The Mompreneur, a Home Business Owner with a difference.

Power to conceive Ideas that will birth a business
The Mompreneur


Welcome to my blog, today I am going to be talking about the women who take the Bull by the horns to wear the entrepreneurship cap in addition to the various caps they wear in the home.

We all know that moms are like the rock-solid pillar that holds the home together, for example:

-Moms are the go-to person for whatever you need in the home.

-They are also the essential caregiver to most people in the home starting from the father to the kids and even to relatives.

-They are like that fulcrum that everything revolves around.

In the midst of all this, they have to still find a way to earn income even if it’s for their own benefit alone. I was reading an article on INC  about a bill that has been recently passed the Promoting women in Entrepreneurship Act, it seeks to encourage women entrepreneurship because it is believed that when you have empowered a woman, you not only empower their families but also the whole community.This is because women will always give back to their families and their communities.

Women have what it takes to rally round a community for an essential good. We see that in most community issues that women rallied up themselves to say no to and change the course of history, we can’t forget people like Rosa Parks who said no to segregation and started a whole boycott of transportation systems which changed the segregation laws.

The Mompreneur, a Home business owner with a difference
The Mompreneur

After celebrating   Black History recently, it kind of struck me on the kind of power women possess when they choose to make a difference. This also tells me that we have some inherent qualities which come with our makeup to enable us to bring to bear a business and nurture it to fruition. In this series of blog post, I will be discussing some of these inherent qualities.

The Power to Conceive: Most women in the Natural have the ability to conceive and bear children, it is their God-given right and part of their makeup, I mean think of it, without women, the Human race will have been wiped off, humans will not continue to exist.   Just like we are in the natural, so it is in our mind, we have the given ability to conceive an idea in our mind and carry that idea until it is deposited on earth for common good. This is a quality required to become an entrepreneur, from idea conception you begin to nurture it until you bring it to execution as a full-blown business. Take a good look at some ingenious hacks that moms think up to solve problems in the home and you will begin to understand what power lies within you as a woman in the home.

A good example is putting the other sock foot in one so you don’t spend your whole time in the morning looking for the matching pair when dressing up the kids for school, I don’t know how many times that happened to me before I learned that matching those socks immediately after washing them pays off in the long run.  Those same faculties we use in solving those issues at home are still the same faculties required in solving business problems, after all, most businesses began because someone saw a problem and decided to solve it.

One of this ingenuity was demonstrated by two women who started the  Loliware  company, a company that sells edible biodegradable cups. I mean who would have thought that you could literally eat your cups as desserts but these two girls wanted to make a difference in their environment they created an edible biodegradable cup that makes our parties less messy.  Imagine that everyone ate their cups, there will be less Styrofoam’s cups to dispose of.

That’s the stuff we are made of, we have the ability to conceive nurture and procreate, it’s our God-given ability lets use it and go create something that will benefit our community and families.

In my next blog post, I will be talking about the second quality that makes you the right person to start up that home business.

Oh, I forgot to introduce myself, a little about me I am a mompreneur that started a training company from home when I saw that having kids was trying to stop me from pursuing my dreams. That company clocks 5 years this year and we are still moving on.

I started this blog to encourage women like me who want to start a home-based business that supports their lifestyle. I  intend to use this blog to provide resources that will enable you to achieve your dreams. If you are like me and want to make a difference in your family and community and also support the lifestyle you choose, then you are in the right boat.

My name is Elizabeth Uchealor and I am a mompreneur.

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Elizabeth is a passionate home business owner that helps others to achieve their life goals of running a successful home. business. I am particular about stay at home moms who wish to transition into a mompreneur.

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