Top 5 Care package business ideas

Top 5 care package business ideas that are hot in demand

Want to know the top 5 hot care package business ideas you can start from home? read this

Care package business ideas

If there is any time that the people need care packages, it is now, the world is hurting and loved ones can’t see each other.

If you are looking to start a care package business and you have been wondering which niche you should focus on.

I am going to share with you the top 5 care package business ideas that you should consider.

I termed them the top 5 because the world trend as it is has increased the demand for such care packages.

Because I love to encourage you to start a home business, These are the best 5 I could find, should you be thinking of care package business ideas.

The first time I wrote about care package business, it was a topic that was available to all but very few people were writing about the business aspect.

I mean you can see that care package business online itself but not how to start it.

Because I love to introduce novel ideas, I wrote my post on How to start a care package business

And boom, the post went to the first page of Google and has remained there since, see picture below.

Care package business ideas

This means that Google considers my post an authority post on this topic and has accorded me that honor

So you better sit tight because I am about to give you more info on this business.

Since hitting Google’s first page, I have had people coming to that post seeking more information.

I have been obliged to help people as much as I can as a blogger, so here is more info.

P.s- I have updated this post since writing it, so you will have more than 5 ideas

Care packages business ideas

1.Sick People Care Package

If there is a time when people need care packages, it is now with the pandemic ranging everywhere.

All-round the world, people have become ill and hospitalized, some have made it out, while some have died.

In the midst of all this death, gloom, and hurt, there is one bright side that you can introduce to people’s lives.

That is sending them care packages while they are ill, they could be hospitalized or maybe self-isolating at home.

In fact, according to Google search, it is termed the COVID package.

Whatever they are doing, they will surely appreciate a carefully put-together package that reminds them of the love and care that people they cannot see for a while have for them.

You can also name it the Quarantine care package if you wish, this term is totally having a breakout on Google trends- see picture below.

Quarantine care package Google trend

2.Care Package Ideas for Boyfriend

This care package business idea is top on the list of searches for both Pinterest and Google, two very important algorithms.

If people are searching for this idea, this means that there is a demand for the business.

I understand why love is a strong force especially in the times we are in now.

Many people cannot travel to be together because of either travel restrictions or simply because they are not living in the same area.

Having a care package sent to your boyfriend at this time shows intentions, emotions, love, and care.

A lot of people want to also keep their relationships warm through gift giving so starting a business that caters to proving care packages for boyfriends and of course girlfriends is a great idea.

Such care packages will do well during Valentine’s season and also during festive seasons when love is widely celebrated.

Now that I have shared with you 2 care package business ideas, I know you must be thinking about how to start this business.

What is required and how do you go about it.

As someone that encourages entrepreneurship, I will like to introduce you to my well-designed care package business starter course

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Learning to build a sales funnel for your care package business from day one will save you a lot of stress that new online business people go through trying to get their business off the ground.

With my care package business course, your business will be ready in 12 to 14 days.

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3. Elderly Care Package Business Idea

If you agree with me, once a loved one is moved to an elderly care facility, one of the best things you can do to keep them happy is to send familiar items every so often.

This helps to remind them of the care and love that their kids have for them.

We also know that Kids can get so busy and forget to get those loved ones their care items.

Having a business that is dedicated to sending such care packages to loved ones in an elderly care facility will be a good way of serving that business need.

Of course, this type of business involves understanding the needs of the people who live there.

It may also involve collaborating with elderly care facility caregivers to reach families that may need these services.

This is a well-thought-out business idea that if well executed will become a recurring income for you, think subscription box model.

Where the families subscribe to a box and they know that every month, Mama and Papa will get their favorite fruit bar or perfume or knitting box.

4.Military Care Package

This was usually at the very top of the list once you are talking about care packages, but events have overtaken it.

Military care packages still remain an evergreen niche because as long as there are servicemen who live overseas, they will always require care packages for the times they are away from home.

Sending military care packages abroad, however, requires that you understand what kind of products you will be sending and know the amount of time it will spend in transit.

The key to unlocking this business idea is to find out where military wives hang out online. This is so you can understand what their needs are and serve them appropriately.

5.New Mom Care Package.

I don’t know about you but whenever I had my kids, the first few days were tough, I had my kids by CS so you can imagine the pain I was in.

Even if you had a natural birth, it is still the same pain, because those few days will usually test your resolve as a mom.

From sore birth passage to engorged breast, to stitches and the pain goes on.

I would have loved a care package sent to me while in a hospital or even at home.

If you ask me what such will contain, right on top of my list will be a warm meal. Because I do not have the energy to cook or even get a meal warmed up.

Of course, this type of care package requires a lot of on-the-time delivery, you cannot think of out-of-state delivery if it contains a warm meal LOL.

But seriously, I believe that new moms need a lot of products to pamper themselves after such hard work of carrying and delivering a baby.

New moms will tell you how pregnancy brain can make you forget even the basic things like a lip balm when going in for delivery.

So getting such a care package with such gifts inside will not be a bad idea.

Plus you can get to look glam for your newborn photo haha. Don’t think I ever looked glam enough for my first baby photos.

6.Occasion Care Package

You can also choose to sell care packages that are tailored for different occasions, such care packages are mainly seasonal but can also be personalized.

Examples of occasion care packages are Easter baskets, Christmas hampers, Anniversary baskets, birthday baskets, graduation baskets, etc.

All these types of care packages are definitely packaged to celebrate certain occasions

Care package business ideas are a dime and a penny but knowing what works for the seasons of life and tapping into them is the key to having a business that will serve your customers and create value.

The key to having a successful care package business idea is to have a mix and match of evergreen care package business ideas and seasonal care packages. This will ensure that you are selling your products both in season and out of season.

Want to get a step-by-step guide and prompts that will enable you to start your care package business today?

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