6 secrets about Printables Business you should know

6 secrets about Printables business

In my post the Ultimate guide to a Printables business, I wrote extensively about how to start a home business selling different types of printables.

If you want to know what types of software to use and where you could sell your Printable designs then get to that post and read it.

Newbie Printables  Business Course

In this post, I am going to share with you 6 secrets about a Printables business that you should know.

I will be dealing with such questions as;

How to make printables that sell?

What are the key things to look out for in making printable designs so as to ensure that your designs are popular?

Finally, I will also deal with the best selling digital items on Etsy.

Some people have often asked the question, how much money can you make from selling Printables?

I often think, what limit is there to the designs that we see daily?

If there is no limit to what you see as designs daily, whether it’s on paper or canvas or even on clothing materials, mugs and beddings, then there is no end to how much you can really make.

It might not be a get rich quick scheme, but if you are consistent and people love your work.

You will definitely make a living out of it.

Printables designs have been with us since man learned how to draw.

The advent of design software has made it easier for people to sit down on their computers, design stuff or even think up a quote and create very beautiful designs with it.

And as long as men always seek to beautify their personal spaces then you are in business, so there is really no end to how much you can make from a printable design business.

For the sake of not throwing around figures, I know that Sarah Titus makes close to 50,000 dollars per month selling her printable designs and binders from her online store.

I believe she has probably surpassed by now because I am on her email list and I get her emails.

So I know for sure that you can make a killing just using your design skills.

Secrets About Printables Business you Should Know

1-Your Design is Key

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The first of the secrets about Printables business is your design.

A digital printable is a piece of art or quote or even a binder that is first seen before it is bought.

This means that you have to have a design that is appealing to the eye.

If you make designs that are not appealing, then you may find it difficult to convince the buyer to buy.

Therefore ensure that your designs are appealing visually.

That being said, a lot of people get stuck here and because of this refuse to move forward with this business idea.

They think they have to be a great graphic designer before they can start a printables business.

Well, I destroyed that myth with my case, no I am not a graphic designer, no I did not use expensive designer software to create my Printables products

I just simply applied simple color princiles like I will share with you below and kept my designs valuable to the user.

To help you see how I started, here are some tips

Make use of light colors that are bright and easily noticeable.

Ensure that you leave lots of white space to enable contrast to play a big role in getting people’s attention to your printables.

I will always advise too that you keep your designs simple and classic.

People love it when a design is simple and easy on the eyes.

A jumpy graphic that gives people a lot of movements here and there may not necessarily work.

To be fair, this is my personal preference and I have also seen a simple quote sell out on Amazon.

2 The Content of Your Designs.

The 2nd of the secrets about the Printables business is your content is important.

A printable design is used to convey a message be it a wall art, a quote or a binder, the most important this is that the content is top-notch and superb.

For example, a kid printable wall art should have friendly kids artworks that appeal to kids, it should not be complex and difficult to understand.

Depending on the functionality you had in mind, your design should deliver the message loud and clear.

For example, I love to encourage people so I created a wall art quote that you can put in a coffee shop that is based on both coffee and encouragement.

I posted it on my Instagram page and got a lot of comments and reactions to that post.

That’s is because the message was loud and clear.

People felt encouraged just reading it, and it made me feel like I had made an impact on this design.

Espresso coffee quote Printable wall art


The 3rd part of the secrets about Printables business is strong marketing skills.

After designing your Printables, you will want to sell it right?

The secret to marketing your printable designs is first knowing who you designed it for, that way you can carve out your target market and begin to work towards selling to them.

Because printable designs are a highly visual product, I will advise that you ensure that the first platform you hit is Instagram.

This because you get to display beautiful pictures of your designs, while also using the right hashtags to attract your consumers.

Another place where you should also be active is Pinterest, this is because 70 percent of printable business consumers are mostly women.

Whether it has to do with kids, blogging or even binders for the home.

Women are more likely to buy from you than men, so ensure that you go to platforms where they are available and be there.

In addition, Pinterest is a good traffic source for your business too, you don’t want to miss out on that.

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4-Choosing the right Niche

There is nothing like trying to be everything to everyone, it will likely not work, except you are a magician, that is why this 4th secret is very important. 

Of all the points I have mentioned in the secrets of Printables business, this is the one that takes precedence as it sets the tone for the rest.

It’s important that you choose the right niche if you want to make an impact on your printables business.

If you want to know the types of niches available in the Printables business, then you can read it up on my previous post.

You can choose to combine two niches if they complement each other for example, mom and baby niche or Business printables and home business designs.

The most important thing is that you understand your market and you know how to find them.

I had already mentioned some niches in my previous post so I will not repeat them here but if you want to know the trending ones this year here it is

Planners: They are a huge market right now on Etsy and if you are someone who is just starting out, I will recommend you try your hand on these

-Calendar Planners

-Blog post planners

-Monthly and weekly planners

-Fitness and health trackers

-Homemaking Planners

-Meal Planners.

-Hand lettering Binders

To know more about choosing the right niche, you take my course on how to start a printables business

I dedicated a whole module to treat it as a topic, you will understand what makes a niche lucrative.


The   5th secret about Printables Business you should know is functionality.

The thing you have to consider as a Printable business owner or someone who wants to start one is how functional is your Printables business?

Can people easily understand how to use it?

Does your marketing strategy convey to the users what this planner or printable design will do for them?

You have to be willing to demonstrate how your printable designs can be used so that people can see the beauty.

For example, if you have made wall art, you must show how beautiful it looks by showing a picture of the wall art on the wall.

That way, the buyer looks at it and knows that he or she will like to have such a wall art hanging in the house.

To achieve this effect, you do not necessarily have to hang the picture yourself and snap it, you can use a software that helps you to achieve that effect If you wish. 

You can also inform them where it can be used and also provide whatever help that is necessary to make it more appealing.

If you are making a binder, have you designed your binder in such a way that it has enough offset for punching the holes for the spiral binding?

These are the considerations you should make while displaying your designs or demonstrating your product.

In designing a product that must sell, you have to do whatever possible to get your buyer’s attention to the point of purchase.

6-Customer Service is Key.

Because you are selling a digital art does not mean you should just stick it there and expect the buyers to figure out how to access your product after they have paid.

That is why this last of the secrets about Printables business is very important.

If you have worked so hard to attract a customer, don’t mess it up with poor customer service.

You should have clear written instructions on how to access their file download after payment.

You should also provide necessary technical help if they find it difficult to access your product after they have paid.

Excellent customer service will keep them coming back to your store, plus they will give you reviews that will convince other people to buy from you.

Qualities of a Printables design that sells

-Beautiful design and font

-A clear demonstration of product use

-Classic and simplicity

-Funny and creative designs

-Good use of color complements

Key Things make your designs popular

-Offer Freebies

-Offer little to nothing for some of your designs.

For example, create 1 dollar deals in your online store so that if someone is just browsing through but don’t want to make a big purchase they can purchase the small-priced ones.

-Create a buzz by collaborating with other people to launch your collection.

-Look for creative ways of putting your designs out there, like making designs that are catchy and fun and posting daily on your Instagram page.

Having learned about the 6 secrets about your Printables business.

I hope you implement them and be on your way to creating a profitable online business via the selling of printables.

Every point I mentioned here were expanded in my course the Newbie printables course.

I created Versions 1 and 2 which are merged into a bundle course.

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