8 Incredibly Creative ways to make money

Creative ways to make money

The idea of making money from home has changed drastically in the last few years.

Every day people are exploring creative ways to make money either from the home or as a side hustle to accompany what they are already making from their day jobs.

If you are working class personnel or even a stay at home mom who desires to start a small business, this post is for you.

In this post, I will share with you small business ideas that will make you money.

I have written various pieces on how you can make money from your home, but today I focus on how you can discover those creative ways to make money that is unique to you.

Before we delve into the different creative ways to make money, let me start by saying that what is easily attainable by me may not be so for you because we are all different people and hence have different interests.

First, List Your Creative Abilities (Find a Niche)

So the first thing you need to do is to list out your skills, interests, and abilities.

As you go through this exercise, you should be able to discover some of your skills and abilities which you have never thought about making money from.

For instance, someone once told me she knows a woman who makes money from producing key talking points,

Which acts as a conversation starters for people who are nervous about meeting with other people but need to socialize.

So this part of discovering creative ways of making money involves first taking inventory of what you have available to you that you can convert into a money-making venture.

The next step is finding out how to monetize that skill or ability or asset.

If you want to get an in-depth perspective into this particular aspect, I wrote an ebook on how to shine.

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It’s a wonderful resource for anyone who wants to get an action plan that will enable him or her shine in their world.

Of course, shining is about exploring your talents and abilities and using it to bless humanity while also making a living about it.

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If you are sure this first step is complete then here are 8 creative ways you can make money


Writing is a skill that anyone who passed through any form of tutoring should have, however not everyone will be a wordsmith.

Some people just have a knack for telling stories, therefore, making money from their writing skill is a no-brainer for them.

If you love writing but do not like the creative aspect of writing, I will show you one of the creative ways you can make money from your writing skill.

One such way is delving into technical writing.

Technical writing has to do with writing specifically about an industry that you are conversant with.

What this means is that you understand the Technical lingo for that industry and can put together a write up in that industry without breaking a sweat.

Join us to learn different ways of making money from home.

Examples of Technical writing Gigs

-Procedures and Manuals

-Listicles about your industry trends

-Write academic papers e.g White papers, ebooks and journals

-Create workflows and charts for your industry

-Write reviews about tools usage and compare functionalities to guide new users.

All these various write-ups have nothing to do with telling stories but with using your already familiar skills to earn money by the side while you work.

Examples of places where you can find opportunities for freelance writing that has to do with Technical writing are Glassdoor, Indeed, etc. For more on this, read this article

2-Online Coaching-One of the creative ways to make Money:

Do you have an expertise in an area, this means, this is an area you have traveled through before therefore you understand the terrain very well.

Coaching may be a way to pass on such skills and assets to someone who is just starting out in that industry so as to enable that person to make better progress than you made when you started out.

Starting an online coaching business may seem daunting but if you are consistent on it, you will win.

The best bet will be to start with platforms which already have communities that are seeking coaching from people.

You don’t have to go look for customers but do your best to serve the ones that come to you.

The good thing about coaching is that it’s not only business starters that need it.

People who are starting out in their careers or perhaps even struggling with a certain aspect of their life need coaching.

Examples of coaching Niches you can explore as one of the creative ways to make money include

-Dieting or Weightloss

-Small business startup

-Career management

-Personal Finance or investing.

-Blogging or online business

-Addiction abandonment

– Life Coach

-Leadership Coach

-Mindset Coach

You can sign up as an independent coach on online platforms where you can find coaching clients.

Example of such platforms is Coach.me Lifecoachhub.

3-Organization Ability.

Are you someone who is a stickler for organizing things, you hate to see anything out of place anywhere around you.

This is one of the creative ways to make money.

creative ways you can make money from your ability to organize Things

-Sell organization binders on platforms like Etsy

-Create a course to teach people how to organize their homes and offices and lives

-Create charts that help offices direct workflow and remove bottlenecks that hinder work progress.

-Run productivity and efficiency seminars for organizations.

In the world of today where people have a lot of stuff to deal with, not being able to track and organize their lives can be a bit of a problem.

When people are organized they are able to be more efficient In producing results.

Sarah of sarahtitus.com is a pro when it comes to creating organization binders for homes.

You can look up her website and see how that has enabled her to make a great amount of money from her online shop.

4-Sell your creative Skills: 

Creativity has suddenly taken a front burner in the make money industry now. People who have design skills are able to make lots of money just by selling their skills.

The explosion of online business has made graphic design a sort after skill.

If you have creative abilities even if it’s not in graphic designs, you can find creative ways to make money from that skill.

For example, you may not want to sell t-shirts or mugs, but you can sell your designs to platforms like Zazzle or Shirtcity or even to individual designers who will pay you a commission once they make a sale

So even if you don’t like to use a computer for your designs, you can sell your handpainted or hand-drawn designs to Etsy sellers.

They will sell your painting for you and pay you a commission.

5-Be a startup pack Creator:

Have you started various businesses or perhaps you have a knack for researching business ideas, consider becoming a start-up pack creator.

Startup packs are supposed to help the owner do the pre-work needed before a business or an adventure takes off.

Being able to prepare one ahead of time will make it easy to avoid undue delays and mistakes that newbies tend to make at the beginning of a business.

Creating different startup packs for different business ideas will be a good money maker for someone who does not want to go into full-time business.

Its like business coaching in a book format.

6-Create Teaching Aids: One of the creative ways to make money for a teacher.

Are you a teacher or perhaps you love teaching but you are not necessarily in the teaching profession.

Creating teaching aids could be one of the creative ways you can make money from home.

Consider the fact that for every time schools need to reopen for each academic session.

Teachers need to revamp their teaching aids from lesson plans to illustration graphics to even cue memory cards which are used for teaching kids.

Therefore, making such products would help you to make a good tidy income.

To help you widen your horizon read this story on how  Ana Digilio a Grade 2 teacher started a company that creates different types of teaching aids for other teachers.

That company is a million dollar company today.

7-Sell Used Goods Online:

Go through your home and find items that you are no longer in need of and sell them.

You can also go to neighborhoods and pick up used items that are to be thrown away as trash, then refurbish them and sell it online in places like eBay, craigslist.

To learn more about selling used goods online, read my post on how to make money reselling used goods.

8-Monetize your Cooking Skills:

If you are a stay at home, chances are that you already do much of your own cooking.

Therefore you can monetize this skill in a creative way by selling your recipes online.

or even designing cooking schedules and meal prep schedules for busy working moms.

Your meal prep and meal plans can be used to make money if you understand how to reach your target market.

If you are lucky to get people who desire to stick to a particular pattern of eating you can draw up meal plans for them.

You may even help them to shop for the quantities that will help them to meet the required meal type they want.

Finally, you can also sell your own baked goods at fairs or at county malls.

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