How to create a self-care routine that works

Caring for yourself as a stay at home mom

How to create a self -care routine for stay at home moms.

Raise your hand if self-care routine is always the first thing on your to-do list? Even if I can not see you physically, I can bet your hand is not raised

This is the part of a moms life that gets ignored daily.

You get to care for all others, kids, spouse, family but you keep putting yourself last until bam!!! you have a breakdown.

And everyone is scrambling to make sure you are up and running, you know how they get to make you feel like you are that engine that runs on and on.

Well, even the best engines need to be cleaned out and re-oiled. They need to be serviced too.

Sometimes because you are in the middle of all that goes on in your home, from running your home to running your business.

Somewhere in between, your personal care suffers.

A self-care routine is essential to your ability to run your home and business effectively and achieve results

When next you want to trash your self-care routine, think of the usual warning you get in an airplane.

In the case of emergency, please put on your oxygen mask first before helping others

A self-care routine is like that, you need to care for your self first before you begin to care for others.

If you do not take good care of you, you will not be the best of you to others

Before I go forward, here are ways I want to define self-care

Mental health

Physical health

Emotional health

Intellectual health

In my post, I will explain how all these different aspects of self-care intertwine to affect your business and the output you make as a person and hence affects your earning power.

1.Mental health

Before now, people hardly speak about mental health issues, it was like a taboo subject, no one wants to talk about how they struggle to live the life they live.

Because we have been taught it is better to show that you are strong by pretending that you have all your balls well juggled.

None ever falls down and that you are in control.

That is the mentality that predominated then which led many women to their early graves.

One thing I am grateful for the times we live in right now is that people are choosing their own happiness over what seems to keep everyone comfortable.

Mental issues are real and they affect a whole lot of women especially stay at home moms who have to deal with the continuous daily grind of caring for kids, running a home and then running a business.

With all the benefits that a home business provides, there is one benefit it does not provide, that is the social interaction that you get from going to work.

Now, if you have to stay home as a mom to care for your kids and do the house chores all day.

Then run a business- perhaps an online business like mine, typing away at your computer.

It can get pretty boring, frustrating and most cases if you are not making a headway downright depressing.

This and many more issues can contribute to your having mental health issues, I will deal with how to combat this in my newsletter.

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2.Physical Health

Your physical well being is also paramount to how you care for yourself. Sometimes when you do not feel well, you really can not do much.

Your body is the vehicle that allows you to accomplish all your dreams and goals.

So, where you are not able to have great physical health it becomes a hindrance.

When I speak about your physical health, it encompasses both how you feel physically and how you see your self.

A poor body image will do more to damage your self-esteem than what people actually think about you.

Want to know how to effectively deal with this issue once and for all?

I will deal with it on my email list.

Now on to the 3rd type of self-care

3. Emotional health

Taking care of your emotions is choosing to intentionally cultivate healthy emotions rather than let any emotions rule you.

Developing your self-care routine should encompass choosing how to deal with your emotions before they occur.

For instance, if you find that you easily fly off the handle when you confront difficult situations.

Instead of always getting angry at things, choose your reactions before it comes.

so that when it comes you can use your mind to control your response.

For example, no matter how angry you are with your kid at home, you will not let that anger spill into a telephone conversation with your client that will bring you a good business.

If you are able to control your response to that situation because you understand what is at stake, you can do the same for any other situation

One of the things that helped me control my reactions to issues in life was prayer.

And then choosing to imbibe Gods word and do it.

Rather than disobeying God and having to repent afterward

I have grown out of such issues, but it took a lot of emotional control and emotional intelligence to get there.

Your emotional intelligence affects your output both as a mom and as a business owner.

You will not do a great job at your work if you started it in a bad mood.

Bad moods never paid anyone except take away from them.

Now to define the final self-care- This is the part I am excited about.

4. Intellectual health

It is great to do all that I have mentioned above, but the most important of all is your intellectual health.

This is where your capacity is resident, if you are not developing yourself intellectually you are already dead

A great person said:

Whether you are 80 or 20, what matters is if you are growing intellectually.

if you stop reading at 20, you are as old as 80, if you are reading at 80, you will still be as young as 20.

The real reasoning about this quote is that your mental capacity defines your real age in life.

One of the pitfalls you can fall into as a stay at home mom is to stop improving, and developing your capacity.

You may imagine that you are home anyway so who cares if you know how to use an excel sheet.

Guess what, you may just be doing yourself a disservice. Because some opportunity may arise for you in future that you will need that skill and you have lost it.

We live in a fast-moving world, with the advent of technology, it even gets faster.

If you are not intentionally developing your self as a stay at home mom you will find your self outdated.

when you are that way, you will find it difficult to make conversations because you have no idea how to interact with people when discussing business.

As a stay at home mom, you should double down and learn new skills every year.

Especially if those skills help you to build your home business.

Part of you developing your self-care routine is to design a plan for learning something new each month.

In that way, you are on top of your game all the time.

Take time to educate your self on new apps, new technologies needed to be more effective in your life as a mom.

2years ago when I started blogging, I knew nothing about blogging, in fact, I did not even know how bloggers made money

But I made a decision and I started this blog.

I always thought that one day I will encounter a technical issue I cannot solve and I will have to shut down my blog.

But guess what, it never happened, even for the technical issues I encountered, I solved them myself and got better.

I went from knowing nothing about blogging to building blogs and website and ecommerce shops.

It is now a no brainer for me.

What if I let the fear of failing to stop me, I would have not learned all I did now.

Because of this blog, I have learned a whole new set of skills that I did not have 2 years ago.

My life has also become much more fulfilling as I do what I love while I take care of my little ones at home.

So I bet by now, you want to start a self-care routine but you do not know how to start.

Before I get to show you how, here is the reason you need a self-care routine

Why you need a self-care routine

Because you need to take care of you before you take care of others

When you take your self-care routine serious, you produce better results both in your home as a mom and in your business.

A self-care routine will give you the opportunity to intentionally grow in areas you are lacking.

It prevents a breakdown or a burnout, it also stops you from getting into lifestyle illnesses.

You become a better version of you, who wants a cranky mama anyway?

The key to putting your self-care routine into practice lies in first designing your self-care routine.

Putting together a plan on how to execute it.

Sticking to your plan and executing it, measuring your results and seeing the changes it brings to your life.

This is the reason I designed the stay at home mom planner

A section of this planner is dedicated to your self-care plan and how you want it to go.

It is a beautiful printable planner that I use to plan every aspect of my life.

It will give you peace of mind and enable you to execute your plans while you track your progress.

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Join me in my email list I will unveil to you how to design a self-care routine that suits you and enables you to live your best life as a stay at home mom.

See you in there.

Elizabeth is a passionate home business owner that helps others to achieve their life goals of running a successful home. business. I am particular about stay at home moms who wish to transition into a mompreneur.

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