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4 types of digital skills to start an online service business

Do you want to know the 4 types of digital skills that you can start an online service business with? read on…

Acquiring a skill is the bedrock of starting a service-based business online. There are not many businesses that you can start easily like a service-based or skill-based business.

Why is this so?

Because you do not need any equipment, you do not need any inventory, all you need is your skill and a place to display your service offerings, your marketing ability and you are good to go.

I love skill-based businesses because they give you the opportunity to express yourself and make money from the comfort of your home.

So, in this post, I will share with you 4 types of digital skills you can start a home business with.

This is not the digital skill that takes you months on end to learn, no. These are skills that you can learn within a month.

You can start setting up your business while you learn and as you apply what you learn you will start getting your clients.

You can say that your business will hit the ground running before you know it.

So what are these skills ?

Before we get into all that, I will like you to know the factors you need to consider when choosing skills to learn.

Factors to consider before learning different types of digital skills

1. Market trends 

This means that you are able to read the times and know what skill is in hot demand.

If you learn the skills that are in hot demand, you will have more jobs or gigs to do than you can manage.

For example, when I started my blogging business, I did not know what my income streams should be nor how to monetize my blog. 

With time, I learned that most bloggers offered freelance writing services.

When I started freelance writing, I started making money.

I was not watching the trends in my industry so I was not able to cash in on the opportunities in front of me.

2. Things that do not change but requires new ways of doing it

This means that while times change, there are certain demands that will not change.

For example, marketing products is a constant demand for businesses, the only thing that changes is how it is done. 

Therefore if you love marketing, you can learn a skill like email marketing, this will help you to offer your services to those who will be struggling with such services. 

Another example for as long there is commerce, there will be a need for shops to sell goods. 

Today selling has moved from a physical shop to online shops.

So instead of running around trying to be a wannabe real estate agent, you can build online shops for your customers.

3.Skills that require no 3rd party dependency

When deciding on the skills you want to learn, it is important to learn a skill that you can easily turn into a business. 

This means that you do not have to depend on someone to employ you before you start making money from it. 

For example, if you learn a skill that requires an organization to hire you before deploying it, you keep yourself at the mercy of rejection of applications. 

But if your skill can be packaged into a business proposal, you can put it together and market it to someone that will pay you for it.

Now that you know the factors to consider before learning different types of digital skills.

I will introduce to you 4 types of digital skills that fits these factors

1.Web design 

Web designing is helping individuals create an online platform where they can showcase their online presence.

Web designing is a skill that is in hot demand right now because the COVID19 has forced a lot of businesses that did not have an online presence to begin to seek to have one now. 

We now have a lot of those businesses looking for someone who can quickly design a simple website that will help them connect with their customers online. 

Even those who had websites before are also redesigning their websites so that they can set up a portal for selling to their customers online.

This means that if you have skills for creating and designing a website you will not find it hard to monetize that skill. 

Web designing skills have also become a skill you can learn within 1 week if you are committed to learning it. 

You can now design websites without touching any form of code. This means that with skill in website design you will always have work to do.

The good thing about website design is that you can extend your services to website management.

This means that your customers can pay you a retainer fee to help them maintain and manage the website.

Web designers charge upward of 500 dollars for creating a simple website.


Ecommerce is now the new way of selling online, a lot of people that cannot open their physical shops are now selling online. 

If you have a passion for selling goods, this is the time to turn your passion into an online business where you get to sell your products online. 

The most common platform for selling online is Shopify. About 1.2 million people now use the Shopify platform to sell online. 

Shopify is an online store software that enables you to display your goods and collect payment just like you would in a physical store.

If you would like to sign up for a Shopify account click Here

Ecommerce has enabled a lot of small businesses to start selling even without owning the goods.

They have used the power of dropshipping to sell goods to customers online.

3. Copywriting 

Copywriting is the art of using your writing skills to sell a product.

It is one of the 4 types of digital skills that require an understanding of the psychology of selling for you to master it.

A lot of businesses online require the services of a copywriter who can help them to create sales pages targeted at getting their customers to buy.

Copywriters also write web copies that convert website visitors to customers.

 A good copywriter can charge up to 3000 dollars to write a great sales page.

4.Email marketing 

Emai marketing is a skill that involves using emails to sell a product or a service. It is a crucial skill that the 21st-century person needs.

Why is this so? because almost 2.65 billion email users exist in the world and nearly everyone you meet on the road has an email.

Access to that email means that you can sell to them anytime that you want.

Email marketing also helps small businesses to keep close contact with their customers

Small businesses can build their business to a big business just by using the power of email marketing.

This means that there is a requirement for small business people to hire people who have mastered the art of creating marketing campaigns that convert website visitors to customers.

With this skill you can design packages that will help small businesses to make sales and hence grow your business.

Having shared with you 4 types of digital skills that you can use to start an online service based business.

I will like to introduce you to our new course that is currently beign built

This course is targeted at teaching you skills that will enable you to start an online service based business.

With this course, you will learn skills that are not just digital but skills that will enable you to build your service-based business even while doing the course.

These courses are easy to learn and master as long as you are committed to learning it.

It only takes one month of consistent learning and you are ready to go

The course is none other than


Skiils2money course

The Skills2money course is designed to equip anyone that lacks digital skils with 4 critical skills that will enable them to start a service-based business online

It is available to anyone willing to do the work in order to start their service-based business.

In Skills2money course, we will not only teach you digital skills but how to set up your first online service-based business and also attract your customers.

Skills2money course was specially designed to help transform you from knowing nothing about website design and email marketing to starting a service-based business where you can offer your services and make money from it.

What does the Skills2money course contain

It is a 4 in-1 bundle course that teaches you 4 types of digital skills that consists of the following courses

1.Website design: You will learn how to build a website using simple web designing software that anyone with interest can learn.

This includes installation, design, and addition of an online store to the website. Addition of payment buttons or platforms. The course module will cover the following

  • WordPress
  • Wix

You do not have to be techy to learn this, as long as you can click and drag a mouse, you will be able to learn it.

2. Email marketing: You will learn how to install an email marketing software, create an email list, write converting emails, and how to sell your products using email marketing.

3. Shopify ecommerce store creation: You will learn how to build a Shopify store and set it up for selling goods online.

4. Online business set-up: In this module, you will learn how to set up your service business online and how to market it to attract customers. I will teach you how to get your first testimonials so that you can have social proofs.

5. Printables design(Bonus module)- This course will be available for those who sign up and make payment before the course is launched.

It will not be for everyone. I will be teaching you how to create beautiful printables designs using a simple graphic design tool.

The Skills2money course is set to launch in July, so if you want to be the first to be allowed into this course I will advise you to sign up for the course by clicking this Link.ย 

Why do I think I will be the best person to teach you these skills?

๐Ÿ‘‰I have used and mastered each of these skills so I will teach you from the point of someone who has had challenges and overcame them.

๐Ÿ‘‰I simplify very technical concepts and explain them in a way that you can easily understand so that even if you are not techy, you will love learning from me. ( I was not techy when I started out)

๐Ÿ‘‰I have an MBA so I will infuse business knowledge into my courses to make it easy to start your small business without any further delay

๐Ÿ‘‰Finally, I provide support via my Facebook community group so that you can continually get access to new information and help when you need it.

Do you want to qualify for bonuses, prelaunch sales prices and other benefits for early adopters of this course?


Note: Skills2money course will be launching soon but the first in the line of 4 course bundle is ready. So once you sign up you will be granted access to the first course- WordPress Without Tears

Elizabeth is a passionate home business owner that helps others to achieve their life goals of running a successful home. business. I am particular about stay at home moms who wish to transition into a mompreneur.

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