5 reasons a stay at home mom should have a Home business.

5 reasons why a stay at home mom should have a home business
5 reasons you should have a home business as a stay at home mom

To be a stay at home mom is one of the greatest sacrifices you can make as a mother for yourself and your family.

It’s a great gift of self and time which you invest in your family in other to nurture your kids and see them grow into the wonderful people you envision for them.

Being available and attentive to their needs and also taking care of your own needs, however, can be a tough act to balance out.

When you choose to stay home and raise your kids, you give up that opportunity to follow your career path.

Perhaps you were working in a financial institution and you dreamed of climbing the career ladder and getting to become a bank executive.

But it never came to be because you chose to get off the ramp and stay home to raise your children.

Depending on how you choose to manage it, this decision can make a life-changing impact on your personal life both for good or for bad.

That is why I am writing this piece why every stay at home mom must have a home business.

This is because a home business will help ameliorate the feeling of not having a way to express your self professionally.

It can also be the key to unlocking your creative side which may lead to a full-time business, something you will never have imagined you could do should you have been pursuing your original career.

 5 reasons a Stay at home mom should have a home business

Creative outlet for your skills

For some people, you may have started your stay at home mom journey mid-career, meaning that you have had the opportunity to work in a corporate establishment before.

You had to stop because you started having babies and you found out you could not cope with having your kids in a daycare or maybe you are feeling your children need you now.

This means you already have skills which you have acquired and would like to use.

A home business provides you with a creative outlet to make use of such skills while still staying home to raise your children.

For instance, no matter what kind of skill you have now, you can write about it via blogging.

This will create an avenue for you to share your experiences and help those who may be on the same skill level as you are or looking to have your skills set.

To learn how to start a blog, read my post on how to start a blog when you are not techy.

1-Earn money  as a stay at home mom.

When you get used to living on two incomes, it’s usually a struggle to live on one even if that one income is enough to cater for all your needs.

There is an emotional comfort that earning your own money in life gives to you.

It can never be replaced with what you get from your spouse.

While choosing to stay home for the kids may have been a joint decision from the both of you, it doesn’t still replace the fact that sometimes you feel like you are contributing nothing finance wise to your household.

A home business can be a way to help you fulfill that need.

2-You are setting an example for your Girlchild

I wasn’t so concerned about posterity when I had my first child which was a boy because I felt, well he had his Dad to look up to, I am not a man so I do not have any manly attributes to pass on to him.

All this changed when I had my daughter, suddenly I was flustered because I now realized I now had one of my type who will likely look up to me and try to imitate me.

I began to think about who I was and what kind of mom I will like my daughter to see me as.

Believe me, these thoughts and feelings contributed to my starting this Blog.

I wanted more than just running my training outfit or working in a firm.

I wanted to be able to own multiple streams of income, own multiple businesses and above all still be available for my kids as they grow up.

Don’t underestimate the power of emotions that having a kid bring to your life.

So if you are a stay at home mom now, who may be wondering where do I begin from? I am dissatisfied with my life the way it is, my finances are stretched, my energy is sapped and I do not know how to start, begin by thinking of what your kids will think of you when they grow up.

Then take a step to rectify it.

Grab this stay at home mom business pack and take the first step to discovering yourself and starting a home business.

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For ideas on types of home business, you can start, read my post on 101 home business ideas for stay at home moms

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3-You will be less depressed and unhappy

Statistics from a Gallup poll conducted indicate that stay at home moms are more likely to express negative emotions such as worry, anger, depression, and anxiety as compared to moms who work.

Ever met any of your colleagues from high school or even college mates who are doing extremely well on their jobs, and you felt like life just left you behind because you chose to be a stay at home mom. 

I know how it feels like, that’s why I wrote 6 things a stay at home mom struggles with. In that post, I chronicled the feelings of a stay at home mom.

I also provided solutions to those feelings, I will like you to take time to read it.

Starting a home business can help you be less depressed and unhappy.

 I am not saying this is the only reason you may be unhappy right now.

But no matter what it is you are going through, having that time in which you run your own business can be therapeutic and help fulfill a need.

4-You are preparing for the empty nest syndrome

No matter how long it takes, raising kids will not be forever, there will come a time when your kids have all grown up and flown the coop as the saying goes.

This is usually a scary time for women if you have devoted your full time to care for them.

I know some will say I can always go back to the workforce, the problem is that the workforce may not be that easy to get back to because of change in times and competition from younger people.

I belong to a community of job seekers where they are continuously complaining about not getting the jobs they want because of age.

While it may not be expressly stated because it’s against the law, Its often a reason why we have a lot of old people who want a job but can’t get one.

A home business will provide you the opportunity to keep doing what you love and keeps you going when everyone has left home.

You might even find that you now have more time to devote to making it a big-time business if it has not grown into one. I believe you can say it’s your own job security for a lifetime.

Join us as we help you start a home business

5-Life Needs a Backup Plan:

Here is one reason that you cannot pass up even if you did the other reasons I have listed above. That is the fact that life happens, you may lose your Hubby, or he may lose his ability to earn perhaps via accident or lay off.

You may also get divorced and find yourself without a job and kids to look after. That is why a home business is never an alternative or a choice but an obligation you owe yourself and family to ensure you live a life that is worth it.

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Over to you, what other reasons do you as a stay at home mom have for starting a home business, drop your comments below.

Elizabeth is a passionate home business owner that helps others to achieve their life goals of running a successful home. business. I am particular about stay at home moms who wish to transition into a mompreneur.

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