7 side hustle you can do to make money

7 side hustle you can combine to make money from home
7 side hustle

This post is about that momma who may not want to start a full-fledged business but wants to make money from home.

In this post, I want to describe 7 side-hustles that you can do at home to make money from home without necessarily running it as a full-time business.

It does not mean it’s not hard work but it’s like a side hustle that brings you that extra income while you stay home to take care of your kids.

Most of this ideas are not full-time businesses, this is not the place where I ask you to start a Blog, because I know that Blogging is a full-time job if you want to make a success of it.

These are called side hustles for a reason, they should not detract from you doing what you normally do.

So here we go

1. Freelance writing

If you are what people call a wordsmith, then its time to use your skills to make money from it.

When you go to places like Upwork and freelancer.com you will find that people are posting their Gigs, which is advertising their projects for someone to help them with.

Registering on such sites will give you the opportunity to sell your skills for potential income.

If you are really good at copywriting you can have the opportunity to charge people who need copies written for their products which they want to sell.

Another way you can make money is by registering with sites like Digital Nomads and watching out for companies that are looking to hire writers for their blogs or websites.

The good thing about freelance writing is that you get to choose your own timing and how much work you want to do.

To learn how to start a freelance writing side hustle, take this course by Elna Cain to help you to start off, click below to start.

Start a freelance writing business

2. Delivery

This a cool way of making money without having to carry people in your car.

The good thing about this idea is that you can just load up your kids into the car, have a wonderful ride while making money at the same time, how cool is that.

Companies like Doordash sign up restaurants to help them deliver meals to their customers.

You can sign up with Doordash to do deliveries. The good thing is that you get to choose your working time.

Delivery is considered an essential service since COVID-19 happened so you can earn money while in a Lockdown.

Another company that partners with people to help do their delivery is postmates, they do all kinds of delivery for their customers.

3. Personal Shopper

Do you love shopping, there is something for you to do, you can sign up with companies like Thumbtack a platform that connects personal shoppers with those who need their services in that area.

Personal shopping often is interwoven with personal styling, so you can find yourself thinking of taking it to a full-time business as you help more people do their shopping and styling.

3.Web search evaluator

A web search evaluator analyzes search results for quality and relevance.

It’s a job that algorithms do but the only issue is that it lacks the human angle to it.

People are often hired by companies like Appen to help do these tasks.

You can also get to rate videos and ads quality while at it.

The only downside to this job is that it is repetitive and boring and sometimes your project may end without you getting another.

4.Online Surveys

Online survey is the king of side hustles if you are willing to sign up to as many as possible and be patient enough to take the surveys to make you money.

It’s a major way some people make money from home, it may come in different ways, some require that you take their surveys as they are sent your way.

Some pay you cash while for some you get points which you can trade for your own needs.

Example of such survey companies is Swagbucks, pinecone research opinion post, survey junkie.

5. Transcription

You can join companies that are looking for transcribers for their business.

A Transcriptionist helps to transcribe audio recordings into written formats.

You can also join a platform like Upwork where you advertise yourself as a transcriber and get to bid on transcription jobs posted on their platform.

The good thing about doing transcribing as a side hustle is that it requires little skills, all you need is your ability to listen intently and write down what you hear. An example of companies that hire transcribers is Rev

Work from Home

6. Dosh app

Doshapp is a new app that is still in its beta testing phase but you get paid to do your shopping in participating companies.

what is more, you get to make money from other people when they use your referral link to sign up.

This means that you can use your Facebook page to invite people to sign up for the service and you get paid for their referral.

Dosh app pays you some money when you shop and travel using hotels that are part of their network.

7. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves sharing products that you have used and liked with your friends via a link

When your friend or followers make a pruchase, you make an affiliate income which is portion of the sale made.

This is usually at no cost to the buyer.Affiliate marketing works well when you already have followers on your social media pages.


In conclusion, while you may not be able to combine all these activities at once,  you can stager the activities by starting out this way.

First, combine this set to start off by making money from home, this is because they require minimal effort and do not require much to start off.

They include Using the Dosh app,  registering for online surveys, web search evaluator and delivery.

As you become more comfortable, you can then add freelance writing, personal shopping, and transcription and affiliate marketing.

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Elizabeth is a passionate home business owner that helps others to achieve their life goals of running a successful home. business. I am particular about stay at home moms who wish to transition into a mompreneur.

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