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5 Reasons Why Self-care is Important for Moms

Do you often shirk your self-care because you are a mom? here are 5 critical reasons why self-care is important for moms.

Having a self-care routine as a mom is a non-negotiable aspect of being a mom as it helps you to set yourself up for optimum productivity and wellness.

Being a mom is a lifelong job, it is not what you finish within a set number of years. It is a job you do for a lifetime. Here is the catch, you need to live long enough to do a good job.

This is why self-care is important for moms.

A time was when no one would have thought this was even a topic, this is because most times moms are the primary caregivers hence she gets overlooked.

What happens is that while a mom concentrates on giving care to others, she often forgets herself which can lead to a lot of issues from mom burnout to mental health issues.

Recent studies suggest that one in five women suffers from a common mental disorder that comes with depression and anxiety.

Another study indicates that of the 51.5 million people that had any mental health illness, there was a prevalence of more women than men by 24.5%

This of course stems from the fact that most women bear the brunt of the caregiving in the home front, from kids to parents to husband and siblings.

With all this stress continually is continually borne by moms, it is important that as a mom you find the time to create a self-care routine that will help you to destress and take care of yourself.

In fact, one of the reasons why self-care is important for moms is because you really cannot give what you do not have.

When you are not well cared for you cannot give care. Forcing yourself into giving care when you have not taken care of yourself is what snowballs into anxiety and depression, and even physical illness.

In today’s post., I want to outline reasons why self-care is important to moms and I also want to show you how you can do simple activities that help you care for yourself daily so that you can do your job with a whole lot of joy.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in.

Reasons Why Self-care is important for moms

1.Home responsibility

Yes, this is the number one reason that moms need self-care, 90% of caregiving responsibility is borne by women in the home.

This means that most times when a woman is to choose between her own self-care and caregiving, her self-care often gets to put on the hold just to provide care.

Providing care whether it is for little babies or even aged parents can be tiring because you are constantly waiting on them, providing for their needs.

These activities because they are monotonous and not even mentally challenging can get most moms to feel depressed.

For stay-at-home moms, it is even more so because they do not have a corporate job to escape to.

For example, as Covid19 has continued to rage on, most moms apart of giving care had to become homeschoolers too.

All the stress that is associated with this continuous day-to-day activity of caregiving can get you physically drained.

This is the reason you need to backtrack and give yourself the self-care you need to recharge and relax.

2.Prevents mom burnout

self-care will help you recharge and tune off from your daily mom activities and also help you to relax and refresh.

Being a mom can be stressful, whether you are working outside the home or at home full-time.

When we don’t take a rest and take time to refresh, we can have a breakdown in our health.

Your health is the most important thing you need on your side if you want to accomplish your goals. a sick mom will not do anyone any good.

Waiting till you have a breakdown before you consider self-care is the most disservice you can do to yourself.

3.You can’t pour from an empty cup

One of the reasons I champion self-care for moms is that you really cannot give what you do not have. If you are always stressed and snappy, your kids will not enjoy being around you.

Sometimes, I deliberately let some chores go because I want to take care of myself. This is good thinking because the days I am not well are not good days for me. I love being upbeat.

Taking the time to care for me ensures that I have the reserve energy to constantly care for my kids.

4.Self-care is not selfish

Mom guilt is real, it is the reason some moms cannot concentrate at work, while they are working, they feel like they should be home with the kids.

Mom guilt can keep you as a mom from doing what you need to do to care for yourself.

It is the one reason that moms delay their own care until it is too late. Selfcare is not selfish, it is caring for yourself so you can take care of others

It is ensuring that your body gets the needed rest, rejuvenation, and alignment to be able to engage with the outside world.

Reports say 78% of moms say they put off taking care of their own health to care for family members.

5.Promotes Longevity

Everybody wants to live long, I am yet to meet anyone who wants a very short life hahaha.

Destressing, self-care, and constant time out from activities that increase stress can help you to promote longevity because you get to give yourself the time to rejuvenate and refresh.

When we talk about self-care, it is not just seating around and lazying about although a good sleep does not hurt, it is a whole lot of activities that are targeted towards making your whole being wholesome.

It is the activities that you do that enable you to find daily joys that do not come with your normal way of living.

Having known the reasons for self-care you may be asking what are the areas of self-care and how can you go about it?

Follow me closely

8 Areas of self-care

There are 8 identified areas of self-care that a mom should pay attention to, they include

Physical e.g Home spa treatment, exercises, healthy eating, massage.

Emotional: Mental decluttering, Being intentional, Avoiding emotional triggers

Social: Hanging out with friends, making new friends, being with family, reconnecting with old friends, volunteering.

Professional: Examining and taking new paths in your career, learning new skills, learning a hobby.

Financial: Examining and taking care of your financial needs, planning your financial life

Psychological: Practicing mindfulness, meditation, breathing exercises

Spiritual: Feeding your spirit via teachings and books about your religion

Environmental: Decluttering and practicing minimalism, gardening.

While I cannot advocate that you tackle all these areas at once, I will advise that you create a routine of self-care that deals with each aspect.

How do you take care of yourself as mother?

1.Identify areas where your self-care has been totally absent or nonexistent

2.Create a plan on how you want to tackle each area of your self-care need

3.Create a routine that follows your self-care plan, this will ensure that you make self-care a habit.

4.Implement your self-care routine conscientiously. This means, be intentional about your self-care so you don’t push it aside after creating your plan.

What do you need as a mom to do self care?

If you are a new mom, self-care becomes even more essential because your body has just undergone 9 months of stress dues to pregnancy.

You need to find that self-care plan that works for you so that you can recover all that you have lost dues to child birthing.

So what do you need as a mom for self-care?

i. Self care Planner

Everything we do starts with a plan, so also as a mom who wants to make self-care a priority to your wellbeing, it is important that you start with a plan.

A self-care planner pdf will help you to create a good self-care plan that covers the 8 areas we have itemized above.

Your self-care planner will also help you to ensure that each self-care area has activities that are assigned to it with follow-up trackers to ensure that you are hitting your self-care goals.

I will be including a self-care planner in this post, if you want to get my self-care planner for free, please sign up on this form.

ii Selfcare Activity Tools

One of the reasons why moms fail to practice self-care is because they fail to put action to their plans for self-care.

So you have written down you activities that you want to do for your self-care plan but you have not gone ahead to purchase the needed tools you need to carry out that activity.

For example, as a mom, one of the best ways to practice physical self-care which helps you to destress is to treat yourself to a home spa.

For this activity, a home spa basket will be the needed tool for that self-care event to take place.

A home spa self-care basket will usually contain

A home spa will help you to relax and destress and even become a daily routine for after nights when the kids have gone to bed.

If you need a home spa care package for yourself as a mom or for a mom friend that you know, our Pamper Me Deluxe home spa care package is the best you can get at an affordable price.

Once your purchase is completed, you will get a download with further information about the delivery of your purchase.

Product will be delivered within 12 to 30days after confirmation of purchase

We offer an 11 piece Lavendar based home spa gift basket to help you relax, recharge, and rejuvenate.

With our home spa care package, your self-care becomes a habitual routine that will not only enables you to relax but also keep your skin healthy.

Here is what our home spa care package contains

  • Bubble bath
  • Body lotion
  • Shower gel
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  • Bath bomb
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  • Essential oils
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  • Handcrafted basket

Our home spa care package is made from natural oils such as sunflower seed oil, Vitamin E, and lavender essential oil extracts. It nourishes and softens the skin and leaves you feeling relaxed and pampered.

How to find time for self-care

Once you have a plan in place and you have your tools in place, it is time to answer the question of how to find time to do your self-care activities.

The best way to find time to do your self-care is to create it.

For so many moms, this is a difficult task but it does not have to be. Here is how to do it.

👉Create a schedule and apportion a time slot to it.

👉Block out that time and choose to do your self-care no matter what is happening

👉If you are married, ask your spouse to help you fill in for the activity that you could have done at that time.

👉Cancel any activity that can be done later and use that time to do your self-care.

For example, if you read every night before bedtime for your kids, you can choose a night not to read and either ask your spouse to do the reading or simply tell them it is a reading-free night so you can take care of yourself too.

👉Ensure that you follow your routine, once your family knows it is your routine, they will fall in place.


Self-care for moms should not be something you do when you have the time or when every other person’s needs have been met.

It should be an intentional activity to help you to recharge and rejuvenate yourself enough to continue to do the good work you are doing as a mom.

No matter how tight your schedule is, make it a priority to practice self-care for yourself so that you can meet your responsibilities without breaking down.

Did you enjoy reading this piece, drop your comments below and let us start a conversation on self-care for moms.

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