How to make printables products

How to Make Printables with Microsoft Publisher

How to make Printables with Microsoft publisher app

Are you obsessed with printables and you want to learn how to make printables? Read on, you are not the only one

Perhaps you have received some printables products as freebies before or maybe you have even bought some and each time you look at them you wonder how are these made?

You really want to learn how to them because you love to use them or perhaps for you it is a business issue, you want to know how to make it so you can use it as a passive income stream

I have been making prntables since 2017 and I tell you, it is a business I discovered because of a need that I saw.

I wrote a post, the Ultimate Guide to Printables Business, and this post began to do well and rank on Google’s first page.

This post made me to research more about this business and I soon discovered it is a gold mine that people have ignored.

Thus started my journey of making and selling printables.

I taught myself how to make it with different software hence making it easy to produce.

I created my own system of making printables that made it easy for me to produce my kind of printables at any time I want.

With time, I began to notice that a lot of people wanted to learn how to make printables products without the stress of having to learn how to use expensive software.

As I noticed this need, I created a course the Newbie printables business course

Newbie Printables Course

Newbie Printables Business Course teaches you how to start a printables business. It covers niche selection, creation, setup, and marketing of your printables of products

Newbie printables business course

With this course, I have helped a lot of people to create side businesses, passive income streams using printables products.

Here is what a course taker has to say about my course. I just got this today and I was so thrilled that it made my day.

Hi, I love your product copywriting formulae and template. I had published my products but had no idea how to write product copies for them. That’s work I’ll embark on next week. Thank you so much. God bless


You may have been wondering how to learn how to make Printables products without breaking the bank.

My course teaches you step by step how to do it and you will learn how to not just make printables but to market and sell them online.

To sign up for my Printables business course, please click the button above

Now that you know you can easily learn how to make and sell printables online

Let us get to the business of the day which is how to make printables using Microsoft publisher.

Steps on how to make printables using Microsoft publisher

1.Get the App

First, before we move ahead, you may ask what is Microsoft publisher? believe me I was also spooked when I discovered this tool.

I mean I thought I knew all the Micorsoft package- the gang I call them.

Power point, Word, Excel etc.

But to discover after twenty-something years of using Microsoft products that there was some app called publisher that could help me make printables, I was flabberwhelmed hahaha.

Microsoft publisher often comes with the Microsoft package, so if you are already using Microsoft package, it’s in there.

Now let’s get it, if you want to find it, just go to your computer search bar and type Microsoft publisher. Check the picture below.

Before you start your project, you must have decided what you want to make.

I have covered all about how to find the best printables ideas that sell in my course.

Once you have found the app, open it up and your first page is ready for your creation.

2.Choose a template

Once the app is open, choose a template, I usually use a blank template because I want to make my creation unique.

You can choose any template that suits you.

Once your template is ready it is time to start creating what you want.

Here is what my blank template looks like before I start creating.

Template in Microsoft publisher

So for this example, I want to make a checklist to give you as a freebie when you subscribe to my email list.

To do that here is what I will do first, I will first insert a fancy background that I made in Canva.

Canva is another software I use for making printables, if you want to learn how to make printables using Canva.

You need to sign up for my Newbie printables course version 1

I taught extensively how to use Canva to create printables there.

In case you are wondering if Version 1 is different from what I just showed you above.

Yes, it is, I first created Version 1 first, but with popular demand, I created Version 2.

The first course I showed you above is a bundle course which consists of the two courses( Version 1 and 2)

Sometimes people want to buy Version 1 first before buying Version 2

It’s up to you, buying the bundle course saves you money.

So let’s continue

To insert the fancy background, I click insert pictures and upload the picture from my computer.

The picture is inserted

Once I have inserted my fancy background here is what the template looks like

4.Add objects

Now that we have created a background for this checklist, the next is to use objects that are available on Microsoft Publisher to design the checklist.

Some things you can add include

  • Pictures
  • Vectors
  • Shapes
  • Textbox

So, to continue to create this checklist, I want to insert the rectangle shape to give a heading to the checklist.

After inserting the rectangular shape, I write the title of the checklist.

I then go-ahead to use a combination of the above-listed shapes to design a printables product.

My end product looks like this

How to make printables using Microsoft publisher app

5.Extract as PDF product

At the end of the design, I click save, this will save to your device, then click export as PDF to create the PDF version.

The final product is a PDF that I can extract and save on the computer

To get a graphic picture of the product, click fit to size on the PDF

Use a snipping tool to grab a picture of your printables product

Your first Printables product is ready.

To get this product that I just made, you can sign up by hitting the button below


Checklist-How to make printables

The steps shown above is how to create a simple printables product.

This method is just one way of creating Printables

To learn more techniques and how to set up your first printables business

Sign up below for my Printables business course

Advantages of making and selling Printables

🧡It is a digital product that brings in passive income once created

🧡It has a healthy demand online depending on the niche you are playing in

🧡Can be added as an extra stream of income for bloggers, online business owners, etc

🧡It can be created by anyone with a skill, no matter what that skill is, it can be turned into a printables product.

🧡Provides an avenue for sharing your knowledge with others while also making money.

🧡Can be used to create freebies that are used as lead magnets

Now that you have seen how this can be done, go ahead and create to your heart’s content.

Want to share more info with me about how to make printables, drop your comment below, otherwise, grab your free checklist by signing up below

Elizabeth is a passionate home business owner that helps others to achieve their life goals of running a successful home. business. I am particular about stay at home moms who wish to transition into a mompreneur.

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