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How to start a self-care box business

Selfcare is a topic that is now hot on the burner because of the life we now live, from having to deal with a pandemic to making lifestyle changes that help you live life to the fullest

As a business person, I find that whenever a topic is hot online, it means that a business idea is ready to be harvested from it.

For example, until the pandemic, masks were for hospitals alone, but now everyone is making money from selling masks.

Before we go ahead, what is a self-care box business?

A self-care box business is a set of curated self-care items that are put together into a package and sent to a loved one or even bought for yourself.

They are used mainly for self-care and may contain all sorts of items that are targeted towards encouraging wellness of both body, mind, and spirit.

They can be a one-off box that you buy or a subscription box that you purchase monthly.

In this article, we are going to look at how to start a self-care box business. I have already written a post on how to start a subscription box company so if you want to start a general subscription box business you can check it out.

this post is dedicated to learning how to start a self-care box business, we will explore it from the angle of care packages because that is really what it is.

If you decided to add a subscription model to your business, it is well and good.

Why do I want to explore how to start a self-care box business? because as a mom you get to bear the brunt of caring for others that you hardly take care of yourself.

Staring a self-care subscription box business may be a way to not only ensure that you practice what you preach but that you also help others.

The self-care box business is actually a niche in the care package business, a topic I have to take my time to consistently write about.

Since writing the post on how to start a care package business online, a lot of people have been bombarding that post looking for more information

The post is also on the first page of Google, meaning that Google considers me the best person to go to if you are looking for how to start any type of care package business

This was what lead me to create the Care package business course which I have just recently launched.

The care package business course is dedicated to teaching you step by step how to start any type of care package business that you want.

We explored how to find the most profitable niches that you can make money in, we also taught you how to source for products to put in your care package products.

We went ahead to teach you how to set up your business online and also how to market it online.

So if you want to start a self-care box business as soon as you finish reading this post, you need to take this course as it is the most in-depth course that will help you start this business in just 2 weeks.

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Care package business course

Now that I have explained to you what to do to start your self-care box business online? let us get into the steps I will outline below

How to start a self-care box business online.


The first step you need to take when you want to start your self-care box business online is to plan, your planning is the first step because that is where the actual work is.

People often jump this aspect of starting their business by assuming that they have it all figured out in their heads. This is what leads to a lot of mistakes that often make a small business fail even before it has taken off.

If you ever want to learn how to start a self-care box business, you must be ready to plan your self-care box business.

What are things that go into your planning time? Your business planning time is the time you dedicate to creating on paper what the vision and mission of your new business will be.

You also get to decide how your business will make money, who your customers will be, and what exactly you will be selling to them.

While you may say that you will be selling self-care products, you need to define what type of self-care products will go into your self-care box business.

Would you want to sell vegan products, ecofriendly products, or products that are made from natural ingredients, toxic-free, these are all the types of stuff you will need to write down.

This planning session is also a place where you get to itemize completely how much your business will cost you and also write a complete business plan for your new business.

To help you make this part easy, I have created a care package business planner that takes into consideration all I have mentioned above and more

My care package business planner is designed to help make planning for your new business, it comes with pre-made excel sheets for creating your financial plans.

Sheets for creating your business mission, vision operational plans, and even your marketing plans. It is a wholesome package for anyone who wants to start a self care box business.

I made it simple for you such that instead of spending hours researching what should go in a plan and what should not, you can simply download and print the care package business planner and finish your business planning in just 2hours.

The care package business planner is part of the care package business course, one full module is dedicated to teaching you how to use it to create your self care care-package business plan.

Carepackage Business Planner

2. Sourcing

Sourcing for products to put in your self-care box business is one of the trickiest parts of starting this business.

This is because it is the products that you put into your self-care package that make it special.

There are a lot of self-care box businesses online but what will make people come to purchase yours over and over again is the quality of products that you put into it.

Sourcing for your products should be something that you take seriously so it is important that you take the time to find the products that you will put into your self care box business.

One of the best ways to source for products is to first define what kind of products that you will put into your self care products box.

Types of self care products you can sell

What are the self-care products that you can put into your self care box business? here are some examples.

  • Body and Bath Products
  • Wellness products
  • Self-grooming products
  • Environmental enhancement
  • Mental health products
  • Healthy eating self-care products
  • Hobby based self-care products

Sourcing for products will help you to ensure that you can create boxes that actually wow your customers and keep them coming back.

Another part of sourcing that you should consider is the delivery aspect because ensuring that your products reach the audience you want them to reach is also part of creating a good business service.

In my care package business course, I taught how to source for products, I also discussed sourcing strategies that will make it easy to start your self care package business without stress.


Once you have established your product sourcing and ensured that it is sorted out, it is time to create a brand for your business.

Your brand is what makes your business stand out, so it is important you put great thought into what your business represents online.

A brand is a promise to your client that you will deliver what you say you will deliver. Your brand should speak the language of your vision and mission.

Your branding starts from your business website to Logo, to your product packaging, and also your services that show that you really mean business and want to satisfy you,r customers.

A lot of people who start a self-care box business do not put so much thought into creating a brand for their business because they feel it is expensive.

I am a stickler to finding the best way to create something meaningful that people will appreciate, so I taught in my care package business course simple ways of creating branded items by yourself.

In my course, you will learn how to design Logos, stickers, and labels that you can put on your self care box that will make it unique and beautiful.

4.Online store

Now that your self-care box business is almost ready, it is time to set it up online.

Starting a self-care box business online is the most affordable way to start your self-care box business because it defrays a lot of costs that a brick-and-mortar business would have taken off your business.

An online store makes it easy for you to quickly set up your business and start making sales immediately you launch your business.

So what are the ways you can set up your self-care box business online? here are some ideas

There are two options for selling online. You can sell on

Online marketplaces:

Online marketplaces are owned by others who provide you with a space that you can sell your products online.

They attract traffic to their marketplace but you must struggle with others to get that traffic and sometimes even when you have attracted traffic, they promote price competition which brings down the price of your goods.

Examples of online marketplaces

  • Amazon
  • Bonanza
  • Etsy
  • Ebay

Standalone stores

These are platforms where you get to build your own store with your brand and you are responsible for attracting your traffic, but you get to keep your prices because you are not competing with anyone.

A stand-alone online store helps you to actually build a brand, connect with your customers and build an email list of your customers, something you cannot do with online marketplaces.

You get to put your logo and business slogan on your online store.

Examples of platforms that help you to build a stand-alone store are

  • Shopify
  • Woocommerce with WordPress
  • Bigcommerce

In my care package business course, I showed you how to build your stand-alone store on Shopify, this includes uploading your product pictures and connecting all your social media pages to your business, and also branding your store to suit your business store.


Once your self-care box business is online, it is time to create a marketing plan for your business, if you got my care package business planner, you would have itemized how you plan to market your business online and offline.

Marketing your business is what will ensure that your business starts selling. The first step to starting your marketing efforts is to launch your business.

Your business launch activities are what tell others that you are now running your self-care box business. Your business launch does not need to be physical activity.

You can launch it online on Instagram, Youtube, or Facebook- just ensure it is a live program where people can ask questions and actually be part of the launch activities

Some activities that you use in launching your new business include giveaways, product unboxing, quizzes, and raffle draws.

Other ways to market your business include blogging, email marketing, Pinterest marketing, social media marketing, and influencer marketing.

If you want to learn how to extensively market your business online you can check out my care package business course.

Module 6 of that course was dedicated solely to teaching you how to market your business online, I taught you how to set up sales funnel that brings in automatic sales for your business. Click the button below to check out the curriculum


How much does it cost to start a self-care box business?

The cost of starting a self-care box business varies because it actually depends on the types of products you want to put into your self-care box products.

You can start with as little as $500, but you can increase your packages and categories so as to ensure you have a variety of packages to sell.

The average amount you will need to start a robust self-care box business is $1000. This will cover all expense that has to do with products, marketing, set up, and also accessories. Here is a soft breakdown.

  • Care package business course: $69.99
  • Shopify Online store subscription: $29
  • Product purchase and packaging: $600
  • Marketing and other miscellaneous: $300

How many items do I put in a subscription box?

Again this is a judgment call you have to make because the more items you put, the more costly your self-care box will be.

My take as someone that sells self-care boxes on my website is to put items that are valuable and also have enough quantity to keep your customers satisfied.

You can take a look at the self-care products that I sell on my website to see if you can get inspiration

If you want to learn how to start your self-care box business online, you must understand the different moving parts that make starting a small business online Successful, once you are able to follow those steps you will surely succeed.

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