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As we enter the year 2019, I share with you the top 10 small business ideas for the year 2019.

Last year I wrote about the top 10 business ideas in 2018, in that post I shared with you the business ideas that are I believed will make the waves in the year.

That post ranked on the first page of Google for the first 6 months of 2018

This year I will be sharing with you some of the most successful business ideas that we will witness in 2019.

I will also share with you which of those small business ideas are scalable.

What is your desire for 2019?

Do you desire the freedom of working for yourself from the comfort of your home? and you really want something to change this year.

Then this is for you

Or maybe you have just been fired from your job and you are wondering what next?

What home business ideas can I pursue that will bring me an income and also help me to pay my bills?

You could also be looking for a business to start as a side hustle in the year 2019.

In other to increase your income or start transitioning from working for someone else to working for your self.

Hang on with me as I introduce you to the top 10 home small business ideas for the year 2019.

1-Digital Downloads

Digital download is a term that covers everything that you can sell online that is downloadable, they include ebooks, music, printables, courses, templates, presentations etc.

The reign of digital downloads began with the explosion of the internet and is not about to go away soon.

As more people become more interested in getting their needs met via the internet, the world is seeing an avalanche of creativity come to life as creators seek to deliver solutions to people.

This is why it’s my first on the list of businesses that will still be trending this year.

People are seeking to learn new things from the web which are delivered via courses, training videos, and podcasts.

The best aspect that is going to really do well this year when it comes to digital downloads is Printables.

 Printables is anything that includes templates, sheets workbooks, planners which anyone can buy, download, print, and use.

 People love printables a lot because of its ease in accessibility and delivery.

 In fact, when you look at a comparison of digital downloads to printables, you will notice that there is a remarkable difference in the demand for printables as compared to digital downloads in general.

Printables have a very huge market appeal, and there are many products which you can sell as printables.

 For example, this couple that sells doll clothing patterns and have made quite a business out of something that looks so ordinary.

 I wrote a post last year which hit the first page of Google and prompted me to create a course which called the Newbie Printables course.

This course has gotten great reviews from those who took it, for example, hear what one-course taker said about it.

I found this course very easy to follow. I liked the fact that there are downloads with very important information to review later.

In this course, you will learn how the following

  • How to discover your niche and asses it for profitability
  • How to define and determine your business persona in other to be able to effectively design printables that suits their needs
  • The tools you will use for designing your printables and  a demo on how to use it
  • Where to sell your printables
  • How much it will cost to start a printables business

This course packs a punch with the following

  • 72 mins of On-demand video
  • Resource sheets
  • Templates
  • Worksheets

The course is currently listed for 29.99 on the course portal, but if you choose to sign up for my email list, you will get a 40% discount off the listing price.

To know more about this course click the icon below.

Newbie Printables course

This course was initially listed for 9.99 but has gone up as I mentioned in this post

If you are someone who is looking for small business opportunities from home, then the digital downloads business is for you especially the printables business.

What else can you sell as digital downloads, here is a list you cannot ignore

Sewing patterns


-Short videos

-Business templates

Email marketing templates( upsell, down sell, credibility emails)

-Fonts and SVG files, Logos

-Posters and prints

-Presentation templates etc.

The second on my list of top 10 small business ideas for 2019 is

 2-Health and Wellness Niche:

This niche has become much more lucrative as people are seeking alternative ways of eating and keeping well to avoid having to spend so much on lifestyle diseases.

They are beginning to look to nature for cures and are willing to try homemade remedies more than the traditional medical cures with its numerous side effects.

To play in this sector, you will need to decide what type of service or product you would like to offer.

This niche covers weight loss, food, exercising and even meal plans.

While this not typically your food based type of niche it is part of it.

Examples of the types of services and products that will sell in this niche are

A Heallthier You by

Protein Powders

-Plant-based diets

-Homemade remedies for illness

-Plant-based medicinal fruits or cures

-Essential oils

Blogging about Lifestyle choices that promote wellness and wellbeing.

Do you have a passion for wellness and healthy living?

This is the year to start a blog where you write about different ways people can live healthily, ditch the unhealthy habits that make them sick.

If you are interested in starting a blog, then you have to read my post on how to start a blog when you are not techy.

3-Online shop

Ecommerce will continue to do well as more and more people take to opening online stores or running profitable stores in other to make a living

The advent of dropshipping and FBA( Fulfilled by Amazon ) has made starting an ecommerce shop one of the easiest ventures you can find.

Some of the hot-selling niches in the ecommerce business include

Pets: food, clothing, pet care, pet accessories

-Virtual reality products

-Smartphone accessories: Cases, earphones, pouches, screens etc

-Video making equipment

4-Subscription Box business:

Subscription box businesses are on the rise and will continue to be an evergreen business as more people seek to be part of something special and fun that is built just for them.

The subscription box business brings 3 elements together: specialty, fun and surprise, hence it has held peoples fancy.

In the year 2017, we saw a subscription box company stichfix list its first IPO on the stock exchange.

This company started in 2011 and has gone on to gross up to 2.9 million active customers as of 3rd quarter 2018.

This is to show you how an idea can grow to become something big.

The good thing about subscription box business that it can be built around any niche.

So long as you are able to build clientele around it’ you are in business.

The subscription box business is a little like the care package business which I wrote about last year.

The difference is the surprise element where you do not know what will come in the box.

The more clearly successful ones are Stichfix, Hellofresh, Ipsy, Graze etc.

What I love about subscription boxes is that they are low priced such that it is easily affordable.

Indicators of how lucrative this business idea is can be seen in the clip below

To learn more about subscription boxes, go here.

5- Travel

Are you an adventurous person, you are in luck because you can turn your love for travel into an online travel agency.

Feelers from data culled from Pinterest searches show that people are not just looking for any kind of travel but adventure-based travel to unknown places.

They are also looking to taking bus tours and ditching flying in other to conserve money.

If you have been thinking of business trends 2019, this is one opportunity you should not waste.

Hop on my post on how to start a travel agency and get all the necessary info to start off.

6-Digital marketing

 Are you a savvy marketer, its time to take your skill to a full -blown business and start a digital marketing business right from the comfort of your home.

As more businesses go online, the demand for digital marketing skills is huge because businesses want to know how to reach their customers online.

 Digital marketing business can be set up by simply building a website and listing your services.

But then you already have the skills for reaching your customers why not use it to make a cool living.

7-Wedding planners:

 Are you someone who loves weddings?

You just love the idea of planning for a wedding and you have been looking for the home business idea with low startup cost.

Welcome to the idea of planning for weddings with a minimal startup cost.

 Every year people get wedded, so the wedding planning business is evergreen.

From people who want to DIY their own wedding to those who something some consultations to those who want you to plan from start to finish you will definitely be able to get clients if you know your stuff.

 The idea of getting a wedding invitation and wedding party stationary from Etsy shops is now the norm.

Instead of hiring a graphic designer to do one for you, you just go on Etsy and search for something that works for your client and you have your wedding stationery ready.

The idea of hiring caterers for weddings is now being dumped for food delivery trucks.

If you seek to do this business from home, you have to find ways to help your clients cut down costs and still get satisfactory service.

Here are some great ideas from Pinterest that are currently going to trend in the year 2019

8-Online Boutique:

Don’t we all wish we look glam, every time we step out? This may be he year you will turn your skill of keen fashion sense into a full-scale online boutique by curating nice styles from the internet and stocking your online shop.

People will pay for a good fashion clothing item that they see.

The good thing about starting an online boutique is that you can choose what niche to play in.

Pinterest feelers give an idea of what will trend both for men and women fashion this year.

Take a look below

Mens Fashion style 2019.

9-Language tutoring :

As the globalization becomes more apparent, people are interested in learning new languages every day to boost their conversation skills when they travel or do business.

If you know a language, you can quickly turn this into a business by teaching people online how to converse in such languages and you earn a tidy sum

The advent of VIPKID has also made teaching English language to Chinese kids a big business.

People are earning about 4000 dollars/month just from teaching kids from their homes.

If you a native speaker and you have a degree, consider applying to teach English this year, you may find that you have just found a home business idea that pays your bills.

10- Recruitment service

 If you are looking for smart business ideas with low investment then you should consider becoming a recruiter.

With American economy doing so well and the umemployment rate dropping, there is a keen competition for workers espcially in specialized areas like technology, medical niches.

If you already have some experience with recruiting staff as especially HR personnel, then it might be time to strike out on your own and start your own recruitment business in 2019.

home business ownner Planner
An action based planner for your home business- click here to get it

There are a ton of business ideas to explore in this New year. My top 10 small business ideas list is to help you start.

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