How to develop a perfect buyer persona for your business

Want to know how to develop a buyer persona to attract the cusomer that pays? read this

Welcome to day 3 of the start a business challenge, in day 1 and day 2, we have tackled why you want to start a successful home business and how to find a winning business idea. Now its time to define your target market by crafting out a specific customer profile definition.

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In this post, we are going to start looking at how to define our target market. We will be using target marketing strategies that will enable you to clearly define your ideal customer.

One of the first things you need to do as a business person is to identify who you are going to sell to.

There is no market that sells to everyone except its ice cream hahaha. Even Ice cream sellers these days know that they can no longer sell to health-conscious weight watching crowd.

They have defined a way to tweak their products to suit that market

In the same way, you cannot develop your product to suit everyone, your product has to be developed for people who value it.

That is the reason why developing your buyer persona is a critical aspect in laying down target marketing strategies for your business.

A buyer persona can also be called a customer profile definition or a customer avartar.

Once you have created your customer profile, you will be able to create products that suit that person perfectly and help him or her to solve their problems.

Why you need a customer profile definition/buyer persona

1- It helps you zero down onwho your ideal customer is

2- Identifies the nuances of that customer base that influences their decision to buy.

3-Defines how you should craft your message to resonate with your customer base.

4-Removes distractions in your target marketing strategies hence saving you unnecessary waste of resources.

5- Brings clarity to your marketing message.

Even though your buyer persona is often fictitous at best when you start out, as soon as you are able to tailor your message correctly, you will attract the quality customers that you desire if you keep honing your message.

While target market definition is a key part of buyer persona development, it’s not the key issue in this case.

The key issue in the case of a buyer persona is understanding the various factors at play in a buyer persona’s life that contributes to making the decision to buy a product or service.

For example, there is a popular Netflix show on decluttering your home called Marie Kondo.

That Netflix show is a huge success because it taps into the need of most households to spark joy through tidying up and decluterring their homes

In fact it is so popular that the show name owner is now been used to indicate when someone declutters her home. People now use KON marie as a word for decluttering.

Now lets analyze why that show is a huge success

We are in an age where people are going minimalistic- less is more.

People want to find joy in their living spaces.

People don’t want to be keeping stuff they are not using, so they want a less cluttered environment.

People want to have meaningful living that is quality qulaity and less of largesse.

So if you look at this analysis above it’s not about the product necessarily but about the message it passes which also ties into why people love it

That message is that less stuff will make you happy and less stressful.

Now back to your buyer persona,here is a sample of a buyer persoan for a mom who stays home with her kids and wants to plan her life.

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