Summer business ideas

13 summer business ideas.

Raise your hand if you love summer, I can see all your virtual hands raised up, Lol.

Everyone loves summer because of the sunshine and the ability to enjoy the outdoors, plus if you are currently suffering from cabin fever, you would want summer to come quickly.

Yours truly decided that if you are going to enjoy summer, then you need summer business ideas.

That is why I came up with this quick win for you, a list of summer business ideas that you can start to make money this summer.

To make money from these summer business ideas, you will need to do further research on how it works. For some, I already have a detailed post to help you along, while for others I may just have ancillary materials to aid you.

No matter which of these summer business ideas you choose, you will need a well-crafted plan on how to go about it. That’s why you can not do without taking our 5 days of business training on how to craft out your business idea and find your buyers.

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List of summer business ideas you can do to make money.

1-Kids Boot Camp Tutor:

Summer is a time when most kids are at home during the long holidays and parents are at a loss of what to do to keep their kids engaged. This is why it is a great time to start a kid activity boot camp either by organizing one or by signing up with a company that is organizing one.

Either way, it’s one of my summer business ideas that is well worth its pay because parents take the advantage of this season to teach their kids other skills that are not included in the usual school curriculum.

When I was a young girl, my summer activity was to run my Dad’s Mom and Pop shop. This was where I first cut my teeth as a business person.

During those days my Dad will travel to go check out his business concerns in other states, while I ran his business where we lived.

I always ensured that I did well on the business while he was away. Because I knew that if he was pleased I will get extra pocket money to take back to school.

He was paying me a salary for keeping his stores running and I also gained useful business knowledge.

That’s why I know that most parents love to make use of the summer period to teach their kids some life skills which are not taught in the traditional classroom.

Examples of activities you can teach kids during summer boot camps

Endurance and Agility skills– This will probably include skills like – Backpacking, mountain climbing, camping, obstacle training, kayaking.

Home management skills– Cooking, sewing, home-decoration, home management skills, make-up classes, etc.

2-Pet-Related Services:

Pet service is a business that is for all seasons but much more viable during the summer periods because people love to travel during the summer.

Sometimes they may not be able to take along their pets for such travels. This is where this option falls into my list of summer business ideas. if you open a pet-related service business you will be able to help people who need such services.

The Pet industry is booming and has continued to grow steadily, according to APPA( American pet products association) The total spend for pet-related services was estimated to be 72.13 billion dollars, while in 2017, the actual spend was 69.15 billion dollars.

The good thing about this industry is that you can play in any aspect alone or combine a lot of the different sections to make up a full-blown business.

For example, you can have a mobile pet grooming service, which you can combine with selling pet accessories like leashes, clothing, toys.

If you own a pet and you would like to get a pet care planner, visit our blogshop to get one.

Some of the services you can offer under this section are

✔Pet sitting

✔Pet boarding


✔Food supplies


✔Online pet store

Take a look at the breakdown of spending on the pet industry by sections

Estimated 2018 Sales within the U.S. Market

For 2018, it is estimated that $72.13 billion will be spent on our pets in the U.S.

Estimated Breakdown:                                           
Food                                                               $29.88 billion 
Supplies/OTC Medicine                           $15.51 billion
Vet Care                                                        $18.26 billion
Live animal purchases                              $2.01 billion
Other Services                                           $6.47 billion 

3-Swimming Instructor:

Summer is when a lot of people love to be outdoors to enjoy swimming as a sport, there could be no better time to start your swimming instruction business.

You can sign up with an already established swimming business as freelance personnel or start yours if you have a swimming pool at your home.

Teaching swimming is usually paid on an hourly basis, so you get to choose your time for making money.

Its a great way to make money during the summer period.

4-Gift basket Business:

A lot of people love to send gift baskets to other people during this season, but putting it together is stressful.

Paying someone to do it for them may just be the way out. I wrote a detailed post on how to start a care package business, you can read it up to understand how this business works.

5-Event Planner:

Events, events, everyone loves to do events during summer because of the clement weather.

From pool parties to weddings, engagements, kids birthday parties you just name it, and it’s there. Starting an event planning business during summer will have you fully booked because you will have multiples of options to choose from.

To know how event planning works, here is a list of associations you can join.

👍Wedding international professionals association( WIPA)

👍National association of catering and events( NACE)

👍International life events association( ILEA)

If you have an interest in the event planning business but do not have the required training and certifications. Now is the best time to enroll in an online event planning training school like QC events school

They offer a variety of training courses on different aspects of even training businesses like

✔Wedding even planning course

✔Corporate event planning course

✔Event decor course.

If you are up for it, you may even go for their specialized courses which include:

✔Luxury wedding and event planning course

✔Festivals and life events planning course.

The good thing about all these courses is that it is online so you can train for it from anywhere in the world.

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6-Online travel Agency:

You can not mention summer without thinking about traveling and tours.

That is why this business made my top list of summer business ideas.

Setting up an online travel agency is something you can do right away if you know how to get the secret shortcuts to help you set up your business quickly.

I wrote an in-depth post on how to start an online travel agency business. Read it and you won’t be disappointed.

summer business ideas

7-On- the-go Picnic Basket:

So you love to cook, and it’s summertime, why cook for yourself alone? Use your cooking skills to make money this summer by offering on-the-go picnic baskets for families who will be going on any sort of picnic this summer.

Thinking of where your customers will be hanging out?

✔Take out your swimwear and go to the beach, you will find your ideal customers.

✔Hang out at the swimwear section at Walmart and other superstores and you will not miss them.

✔Hold a bake sale in front of your home and offer your services to your buyers.

8-Local Tourist Guide:

You have been living in your area for quite a while now, you know all the fun spots and the adventure spots.

You can tell a story about the best food joints and where to get the best bargain when it comes to shopping in your city. Summer is the time to make money from that skill.

Here are ways to do it

✔Join a tourism company and sign up as a freelance local tourist guide

✔Write a local tourist guide ebook and market it to tourists already in the country.

✔Partner with travel agencies to arrange your own tour guide activities long before the tourists arrive in your neighborhood.

✔Partner with the social fun spots to get affiliate income if you refer tourists to them via your ebook or blog.

9-Bed & Breakfast Service:

Ever heard of Airbnb, it’s the funkified version of bed and breakfast service. People now rent rooms which they are not using to tourists and travelers. The good thing about this aspect is that you can combine your bed and breakfast service with a local tour guide service and you are making money from both ends.

10-Sell Frozen Goods:

It’s the summer period and the only thing about summer that is sometimes annoying is the sun. For some its wonderful while for others, it may be too hot.

This is why they will need products that help one to cool off. This is where frozen goods will come into play from ice creams to lemonades to sundaes and also smoothies.

You can start by contacting boot camp and event planners for opportunities to sell your goods during their events.

I chose this as one of my top 13 list of summer business ideas because I know that a lot of people engage in this business informally.

Like the kid that sells lemonade in front of his house, but I figured you can offer it as a bouquet of services at special events.

11-Farmers Market Host:

Summer is a time of fresh fruits and harvested products, so hosting a farmer’s market may just be a good money-making idea.

This will only work if you love farming or you know people who are engaged in local farming. It’s a good summer business idea because you can choose to do it monthly and feature seasonal products.

12-Night Music Festival:

Everyone loves having a great time at a music festival, its is a form of entertainment that makes a neighborhood lively. Austin Texas boasts of a lot of night music festivals featuring upcoming talents in music. If you live in Austin Texas, you should consider organizing one.It’s a good money maker.

13-Outdoor Sports Equipement Rental:

Of course, outdoor sports is the IT thing during summer periods so why not cash in on that market and make some cool money from it.

From rock climbing to boating to fishing, you just name it and you have lots of equipment that are usually rented during this season

With minimalism on the rise, people don’t want to own stuff they will use seasonally, they prefer to rent it, use it, and return to their normal lifestyle when the season is over.

There are many more business ideas you can explore but taking advantage of a seasonal business is a good way to cash in and make money.

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