19 or quarantine care packages is a good business idea that can fetch you a tidy sum daily.

You may be wondering how can I start this business? Don’t worry I got you.

When I realised that care package demand has risen since the debut of Covid19, I created a course for anyone who may want to start a care package business online.

In my course, I teach you a step by step way on how to identify care package ideas that will sell online, I teach you how to do your quick market research and isolate the ideas that are hot in the market.

I also go ahead to teach you how to create your care package business plan, source for your care package products and build your online store.

I conclude by teaching you how to market and sell your care package products online.

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Creating a DIY covid care package can be fun especially when you consider the fact that you are sending a care package that helps a friend or a loved one feel better when they are ill, what is much more fun is also realising that you can make money out of a skill set that you thought was just for personal use.

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