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Black Friday Gift Idea-For your laundry

Black Friday is almost here and as a mom, you may be thinking of what Black Friday gift idea you will get for your laundry, let me help you out.

Lifewit Laundry Hamper for your stay at home mom activities

If you are a stay at home mom with a home to run, a business to do, and kids to care for, you can agree with me that your hands will always be pretty full

You probably have stay-at-home mom activities that involve, work,-study, cook, laundry and the list goes on.

Being a successful stay at home mom involves your ability to stay organized and ensure that you are able to meet all the needs of your home.

I am particular about this because without your home being organized you honestly can not say that you are going to be successful in caring for your home and also your business.

As Black Friday approaches, one of the gift ideas you should be thinking of giving yourself is a good organizer to keep your clothing and a good laundry bag to make sure doing laundry is fun.

I remember when I started to have kids, I hated doing laundry, just looking at the heap of clothes got me tired.

Until I realized that doing laundry was part of my stay at home mom activities.

That was when it dawned on me that I needed to find something that worked.

Having a good organizer where I put away my clean clothes and also having a breathable laundry bag that enables me to sort out my clothes made all the difference.

With these two, you can be sure that your laundry is well taken care of and also that you are not looking for one part of a pair of socks when you are about to go out.

Can’t tell you how that used to drive me crazy, laundering all the clothes, jumbling them up, and then having to look for a part of the pair.

To help you make choices that helps you organize your home so you can better deliver on your stay-at-home mom activities.

I want to introduce two products that are key products.

Laundry storage and organizer- For your stay at home mom activities

Breathable Laundry bag

A laundry bag solves a lot of problems for you, first, it helps you to sort your laundry, so you are not mixing your colored clothing with your plain clothing.

It also helps you to keep your room tidy, especially the kid’s room yikes those kiddos can throw their clothing anyhow on the floor.

With a laundry bag, you can direct them to sort their dirty clothes in marked laundry bags, this makes for easy laundering.

After laundry, you want to ensure that your laundered and ironed clothes are not rumpled again.

Mmh a closet sometimes may not stop some rambunctious kids, especially the ones that like to play hide and seek in their wardrobe

Attributes of a good laundry bag

Having known this, you may be asking yourself how do I know which ones to buy?

I will tell you some of the qualities that make a good laundry bag

A good laundry bag should be

  • Breathable- The material should not be thick and stuffy
  • Lightweight and compact- You are going to put a load inside it, why make it heavy, my grouse with laundry baskets.
  • Sturdy handle: The handle should be sturdy and strong enough to move clothing without tearing out, a durable handle that withstands the pressure of use
  • Multipurpose: We all know that sometimes your laundry basket can become a toy basket. A laundry bag should have a multipurpose ability so you can use it to pick up toys when you are in a hurry.

If you are looking for a laundry bag that meets all the above qualities, look no further.

I have found a quality bag that will meet all these characteristics

It is no other than the Lifewit Laundry Hamper

Breathable Laundry Hamper

The Lifewit laundry hamper is a durable laundry bag that packs a punch with the above qualities and more.

It is easy to set up and stands upward when set on the floor. This means no sagging.

The material is made from premium terylene cotton and reinforced with a sturdy iron wireframe.

It also has a waterproof coating to prevent soaking from damp laundry.

Lifewit hamper is ultra-spacious with a 72-liter capacity and a dimension of 15.7″ by 11.8″ by 23.6″

This gives you ample capacity for your laundry care needs, prevents multiple purchases.

To get Lifewit Hamper at Black Friday sales price, click the button below

Now that we are done with laundry, let’s move on to organizing your laundered clothes.

Clothing Storage Bag Organizer

I love Lifewit products because they are complimentary, they do not only produce a laundry bag but also a laundered cloth storage bag.

Lifewit Storage bag for your stay at home mom activities

I love storage bags because they actually keep your clothing items for when you need them.

They also save you space. yes, when you have 3 kids with a lot of items, you sure need space.

We cannot do so much stay at home mom activities if we are cramped.

So lets get on to attributes of a good storage bag

  • Attributes of a good storage bag
  • Should be lightweight and compact
  • Sturdy with large capacity
  • Have a closure to keep your clothing in.
  • Strong handles that are reinforced to avoid tearing out

Lifewit storage bag provides you with a strong and durable bag for storing and organizing your laundry neatly.

The materials use in producing this bag is breathable and ecofriendly

The transparent covering gives you an idea of what clothing item is stored.

This prevents you from ransacking your whole wardrobe in search of a particular clothing item.

Lifewit double mesh covering ensures that the storage bag is durable and lasts long.

As Black Friday approaches, they have slashed their prices to bring you the best deals for this season. Comparable items on Amazon sell for much higher prices than they do

Lifewit has done well in that it has very high ratings for its products, check out the rating and the reviews that they have for their products.

Getting a good laundry and storage bag should be part of your Black friday gift list, you dont want to miss these prices. Tap the button to get yours now.

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