How to secure Divine Assistance for someone

Do you want to know how you can interceed for a loved one who needs divine assistance?. read this
How to Seek Divine Assistance for someone in trouble

Are you a person who is earnestly seeking divine assistance for your family member?

There is a member of your family who is in trouble and you really and earnestly want to see that problem go away. What are you to do as a Christian?

Sometimes we as human beings try to be nice to the one going through suffering or perhaps help out in the best way we can, but there is a limit to the help you can offer someone.

For example, if someone is terminally ill, there is little you can do for that person, the only one who can help that person is the only one God who has the power to take away the infirmity and make that person whole.

If you are someone who is compassionate and want to seek divine assistance from God for  a person, here is what you need to do

1.Seek to understand what that person is going through

This connotes compassion for the person who is going through issues, it may be illness or family problems, or even financial issues.

You must get to the place where you understand what that person is passing through, it’s only then can you develop the compassion to see that person get out of the trouble.

For compassion helps you get into a position where you can feel what that person is passing through and you want to help alleviate or take it away.

Jesus always felt compassion for the people he healed(Matthew 8:3). What this means is that you cannot effectively pray for someone who you haven’t had a compassionate heart towards.

Compassion flows out of Love and Love is the anchor head of the Prayer of faith. That’s why Jesus commands us to love one another.  Love is the greatest commandment of all.

2.Search for Scriptures that address that situation

God said that his word is like a hammer that breaks rocks into pieces(Jeremiah 23:29).  Searching out the scripture that addresses that situation is getting the weapons that you will use in breaking the hold of the enemy on that issue.

Remember the ‘David and Goliath story, David sought 5 smooth stones. That was his weapon of warfare, so also when you are seeking divine assistance for a family member, ask the Holy Spirit to lead you to the right scriptures that will enable you to pray effectively for that person.

I was once praying for a dear sister who was ill at that time. As I prayed, from somewhere inside of me, I just heard the scripture is this, not a brand plucked out of the fire, as soon as I began to pray that scripture over the lady, the anointing broke loose and she was made well. The Lord visited her and made her well.

I will tell you something I was surprised by that anointing and how God worked in her life that season.

It helped me understand the importance of the right word for the problem. According to Proverbs, how fitting are right words, its like apples of Gold in silver settings

3.Understand your Authority

The bible makes us know that we are given authority to trample over snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the powers of the enemy, Luke 10:19.

This means we have the authority to get help for our loved ones or the person we are interceding for. For you to understand the authority you have in Christ, you need to know who you are.

One of the special things I have done since I came to know the Lord is to understand my rights in him. This is what gives me the boldness to approach his throne for help in times of need. It is something I learned by reading a lot of Christian books.

I am also endeavoring to teach my kids the same so they can also learn how to pray for their friends in need

A good book I will recommend especially if you want to teach your kids to know who they are is WHO YOU ARE by Esther Abimbola Igeleke.

A simple book that helps kids understand who they are in Christ.

4.Pray with the Scriptures

The bible says that Elijah was a man like us, he prayed earnestly and God heard him. Sometimes people might be in a position where they cannot pray for themselves or you are being called by God to intercede on their behalf.

This means that the burden is being laid on you to intercede for that person so that God can move on his or her behalf.

What does it mean to have a burden to pray for someone? it is an urgent need you feel in your spirit to pray for someone.

One of the ways you will know that it is a burden from the Lord is that it keeps coming back to you in form of thoughts of that person.

It is important that we obey such burdens to pray for that person. I once had a burden to pray for someone close to me, I kept shifting that burden and did not act on it, little did I know that person will die in 3 months.

It was my Aunty and I was so distraught because I knew God was prompting me to pray for her but I was too busy dealing with so much to stand and pray.

I prayed when she died that she will rise but she did not. Since then I have learned to pray when a burden is laid on me to pray.

Once you understand that it is a burden from the Lord to pray, then start praying.

Use the scriptures you have obtained above, if you do not understand what the issue is you cannot pray specifically for that person. Specific prayers always get specific results.

You begin your prayer by thanking God for the opportunity to intercede for that person and you remind God of what his word says about intercession ( read Ezekiel 22:30). God is always seeking someone who will stand in the gap for another so that he can move on that person’s behalf.

It’s at this point that you begin to mention the person involved and what the person is going through and asking him to intervene based on his word for that person.

Note that a prayer of intercession can be prayed once and victory gained or prayed continuously until you get the assurance of Victory in your Spirit.

I believe that God is calling us to be people who will help our family and friends by seeking God for his divine assistance on their behalf, I also know that we will be divinely blessed as we see our prayers being answered and victory being gained because we prayed.

The only caveat to this whole post is that you have to be saved and be a Born again Christian for it to work for you, you can not pray to a God you do not believe in.

Do you know the Lord Jesus as your Personal Lord and Saviour? if you do not, today is the day of salvation, say this simple prayer of Faith with me:

Dear Jesus, have mercy on me and forgive me my sins, I believe that you died for my sins and on the third day you rose again for my justification. I commit my life into your hands today, and I ask you to be my Lord and personal savior. From today I choose to serve you all the days of my life.

If you prayed that prayer from your heart, then you are saved. Get into a bible believing church where you will be taught more of God’s word.

Do you have more points on how to seek divine assistance from the Lord? drop your comment below.

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