How to make a planner to sell on fetchapp

How to make a planner to sell on fetchapp

Making planners have virtually replaced the ordinary diary that you would normally purchase at the mall.

I love writing down my thoughts a lot, especially when I am thinking of a blog post I want to write.

Sometimes while working or doing something else a blog topic that I feel will be beneficial to you will just pop into my mind.

My usual idea will be to easily write it down somewhere before I forget.

Most times if I am with my phone, I put it down on the digital note on my phone.

But you can guess where that idea gets developed more, it’s in a planner.

Planners have become a way of life for most people especially stay at home moms who need to plan their day.

Even when you are working outside your home, planning your day is still important because it helps you to keep in line your objectives and goals

So If you love planners or perhaps you would like to know how to make a planner to sell on Fetchapp, let me show you how to do it.

If you have never heard of Fetchapp before, It is a digital platform that helps you to sell digital products like planners’ ebooks, pdfs and checklists, and other digital products to people online.

Want to learn how to make a Planner to sell on Fetchapp?

Let’s get to it.

Steps to Making a Planner

1. What Problem Does Your Planner Solve?

Before you start thinking of making a planner to sell to anyone, you must ask yourself this important question? what problem does my planner solve

This is the first step to creating a product that will sell.

For example, I made the home business planner because I wanted to help people who want to t start a home business to have a guided way to brainstorm their business ideas and plan out their strategy until the product is delivered.

I had to ensure that my planner has a useful purpose for my audience before going ahead to produce it.

If my planner does not solve a particular problem what will be the use of producing it? None because I will not be able to sell the planner.

To learn my system for making planners that sell, I created a course the Newbie Printables Business Course Version 1 and 2.

This course has about 66 Videos packed with step by step method I use for making my printables products.

Planners are a type of printables product also known as digital products.

Because the user only accesses teh digital file and prints it from home.

In my Newbie printables course, I teach how to brainstorm and come up with a printables product idea that will sell.

These products include planners, templates, checklists, stickers, ebooks, SVG’s etc.

I also show you how to follow my secret system for coming with planner ideas that will sell and make you money.

I also show you how to turn your products into a full-time online business.

This online business can even be a passive income source if you do not want to do it full time.

To take my course, click on the picture below. or the button.

Newbie printables business course

2- What Sections Do my Planners Have?

If you have ever used a planner before you will notice that it has different sections.

The sections in a planner are like the chapters of a book, they are supposed to lead to each other.

Before you start making your planners, you must have your sections outlined, this will help you to create a coherent planner.

Most people who use planners want to have a whole document at the end of their planning session.

So your planner should answer this question before you go ahead.

3-What Accessories does my Planner need

Planner accessories are articles that you create your planner with in order to give your product users an opportunity to use your planners with ease.

Some planner accessories include:

Stickers- I love this, I always endeavor to make all my planners with stickers they make using a planner fun. Here are some stickers I have in my store, you can get some

Get It From The Store

Tabs– Tabs can be used to divide planners into sections, you can make printables tabs to go with your planners or simply make a divider.

I usually make a divider to go with my planners, that way the person using it will know that the section a section has ended.

Planner separator
Get From The Store

Pens– There are many types of pens that can be used with a planner. Your customer should purchase their choice pen to use along with the planner.

But if you have a particular special pen that you use in your planners, you can recommend one for them. Here some you can use too

Retractable Marker Pens
Get from the store

Product guide- This is a new thing I started doing with my planners.

I write my product guide as a blog post and use it to attract those who want to buy my planners.

You can include your product guide as part of your planner pages that will be delivered to your customers.

This makes it easy for them to know how to use your planners.

Product tags- I love this planner accessory, depending on the type of planner I am making, I include gift tags to help those who use my planners.

For instance, the care package business planner I created has gift tags included so that my customers can use them for their first product delivery.

If you don’t like tags you can include simple note cards that remind people of what they have achieved.

Now to get to the next step on how to create a planner to sell on Fetchapp,.

4-What Software will I use to create it

There are various software’s you can use to create your planners. I listed a lot of them on my post Ultimate guide to starting a printables business

These software’s are mostly free to use, you can also pay a small amount to get the premium package.

Once you are through, with making your planners, the next step will be how will you sell them.

There are different ways to sell your planners, but the one I am going to show you how to do is how to sell your planners using Fetchapp.

If you are getting so excited right now about learning how to make a planner to sell on Fetchapp, you may be wondering

So how does Fetchapp work?

Fetchapp is a software that enables you to upload and store your products and then delivers it to your customer once you make a sale.

Fetchapp is easy to use, once your planners are created you only need about 10 mins to load it up and begin to make sales.

How to use Fetchapp

1Create a Fetchapp account

2- Verify your account from your email You will get an email that will enable you to open your Fetchapp account.

3- Upload your products on the product portal

The portal for adding a product upload gives you the opportunity to name your product and assign a product price and also insert your product description.

5- Add your product file

6- Connect a payment option– There are 6 options available. They include

Paypal- With this option, you can create a payment button to attach to your website. The system creates a code that you can place on your website as a Buy button.

For example here is a product I created with Fetchapp for selling my Pet Planner.

Pet Planner

Shopify– Connect your Fetchapp account to your Shopify store to start selling it on your Shopify store.

WordPress Plugin– Use the Fetchapp WordPress Plugin to add your Fetchapp to your wordpress site and sell with the payment button- Fetchapp usually connects to Woocommerce.

Bigcommerce– Works the same way as Shopify store

Other options include Goodsie and Foxycart.

-7- Your product is ready to sell: Once you make a sale, Fetchapp will deliver your products to your customers.

Plans and Pricing

There are many pricing options, see the picture below

Learning how to make a planner to sell on Fetchapp is a creative way to make income this year if you love to make planners.

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Elizabeth is a passionate home business owner that helps others to achieve their life goals of running a successful home. business. I am particular about stay at home moms who wish to transition into a mompreneur.

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