Day1- Why do you want to start a successful home business?

Want to know the secrets to starting a successful home business? read this

A home business is a type of business that puts the onus on you to create something that adds value to other peoples life and rewards you in the process.

It is also a tool which fulfils your own needs. So, starting a home business begins by deciding what the goal of your home business should be.

For you to have a successful home business you must be willing to determine ab initio what the goal is.

If you have been able to identify what your goal is . Then build a message around that goal taking into consideration what you have to offer in other to fulfill that goal.

Therefore, starting a home business begins with defining what your goal is and how you want to achieve that goal.

In this post, I will teach you what attributes are required in other to acquire the mindset for building a successful home business.

You will also learn how to deal with the fears that often stop you from starting your own successful home business.

This will help you remove the blockages that are stopping you from starting or succeeding in your business incase you already started.

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How to determine what your why is, in starting a succesful home business.

You determine your most important reason for establishing a business by listing out what you desire to see happen to you and others.

For instance here are the questions you need to ask your self today

What are my most desired outcomes in life?

What is it that triggers my feelings when I encounter them?

How do I want to impact others with what I want to produce?

You see, if you do not answer these questions you will find it difficult to have an anchor that holds you together when things don’t turn out right when you start your home business.

So you must have a completely crafted goal to focus on.

This should be so well summarized that you can say it in one sentence

For instance, I blog about starting a home business because I want to see stay at home moms have a business that supports their lifestyle.

Its simple but it takes a lot of work to come up with your statement of value. This is like the summary of all that your business is about.

With just your goal summary( statement of value), you have defined who you want to serve,established the reason for starting a business and also determined the outcome all in a sentence.

Your statement of value should move your customers from the point where they are to where they want to be.

Now lets move on to the building a business mindset.

Before you delve into starting a homebusiness you must first deal with the business mindset.

A home buinsess owner is someone who has the mindset that is ready to





-Perfect it.

So, if you want to build a successful home business you must be willing to go through these stages.


You should be that person who is willing to start something you have never done before. Build it up, learn as you build, rebuild it and then perfect it as you go.

Everyone loves to hear a success story, they don’t want to know the hard work you put in.

But then, there is something that is common with success, its that it is built on the back of hard work.

The only thing about this hard work is that its often not noticed until the fruits begin to show.

So if you start a home business today, know that it’s not a sprint. It’s a marathon, so come prepared to give it your all.

Even if it is a side hustle you want to build, you will still need to give it everything you’ve got.

In dealing with your business mindset,the number one rule is that its not a sprint but a marathon.

Marathons require endurance, patience and consistency, all the attributes you will need if you want to win.

In a marathon you understand that its not about dashing out with speed that matters but starting out right and slowly building up your speed.

That is what starting a home busnness is all about.

Why is this so? because if you want to start a home business, you will often have no help, most small businesses start with just you.

There is a limit to what a person can do especially in our world today, so the best approach is acquiring the mindset of steady good work rather than fast work that burns out in a matter of months.

Bulidling a business:

Building a business requires patience and understanding of what you are doing, the bible says which one if you, if you want to start a project, will not sit down and count the cost.

So, there is a cost to building something of value. That cost may be in time, finances and relationships. So, be ready to be a builder, a builder first designs his building before one block is put down.

Designing in this case is what we are doing right now in this challenge, to help you put down your ideas and design it on paper first before you start taking action.

Planner for Homebusiness- How to start your own business
The Home Business Owner Planner.

In building a successful business you will have to put one block on the other,no building appears instantly.

Which is what most people starting a business today expect.

Building a home business means you will take the time to put layer upon layer of your ideas and actions. You will also keep measuring your results to see if you are going in the right direction.

For instance, when I started this blog, I knew that if I wanted to build it up, I needed to be consistent in my posting.

So in my first 3 months, I made sure that I posted regularly on my blog and also participated on Facegroup threads to help me build up my traffic.

Because without traffic, you can not say you are in the business of blogging. Guess what ? my traffic moved up, but along the line, I lost focus and started doing other things which threw me off balance and made my traffic drop.

I learned the hard way that you can not take your foot off the accelerator and expect to make progress.

That is why in taking this challenge on, I want to share with you both my successes and failures so you can make the best decision for your business every time.

That decision is that a building happens layer by layer and consistency.


As a home business owner you will never stop learning, in fact, no business person ever stops learning so be willing to invest in your self to acquire the knowledge that you need in other to make your business a success.

This learning comes in the form of reading books, blogs, taking courses and trying out what you have learned.

No matter what business you want to start today as a home business, you will need to learn how that industry behaves, what is currently working and what no longer works.

For example in the days of free Facebook traffic, you can just make a post on your facebook page and all the people who like your page gets served your post, but now it’s no longer like that.

The only thing that builds Facebook pages for business now is engagement. When  more people engage with your posts, it gets served to your audience

Sound understanding of your industry and taking the time to learn what works is key to growing your business.


Most times when you start a home business you often start with the knowledge that you already have.

But as you learn new things, you realize that some of what you thought will work for you did not work.

This is the time to knock out those things that are not working and rebuild your business on what works.

For instance, I made mention of the fact that I started with good traffic, I even bought a traffic automation tool called Tailwind.

Which I was using to automate my Pinterest traffic source, but along the way, I stopped using it.

I had already paid for a full year but I let it go idle and waste, that threw my traffic out of the window and made my traffic stats tank.

It was towards the ending of the subscription that I found my focus again and started using it.

Although I will mention that in the time I was not using it I learned why it was not working effectively as I thought it would, so I went back to it. I got myself into more Pinterest boards and groups in a tailwind and that started to increase my traffic source.

Today my Pinterest viewers grew by 72% in just 3 months and a good percentage comes to my blog hence giving me steady traffic every day without me being hands-on in pinning my blog posts.

Finally, I have learned that if I want to see results in building a successful home business I must be willing to rebuild on what works.

Perfecting your Business.

When you have found what works for your business.Then go ahead to perfect it. You do not throw away a template that is working for you because you heard its not working for others.

Treat your business with its own peculiarity.

When I wrote the post 6 things that a stay at home mom struggles with,I did not think of it much because it was just another post.

But guess what? that one post has brought tremendous traffic to my blog.

I have perfected it by creating a product around that post. It’s like the winning post on my blog.

The product I created around it, is garnering its own views and interactions which sends them to my blog shop to buy the product.

So, not only have I created a post that my audience likes but I have added an upgrade that I will sell.

So the first product is free, but the attached product pays for it.

As I keep perfecting this post, I am gearing up for more product upgrades.

Dealing with a mindset that stops you from starting a business:

When you want to start a successful home business, there are certain mindset blocks that may stop you from fulfilling your dream.

Join me in my email list where I will tell you how to deal with these fears,I will also leave a template In the email list that outlines what you are to do on this day one.

Join us as we help you start a home business

Elizabeth is a passionate home business owner that helps others to achieve their life goals of running a successful home. business. I am particular about stay at home moms who wish to transition into a mompreneur.

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