How to find creative small business ideas.

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Today we are moving on to how to organize your skills, talents, and passions and crystallize them into creative small business ideas.

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Because I am a proponet of starting from where you are at in business,my first rule of thumb is to first start with what you have available with you.

This includes listing your various passions, skills and talents which you already have in other to be able to determine where you are at now.

I delved deep into this subject matter in a workbook which I have on my blog shop.

Its called 4 point action plan on how to shine. This workbook will lead you from identifying your passions, skills, and talents to the place where you are able to crystallize them into viable creative small business ideas.

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Steps to determining your small creative business idea

The first step of crafting out a product offering from your many ideas is to first list it out

Passions: What you delight in doing, it could also be a hobby.

Skills: Knowledge you have acquired through study and practice, it may be in your profession or self -use

Talents: What you have a natural ability to do without much knowledge.

When you are done listing out the following requirements, its time to determine what type of business offering you can make out of your various talents, skills, and passions.

I will provide a template at the end of today’s challenge for you to put together your passions and ideas and talents.

Before you ever get a business idea off your paper into action you need to determine if what you are offering is needed.

You don’t want to spend your time solving a problem which no one has.

What’s the easiest way to find out if people are searching for your business idea?

Quick steps to determine trending business ideas

Google trends-

Google trends have a ton of data going back to 5years. So to easily test your idea, go to Google trends, type in a keyword which people will use in searching for your product offering and see if you have a good upward trend for that idea.

If you do, then chances are, people are looking for someone like you to offer them services.

Social Media

Check out what people complain about on social media, for example, go to Facebook and type in I hate #whatyourkeyword is and see how many posts will come up.

You can also type I struggle with and also see what type of posts that come up.

These are ways to do quick research on your business idea to see if people are searching for solutions that you have.

Competitor Complaints

Take a look a competitor product and see what issues people have with the product and then offer a solution to that issue.

It’s important to note that even though you may have lots of passions talents and skills, not all will convert into profitable creative small business ideas. So it’s important that you narrow down to what works for the time we are in.

That is why I teach in my workbook the 4 point action plan, the 4 steps you need to follow in other to craft out a business idea which you will use to impact your world.

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How to develop your minimum viable product

What is a minimum viable product?

A minimum viable product is a tester product that you offer to the early adopters of your product or service so that you can get a feedback before you go on to perfect it.

In designing your small creative business idea, its important that you first test your product offering in your target market before you go ahead to roll out.

When you do that, you stand the chance to get valuable feedback from the real users of your product that will make your product offering a success.

Where do you often find free testser, simple – Facebook groups.

Facebook groups that are geared towards your target market are often the best place to get veryy good feedback

For example, before I launched the first version of my Newbie printables course,I got beta testers from the Facebook group I belonged.

They gave me valuable feedback that helped me to build a better course.

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Sometimes people offer an MVP as a free product in other to gain credibility and social proof.

For example when you create a course and you ask beta testers to help you test the course for free and give you a feedback.

You make it possible for you to get the required feedback for retweaking your course and making it better.

Also, you get the social proof you will need to show your buyers, this social proof is often in the form of reviews and endorsements or even comments on your posts.

For example here is a comment I got about my ultimate guide to a printables business I shared sometime in 2017.

Once you are sure that you have gotten your social proof sorted out, it’s usually easy to market your products because people will trust a product when they see other people recommend it.

To discover how you can find an intersection between your passion, talents and skills and also product.

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