How to find new customers for your business

How to find new customers for your business

How to find new customers for your business.

How to find customers for your business

Today is day 5 of the start your business challenge,we are rounding up by teaching you how to find new customers for your business.

During the course of these 5 days, I taught you how to define your business goal on day 1, we now determined how to find creative small business ideas.on day 3 we defined who we will be selling to by creating a buyer persona for our customer.

On the 4th day, we went on to determine how to create a compelling sales copy for your business. Today which is the final and 5th day, we will be talking about how to find new customers for your business.

This is the most crucial aspect of this challenge because no matter how great your business is, no matter how clean your sales copy is, if you do not know how to find new customers for your business, then its dead on arrival.

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To find new clients for your new business, we will explore different aspects of reaching out to your would-be customers.

How to find new customers for your business

1-Beta testers

Remember how we talked about offering trial versions of your product or service, that’s the first place to start from when seeking new customers for your business.

Why are they the first port of call? because they have tried your product, they saw the flaws and they asked you to fix it,hopefully you listened and acted on their suggestions hence you are on good terms to ask them to buy from you.

Some of them will become your customers, while some will not be willing to pay for your products, you don’t have to worry about those who won’t pay, they are not your target market.

2-Friends, Familiy and some good Foes-

Hopefully, you have these in your life, some family members will be willing to buy from you, some will not. Don’t push it, you don’t want to quarrel with your whole family, because you will need their support all the way.

A little word here, the greatest of your disappointments will come from this quarter.

Some will support you with their time, energy and even money. Others will be the naysayers that will discourage you all the way. But pay no heed to your naysayers, because they will also change when the results come pouring in.

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3-Blog about your product:

Nothing has influenced the power of buying in the age we are in right now like the power of blogging. In fact, statistics have it that businesses with a blog will do better than those who do not blog about their products.

You see, people don’t want to be sold to but they want to be educated on how your solution will solve their problems. That is where the power of the written word can act as a persuading agent that will convince your customers to buy from you.

Blogging when done with a properly written content marketing strategy can pull buyers from all over the internet.

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For your blogging to be succesful in pulling in your customers it must be

-Niched- focused on your target market.

-Provide useful knowledge that is helpful to your audience.

-Keyword rich- use SEO knowledge to attract the right people to your page.

4-Advertise your product

You can advertise your product via social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads etc.

5-Social Media

This involves setting up your business social pages on the right social media channel that is good for your business.

If you did your buyer persona correctly, you should know by now where your customers are likely to hang out online.

Setting up your social media channels will keep you in contact with your immediate customers.

6-Partner with people

Partner with people who are already in your niche and run promos and giveaways that will benefit you both.

When you run giveaways, you have the opportunity of expanding your brand to new customers. You also give them the opportunity to trust you, since they can see you are partnering with someone they already trust.

7-Facebook Groups, Online forums

Be part of Facebook groups that have to do with your business and offer helpful suggestions. This will help to expose your expertise and also snag you a buyer. The same applies to online forums too.

If you have gone through the 5 days challenge, you should have a completed business idea with a document that points you to where and how your business should take off.

To complete the circle you should have a document that helps you keep all your ideas and strategies in one place. This means that you basically have your home business planned from the idea stage to the delivery stage.

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Finding your customers as a new business is the most important part of starting a small home business.

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