5 things a stay at home mom planner can do for you

5 ways a stay at home mom planner can change your life.

One of the best decisions you can ever make for yourself as a stay at home mom is to get a stay at home mom planner.

This is because most moms who stay at home never think its a big job.

In fact sometimes you imagine its something that you can easily do, because you grew up seeing your mom do it.

It may have seemed easy to you then, untill you became a stay at home mom.

That’s when it dawns on you that its like trying to organize an ochestra without having the requisite skills.

For some stay at home moms, this may be the beginning of their issues with staying home. The fact that they never planned it makes it more overwhelming.

 They are always in between doing all that needs to be done at home and yet it never seems to get done.

I mean why will you clean up only for it to be messed up again?

The solution to getting your stay at home journey is planning and organization.

That is why getting a stay at home mom planner will take you from running about like a headless chicken to having a well planned and organized home life.

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stay at home mom planner

In this post, I share with you 5 reasons why you need a stay at home mom planner.

I will also share my own little journey as a work at home mom that has helped me survive.

Reasons you need a stay at home mom planner.

1-Helps you set a Goal

Most things we do in life has to have a focal point, that is what you are driving towards.

If you do not have a goal, you will be left walking around in circles.

Your goal is your primary reason why you are doing what you are doing.

I was on a Facebook group the other day, when someone asked, why did you decide to work for your self as a stay at home mom?

70% of the answers came back to one reason: because I needed to stay home with my kids.

That reason is powerful enough to make a woman drop her high paying job and go stay home to work for herself and take care of her kids.

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To get to that point where your stay at home mom life is organized and moving towards a particular planned point, you need a stay at home mom planner.

One of the things I love about my stay at home mom planner is that it is specifically for the stay at home mom.

You have the ability to set goals for the different aspects of your life.

With those goals outlined you know what you are pursuing per year or month, that way you are focused.

The idea for this stay at home mom planner was born out of the need I saw when I noticed that a lot of stay at home moms were visiting my post on 6 things a stay at home mom struggles with.

I realized that I needed to help people more by sharing with them a planner that will help them to beat those struggles.

2-It helps put your life in perspective:

Have ever read Rick Warrens book on the purpose-driven life, it’s a book which everyone should read because it will help you to put in perspective what you should be doing with your life.

Having a stay at home mom planner will help you to put things in perspective.

You are not just getting by, but you know what you ought to be doing per time.

For instance, in my planner, I have a plan for my business, for my kids and also for my personal life. That way I know how to interlock the different aspects of my life to help me fulfill my purpose in life.

I run this blog from the comfort of my home and it has changed the way I do things.

Because I realize that if I have to grow my business I must be willing to plan my time in such a way that will enable me to fulfill my purpose.

3-Saves your sanity

You remember the headless chicken I talked about, I know it looks gory but that’s how most moms who do not have a planner run their lives.

If you do not start now to plan your life as a stay at home mom, especially if you are new at this you will find that your mental health will suffer because you will always be under duress and stress.

Most times you will imagine you are not doing a good job at all.

But having a planner will help you to plan, set goals, hit your milestones and revise where you have failed.

You will also save your self from repeating the same mistakes that are not productive.

Last week I was with my son’s teacher for their academic review, I found out that while he was doing so well in his academics, he was not doing so great with his tactile skills.

So this led me to think of what ways I could create a program that will help him improve his tactile skills.

This is part of what I will include in my kid’s training planner.

To have a program that will help me to build his tactile and organization skills.

These are ways that a stay at home mom planner helps me to save my sanity.

4-Creates a sense of well-being.

There is a sense of well being that comes with having a well planned out life.

It helps a lot for your anxiety if you suffer from one.

If you are anxiety-prone, it helps to plan out your activities so you know what you are set to do per time.

Your ability to consistently plan for your year, month, week, and the day will help you have a sense of well being that will prolong your life.

5-Helps you achieve your goals faster.

Ever heard of that saying that a goal that is written down without a plan of action is at best a wish.

I believe that where it starts from is first creating a plan then, taking actions to achieve that goal.

When you achieve a goal, you get a sense of euphoria that pushes you to go for the next one and the next one until your whole goal set is achieved.

That is why I put some stickers in my planner that will help you to mark those milestones and motivate you to beat your goals.

To be a stay at home mom is already a tough job, don’t make it tougher without a plan.

Get your planner here.

Elizabeth is a passionate home business owner that helps others to achieve their life goals of running a successful home. business. I am particular about stay at home moms who wish to transition into a mompreneur.

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